Some things never change do they? Just a little sniff or a hint that Arsenal are doing well, the FA and media stick the boot in. Two charges against the club because the players got into the referees personal space on two separate occasions is just bonkers. An FA Cup fixture in Manchester on a Friday night at 8pm, equally as bonkers. Don’t get me wrong, players surrounding a referee in numbers is not nice to see and they shouldn’t really be doing it but, it’s like no other club gets slapped with an FA charge when their players behave in a similar fashion. Two wrongs don’t make a right I know but just like nearly every problem relating to the officials, where is the consistency?

Conte has joined the debate:

You have to show respect in every situation and especially also with the referee because I know very well the difficulty to be a referee, to take decisions. I think to intimidate or to create a bad atmosphere is not fair. I don’t like this. I hate the people that try to do it. Don’t forget that we are talking always about a game of football.

But I bet he doesn’t mind his players conning the referee into awarding them a penalty.  Kane, Son, Richarlison if he plays – they’ll all try it I’m sure.

Arsenal have three more fixtures this month. Totts away, Man Utd at home and then Man City away in the FA Cup. We have five fixtures in February and then things get busy, very busy as the Europa League start up again.

Only one fixture matters right now though and that’s tomorrow’s. Totts v Arsenal, probably the most hostile of all derbies in the game. Saying that, I suspect all fans think their own derby is the best.

Pre match interview with Mikel Arteta:

On his NLD memories:

Emotional, very passionate, an incredible feeling when you are on that pitch and look around and see the support, tension and atmosphere around it. When you win, it doesn’t get much better than that.

On if there is more pressure in this NLD than October’s:

That’s the challenge that we have. We have to beat them at their place.

On what he is expecting from Tottenham:

I don’t know. Sometimes they approach games in different ways. Sometimes they are very aggressive from the beginning and sometimes they allow you to make the game and they have a lot of tools to use to cause you problems. Let’s see how the game develops. We’ll prepare for any occasion in the best possible way and then it will be left to the players to do what they have to do on the pitch.

That’s just it with Conte’s team, they really are unpredictable. One day they’re thrashing Crystal Palace 4-0 at Selhurst Park, the next they’re losing 2-0 at home to Aston Villa. Good old Unai eh…

I had a peep at NewsNow this morning, I know, you’d think I’d have learned not to by now but it’s amazing how many headlines are there, most of which relate to one man. Mykhailo Mydryk. Pretty much the same information just spun in different ways. The latest relates to Mikel Arteta’s big grin when the players name was mentioned which of course translates to a deal has been done. Perhaps it has but Mikel Arteta usually heads into a press conference with a smile on his face and why not when his players are doing so well. I don’t know if you’ve seen his interview from yesterday but it was quite amusing..

We’re halfway through this transfer window, a window in which I’m sure many of us would love to see Mydryk and a midfielder join before the end of it. Fingers crossed eh..

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