Morning all.

It’s transfer deadline day today after what’s been an unusually quiet month. FFP has finally sprung into action and after the charges brought against Forest and Everton, it seems clubs have being doing their financial maths like never before. It’s about time too as why have rules if they’re not going to be enforced?

If Sky Sports are to be believed, Chelsea are desperate to offload a few players in order to balance their books, Forest too and I imagine they’re not the only ones.

The internet is awash with news that Aston Villa have agreed a deal with Arsenal to sign Lino Sousa. This one has surprised me bearing in mind we as a club are not exactly overrun with left backs but he’s still only 19 years old. Mikel Arteta must think he’s not the right fit for his team either now or in the future. Either that or the player wasn’t prepared to stick around and wait for his chance. After signing for Villa, he’s rumoured to be going out on loan with Plymouth.

Another player who has left is Bradley Ibrahim as he’s gone to Hertha BSC on a permanent deal. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see other younger players leave today either on loan or for good.

Mikel Arteta seems to favour young but experienced players in his squad, majority of whom he’s brought in from other clubs. Under his management, not one academy player has become a permanent fixture in either the team or on the bench. A concerning statistic I think as not only are we as a club not producing players deemed good enough for Mikel Arteta to promote but we’re selling them for peanuts too.

One also has to question why the club still has Mo Elneny and Cedric Soares on its books. Soares is earning £75,000 a week, Elneny, £55,000 a week. (According to the internet) put the two figures together and there’s a salary which would make one new player very happy I’m sure. One who might actually manage to play more than 90 minutes of football a season.

This is heading towards a very dry January for Arsenal as far as player signings go.

Annoyingly, Man City, Liverpool and Totts won their matches last night. Liverpool battered Chelsea 4-1 with Nunez hitting the woodwork four times, Totts scraped past Brentford 3-2 but City had a comfortable night against Burnley.

After the win over Chelsea, Klopp said:

We finally realised we had seven games in January with 11 days off in between, I don’t know how we fitted them in but obviously we had to start January 1. Now the next game is coming in four days and I have no idea who can play again because they looked quite knackered when I had a look in the dressing room! The next massive game is coming up already, at Arsenal, and let’s recover and go again.

As if anyone is going to believe him when he’s says his squad is knackered? We’re too long in the tooth to believe anything a manager says pre game because it’s always about mind games. But I don’t care about them or their fitness as it’s Arsenal which matters and having a fair group of officials on Sunday afternoon. I’m pretty sure that everyone other than those who really don’t like Liverpool, hopes for a perfect send off for Klopp which means winning the Premier League. Honestly, if we can’t win it, I’d rather see City win again than Liverpool. Maybe Guardiola will have had enough of the Premier League by then too.

Still, we have a good chance to close the gap between us and Liverpool on Sunday afternoon. A very good chance if everyone is fit and firing…

Catch up later..