Morning all.

I watched the Aston Villa v Newcastle Utd game yesterday and wow, Unai Emery’s team battered the new big spenders. Ollie Watkins was superb, as was young Jacob Ramsey and John McGinn wasn’t bad either. Emery has shown what a good coach can do with a very good squad of players. Something Steven Gerrard couldn’t do. The Spaniard has also shown how he can a group of players which doesn’t include big egos to believe in his ways. I’m really pleased for him, especially after his last spell in England didn’t go well but I still believe he could have been the right manager if he’d had a different group of people around him. A board and manager has to work together as one for a club to do well, otherwise, as Chelsea are proving and Totts too, things can go horribly wrong.

Totts losing in the 95th minute was just hilarious, especially at home to Bournemouth. Chelsea being beaten by Brighton at Stamford Bridge was pretty funny too although with South costal club yet to come to The Emirates, I’m not laughing too loudly.

If Mikel Arteta’s team win today, Totts can’t overtake us. A draw would do but a point isn’t what we want or need if we’re to keep our title challenge alive. Man City won yesterday but it might have been very different had Leicester City taken their chances late in the second half which should give any club yet to play City, hope. Yep, even Chelsea and certainly Brighton.

Here’s the team for today.