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Could last night’s fixture between Totts and Chelsea gone much better for Arsenal fans? Actually, it could as I’d have loved the result even more had it been Totts v Luton. Two red cards for the home team, a number of injuries and a defeat. Injuries are cruel and there’s nothing be be pleased about when any player suffers them but the defeat and red cards, you bet I’m thrilled about that. The thought of Totts going the season unbeaten was already a concern. I jest of course. 

Ange Postecoglou:

Decisions are decisions: you either accept it or you don’t. If we are going to go out and complain about bad decisions every week what will happen is what happened today: a forensic study of every decision. That’s the way the game is going. I don’t like it. At some point, we have to accept the referee’s decision. This constant erosion of referees’ authority, this is what the game is going to get: they will not have any authority, it is going to get diminished and we are going to be in the control of someone a few miles away watching a TV screen.

Bless him, barely four months into life in the Premier League. Wait until his four years in, if he lasts that long, and whichever club he’s managed has suffered bad decision after bad against his team, lost or drawn a league or cup match which would have been won but for incompetent officials, then let’s see how he feels. Wait until his key players become a target of physical challenges for ninety minutes each game, week after week after week. 

The bitching and moaning from pundits and ex players after Mikel Arteta’s post Newcastle Utd match interview has been ridiculous in my opinion. Don’t they want fairness and consistency in the Premier League? Perhaps not, not where Arsenal are concerned.

This coming weekends game against Burnley will be officiated by:

Referee: Michael Oliver. Assistants: Stuart Burt, Dan Cook. Fourth official: Craig Pawson. VAR: Michael Salisbury. Assistant VAR: Ian Hussin.

No surprise that the Webb has called on Michael Oliver, after all, isn’t he supposed to be the PL’s best? We’ll see come the weekend. By then I fully expect the PL to have thrown the book at both Arsenal as a club and Mikel Arteta. A three match touch line ban at least I think. 

Regardless of what went on with the officiating, Mikel Arteta needs to find a way to improve the team’s performances if he hopes to be in the title race come May. Defensively, we’re good I think, very good but as said about the Newcastle game, when in comes to our attacking play, we’re lacking something. Other managers know if they stop Saka and Martinelli, by fair or foul means by the way, we struggle to create much. Odegaard being out makes things worse. I don’t want to knock our players but we have a few who just aren’t at the races when the so called ‘big games’ come around. Partey is another player we miss badly because he’s just so so good when fit and healthy. But, one would have to have been living on Mars not to have known that at some stage during the season, Partey being injured and out for an extended period of time was coming. For as good as Jorginho might have once been, he’s no Partey. 

Sevilla tomorrow, let’s see if we can get back to winning ways and playing well too.

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