Morning all.

Hats off to Brighton who against the odds, have secured a place in next season’s Europa League. If Brighton fans felt cheesed off when Potter ditched them for Chelsea, they must now be so glad he did because Roberto De Zerbi has already achieved more than Potter ever did on the south coast. The club itself seem to be run really well, buying players for lower fees and selling for a huge profit but all the time, remaining competitive on the pitch.

Meanwhile, down the road from The Emirates, no one seems to want the Totts job. Arne Slot, the current Feyenoord manager is reported to be latest candidate to say thanks, but no thanks. Yet you’d think he’d jump at the opportunity to switch from the Dutch League to the multimillions the Premier League offers. Perhaps he sees Totts as a step down having just won the Eredivisie League title.

Arsenal appear secure as far as a managerial appointment goes but no managers job is 100% safe at any time in his career really because football is a results/performance based business. If Arsenal had played the entire season as they have the few months, I’d imagine Mikel Arteta would have thought his time at Arsenal was in serious doubt. However, it’s not because for the majority of the season, his team has been brilliant. Longevity has been the problem though, maintaining high tempo football for an entire season. Also, we seem to struggle with turning a game round and by that I mean if we start badly or lethargically, we haven’t always been able to change it. I suppose I think of the Liverpool game, West Ham, Southampton, Everton away and even Utd away. Great sides can flick a switch, up the tempo and secure a win. No, I’ve not forgotten the comeback against Bournemouth and Villa, nor the last gasp goal against Man Utd but its against clubs at the bottom of the table we’ve struggled to raise our level.

Arsenal have been great when things are going well but when a spanner has been thrown into the works, Arsenal hasn’t always responded well enough. It might sound like I’m being picky or overly critical but if we as a club are going to go from very good to great, Arteta and his players have to find a way to overcome what I think is a clear problem.

I’m not overly thrilled to see Jesus and Gabriel behaving like babies who’ve just had it’s favourite toy taken away from it each week either. Seriously, if Jesus didn’t fall over every time an opposition players goes near him, he might actually get more decisions go his way when he really has been fouled. Sitting on the ground with his screwed up face looking like he’s about to cry doesn’t help the team. Get up and get on with the game unless something other than his ego has been wounded.

Anyway, one more game to play this season and with the pressure off, it’ll be interesting to see how this group of players perform. Neither Arsenal of Wolves have anything to play for but seeing as we’re at home, it’d be nice for the fans to see Arsenal finish the season on a positive note.

Then of course it’ll be all about transfers. Who is going, who is staying and who will Arsenal sign. I hope one or two big characters come through the doors, not big egos, just players who when the tough does get going, they do too.

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