Morning all.

April is nearly done and hope our blip in what’s otherwise been a really good Premier League season, goes with it. Ordinarily, a point at Anfield would be a good result, but not this season, not when we were 2-0 up and cruising. The West Ham and Southampton games were the most disappointing, especially at this stage of our campaign.

This week has seen Michal Rosiak sign his first professional contract with the club which of course, he’s thrilled about:

Signing my first professional contract for Arsenal means everything to me, it’s pretty amazing. Playing for the club I’ve always loved and watched growing up, hopefully it will be the first of many contracts

Rosiak is a midfielder by trade although this season, he’s been deployed at right-back.

I think my progress has been very good. Clearly, you can see from getting my first professional contract. I prefer to be a midfielder but if it’s an inverted full-back, I can do that!

He’s 17 years old so there’s plenty of time for him to master either position but whether that’s at Arsenal or not, who knows. Same applies to CDM/CB Bradley Ibrahim who in March last year, also signed his first professional contract with the club. Ibrahim is older though, 19 later this year and the midfielder has been training with the first team this week.

Going back to the performances/results of this month, I think what’s come out of it is that Arsenal are still lacking depth in strength within the squad. I doubt any Arsenal fan expects the club to boast the kind depth a club like City, Chelsea have and next season, no doubt Man Utd under new ownership and Newcastle too but the reality is, there’s no point in a player being at any club, certainly Arsenal if the manager doesn’t believe in his ability. To you and I it might seem bonkers why player x, y or z isn’t playing and personally, I think that quite often, but I’ve no idea what Arteta sees behind the scenes or on the pitch really. I just know football management is easy from my sofa. The great tactician and know it all Gary Neville who has spent the last few days berating a number of Arsenal players, soon found out what real management was all about. How long did he last in a real job? Same goes for most of these footballing pundits who sit and criticise clubs each week.

Going back to our squad though, a number of Arsenal players who’ve been in the starting eleven during April wouldn’t even make the bench let alone the first team at City, Chelsea, or even Brighton, Newcastle or Man Utd. Actually, scrap Man Utd, they could do with Holding. Anyway, you get my drift.

As we go into the transfer window, question marks are possibly hanging over the futures of Vieira, Soares, Mari, Balogun, Nketiah, Smith-Rowe, Holding, Tierney, Partey, Jorginho, Lokonga, Pepe, Tavares, Kiwior, Marquinhos and Trusty. We already know Maitland-Niles is moving on and it’s likely, a number of the current under 21/23 players will join him. Once they hit the ‘need to be named in the squad’ age, they’re either in or gone.

Edu has already revealed that plans for the summer window are under way. Speaking in March, he said:

It’s already started [preparation for the summer], you know what’s happening [in] the market. Everybody’s working, everybody’s doing stuff, you have to plan ahead of people to be prepared, and when it gets to the summer, we are well-prepared.

Edu’s comments suggest that decisions might already have been made on a number a players future. Soares, Mari, Lokonga, Tavares and Pepe are very likely to be moved on. There’s speculation in the newspapers which suggests the club are open to selling Balogun, Xhaka, Tierney and Holding. Isn’t there every year? Speculation I mean, certainly with three of the four yet they’re still at the club.

Next season we’ll be playing Champions League football but as good as this current squad has been to get us there, without sounding harsh or negative, they’re not going to get us very far in the competition are they? Maybe it doesn’t matter though, for now anyway. Being in it, or rather, reaping the financial rewards Champions League football brings with it s what matters more as the club continues to build the squad so it’s deeper, stronger and more able to deal with the difficult moments in a season.

Anyway, I’m hoping to see Fulham batter City later today, Southampton get stuck in against Newcastle and Aston Villa beat Man Utd.

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