About Us

Highbury House is a new Arsenal Football Blog which welcomes every fan from all over the world.

My name is rico and I’ve been in around the blog world for a few years now. August 2010 I decided to branch out and run my own site, well, I say on my own but HH has a great family of bloggers who are/will be regular writers.

I have supported this great club since the year Charlie George scored that wonder goal in 1971 which topped off my first season as a Gooner.

I respect everyone’s view and insults to the owner/authors and bloggers alike will not be tolorated  and the use of the ‘c’ word will send your comment into spam.

The name, well Highbury House is the business part of Arsenal, where all the new signings go to ink their contract before turning out for the Mighty Arsenal, its one of the most important areas within the club, well off the pitch anyway 🙂

Finally,  Highbury House has no connection whatsoever to Arsenal FC and any comments left do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the owner either. The same must be said of the guest posts. Fans take time out of their lives to write their feelings down and send them to this site to be shared, those views are not always of the same opinion as mine, but it doesn’t mean they are wrong, just as my opinion is not right. I hold no responsibility, legally or otherwise to any comments left, or anything written in a guest post.

It’s all down to opinion and Highbury House welcomes differing views together with the freedom to express them without abuse.