On the 12th September 2010, a new arrival joined Highbury House, he went by the name of Adam. An Arsenal man through and through, as is his wife Mrs Adam, as she was often fondly referred to on here.

Over the 13 years since, Adam has entertained many of us with his wit, irony and his cheekiness. He’s forgotten more about Arsenal than I’ve ever known. I’ve had the privilege of sharing a dining table with him and his wife in my home. With Adam, Lee and Kev in an Indian restaurant or two in London on several occasions – each leaving behind memories which will stay with me forever.

It is with great sadness I write that Adam passed away on Monday. It was sudden and totally unexpected. My heart breaks for his wife and extended family and friends. I had the privilege to be one of them.

RIP Adam, you’ll be missed by so many….