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Imagine you’re Mauricio Pochettino, going into work each day wondering whether or not the rumours are true. The only reason you’re still employed by Chelsea is because the club cannot afford to sack you. Yep, that’s the story in the newspapers, Chelsea are so close to breaching the FFP rules, paying off Poch would land them in financial problems.

Life in professional football must be great. Everyone gets paid way above and beyond a ‘real life’ wage and yet no one has to be a world class player to rich. Contracts mean everyone will get paid regardless of whether they’re successful or not. A lot of footballers don’t even have to play to be paid either as all they need to do is turn up for training. Basically, they’re being paid to keep fit. Yes, I’m thinking of Cedric Soares and Mo Elneny at Arsenal.

Football clubs have their hands tied when transfers don’t go the way they’d hoped, or they get stuck with players who simply can’t be bothered to work hard. Arsenal know that only too well which is why a number of players were paid off. At least now every player who puts on an Arsenal kit on a match day, works their absolute socks off. They might not always get things right on the day but I cannot think of one player who could be accused of simply turning up. I’m pretty sure that should Soares and Elneny be called upon, they’d be the same too. That’s on Mikel Arteta, that’s what he asks for and expects.

According to reports this morning, Arsenal set to be fined the standard £25,000 after having six players booked against Liverpool on Sunday but there will be no “over-celebrating” punishment for boss Mikel Arteta.

This whole “over celebrating” thing is totally out of hand. It’s rubbish. Do these buffoons who suggest Arsenal should be cool calm and collected after beating Liverpool, or any club for that matter, even know what it’s like to play full throttle for 97 minutes in front of 60 odd thousand fans? Have they never been so happy with something in their life which makes them want to sing from the roof tops? Clearly not because had they, they’d understand. Carragher is just a bitter and twisted Liverpool fan who didn’t like seeing his old club being beaten I’m sure but I bet if the result had gone the other way, Klopp and his players would have celebrated at the final whistle because like Arsenal, they knew what a big result it would have been. Factor in the fans too because they’ve just spent their hard earned money on watching this Arsenal team fight for everything on the pitch, they were behind them through every minute – imagine being there any seeing no emotion from the players at the final whistle. A quick handshake and walk off does no one any good. Fans want to celebrate and I’m pretty sure they/we want them to celebrate with us. It’s called respect and gratitude for being with the fans.

For what it’s worth, I love seeing Mikel Arteta celebrate the way he did and does too. That was several days of preparation, excitement, stress and then relief and elation coming out of him. No one moaned when Mourinho did all those years ago. No one should be moaning now either. Especially when it’s at our home, The Emirates, in front of our own fans. Away from home it’s different in my opinion. Saying that, when the day comes that we beat Liverpool at Anfield I’m sure there’ll be celebrations aplenty.

The Premier League has moved three of our March fixtures for television coverage. The home match against Brentford has been pushed back to 5.30pm on Saturday 9th for Sky Sports.  A week later, kickoff has been moved forward for our trip to Chelsea on the 16th for TNT, although should Chelsea still be in the FA Cup, this match will be postponed. Lastly, the big class at The Etihad will now be a 4.30pm kickoff on Sunday 31st.

Next for Arsenal though is a trip to West Ham this Sunday for a 2pm kickoff.

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