Morning all.

Yesterday, the Metropolitan Police confirmed that the idiot who kicked Aaron Ramsdale in the back at the end of Sunday’s match has been charged with assault by beating, going onto an area adjacent to a playing area and throwing a missile onto a football playing area. 35 year old Joseph Watts, from Hackney, has been bailed to appear at Highbury Magistrates’ Court on 17 February. I’ve no idea what kind of punishment he’ll receive but I hope it’s the maximum a magistrate can hand out.

Next should be about the FA and what charges they will hand out to Tottenham FC, and Richarlison. If the referee didn’t see him shove Aaron Ramsdale in the face, he might just receive a retrospective ban. If Craig Pawson did see the incident, one has to wonder why he didn’t send him off at the time, or why VAR didn’t intervene. We’ll see what happens with that one over the next few days. If anything does of course.

The newspapers and sports outlets can’t seem to move on from Chelsea beating Arsenal to the signing of Mykhailo Mudryk. I read that the club has spent roughly £420 million on transfers since Boehly bought the club. An outrageous amount of money really, especially as he only took control of the club last spring. ‘People’ talk/write about Arsenal’s recent spending  but it’s a pittance in comparison to what Chelsea, Man Utd and Man City have spent over the last ten years or so. Football is in a transfer financial disaster because of them, because of the transfer fees and wages they have paid for players. How has football got to a place where a 21 year old is ‘worth’ £100 million?

It is what it is though and unless a transfer fee and wage cap is put in place, I can only see things getting worse with only the big spending clubs fighting it out with each other for the trophies on offer. Assuming they can find the right manager of course but eventually, that pot will run dry. Is there a manager out there in the footballing world who you’d rather see at Arsenal than Mikel Arteta right now? No, me neither so credit to the club for sticking by him through the tough times when fools like me couldn’t see where Arsenal were going.

Arsenal face Man Utd this weekend, the next ‘big test’ Mikel Arteta’s players have to overcome in order to convince the media this isn’t just another false dawn going on in north London. Does any other club get such a tough time in the media? No, yet there are so many other clubs who haven’t won a piece of silverware for donkeys years and quite frankly, don’t look like they will for a long time either. Still, we’ve got Arsene Wenger to blame for that and I mean that in a positive way.

When will Sky Sports realise that we all know Mydryk decided to join Chelsea? Do they really need to make it their biggest headline on their transfer page each morning? Of course not but they do because they can. Chelsea are apparently going to beat Arsenal to the signing of Brighton’s Leandro Trossard is another headline of theirs, although Newcastle Utd might have a plan of their own to sign him too. It’s so boring now isn’t it?

The clock is ticking for Arsenal though if they’re serious about signing a player or two this month. I hope they do because it’d be foolhardy to think we’re going to get to the end of May without suffering an injury to one or two key players.

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