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Josh Kroenke was in town on Tuesday night apparently. He watched the Porto game with other board members and then 48 hours later, less even, Ben White has signed a new four year contract with the option of an extra year included. He’s 26 years old now so his peak years will be at Arsenal. I say peak years but he’s pretty darn good already in my opinion.

From Arsenal.com:

Speaking after signing, Ben White said:

I’m so happy – it’s been a long journey, and amazing to sign again and be here for more years. I’ve said before I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, so it’s perfect. When you’re in that office, it’s a little more daunting but it’s amazing to sign again and have the same feelings of pride It’s a really good achievement.

How refreshing to hear a player say ‘I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else’ and I’d imagine, certain only if body language is anything to go by, he’s not the only player feeling that way. I know life is always much better when things are going well but as he said himself, it’s not just now that he’s expressed how happy he is at Arsenal. Long gone are the days of having players in the squad who play as if they couldn’t give a toss about the club, teammates or fans.

ArsenalBenchCam – the togetherness of this squad is brilliant.

As for Ben White’s original £50 million transfer fee, well it looks like a bargain now doesn’t it. Gabriel and William Saliba too who together, cost Arsenal around the same amount were also bargains in the transfer market. As for Jakub Kiwior, well, he’s not been a bad £20 million signing either. I could carry on through the squad but only Kai Havertz and Declan Rice cost the club more than Ben White and that’s because of who they are and/or what they’ve already achieved. Havertz, a German international Champions League winner, Declan Rice, English for starters so that’s always a high fee factor and of course, he played a crucial part in West Ham winning a European trophy last season. In fact I’d suggest that without him, West Ham probably wouldn’t have won that big trophy.

I think I’ve finally realised that these days, when Arsenal Football Club big money on a player it’s because that player is who Mikel Arteta really needs. It’s not spending money for the sake of it or on any old player who happens to be available, it’s about bringing a player to the club who will make the team/squad stronger and more equipped to deal with ten months of tough and demanding football. If that means paying the likes of  Chelsea £60 odd million for Kai Havertz, then who am I to question it? After all, I’ve no idea what goes on in Mikel Arteta’s head but whatever it is, it’s working rather well.

It’s so easy to sit on the sidelines or in a comfy armchair and ping thoughts/opinions on what Arsenal should or could have done or do better, I’ve done it more times than I’ve had hot dinners, but as Mudryk and Caicedo are struggling at Chelsea, Rice and Trossard are flourishing at Arsenal. In just 8 months, Kai Havertz has performed better for Arsenal than he ever did for Chelsea in my opinion. He might be missing a Champions League winning goal in Arsenal colours but who knows what’s to come from him in the future. Or Arsenal for that matter which is more important.

As well as Ben White signing a new contract, rumours were floating around the internet about Takehiro Tomiyasu signing a new contract too. Great news if true which I’ve a feeling it probably is. Can’t have two bursts of good news on the official website on the same day though. Spread it around a bit eh. lol

Whilst I’m on the subject of defenders, Lee Dixon has been talking about our defence and the team in general which FlashScore has published. Dixon is one of a few who I find interesting to listen to, after all, he knows a bit about the game. The question which popped into my mind when reading his opinion on Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal was, is this current defensive unit one of the best Arsenal has had during since the Premier League was formed?

There you go, something to debate before the Champions League draw takes place later today. My hunch is the two warmer balls in the pot will have Arsenal and Man City’s name on them…

Lastly, good luck to Arsenal’s women against Chelsea. A win for Jonas Eidevall‘s team would certainly give them a better chance of winning the WSL.

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