Morning all.

We, that is Arsenal, have an ally. I think I’ve mentioned before that Jamie Carragher is a big fan of what Mikel Arteta is doing at Arsenal. Talking last night on Sky Sport, he said:

I’ve always had the feeling that if you want to win the league you have to score late goals, but the thing that strikes me (about Arsenal) is the quality of the goals. I was in the car, and I was celebrating! You’ll have the fun police saying they shouldn’t be celebrating. If Arsenal win the league, Reiss Nelson will be an Arsenal legend. Those Steve Bruce goals (when Manchester United won their first Premier League title) are still talked about now.

When Man City score in the last minute we say “great mentality”, but because it’s Arsenal we’re saying “oh, they’re choking, they’ve got to score in the last minute because they’re not playing well enough” But that narrative will change if they win the title. We’ll be saying something different next season.

He’s right, of course he is. Was anyone talking about Utd when their last minute goal secured the Champions League trophy all those years ago? Was anyone whinging about their over celebrating? No, and rightly so. A football match is 90 minutes and if a team wastes time during those minutes then it’s only right that the officials add that time on.

There’s a lesson to be learned here and that’s don’t cheat. Don’t waste time and don’t feign injury because it can bite a club on the backside. 

Talking of cheats, I see Bruno Fernandes has escaped punishment for shoving the linesman at the weekend. Imagine if that had been Gabriel or Xhaka, any Arsenal player for that matter. Consistency eh, it’s non existent in the Premier League. Same with all the penalty appeals Arsenal had turned down against Bournemouth, you can bet your bottom dollar that at least one would have been given had it been Man Utd, Man City or Harry Kane appealing. Jamie Carragher talks about our five point lead over City but we’d be even further ahead of them if honesty was the officials policy on more occasions. 

Fulham were beaten by Brentford last night. I didn’t watch the game but by all accounts, Brentford could, perhaps even should, have been two or three goals up before they took the lead 6 minutes into the game. Thomas Frank’s team came out of the blocks fast and Fulham struggled. Just what Arsenal need to do against them on Sunday. 

Before then though, there’s a week of European football to enjoy. Speculation in the media is Graham Potter could face the axe if his team are beaten by Borussia Dortmund tonight and then tomorrow, Totts face an AC Milan side who are 1-0 up in the tie. Wednesday it’s Arsenal v Liverpool in the WSL and then it’s Arsenal v Sporting Lisbon on Thursday. I hope Jakub Kiwior starts this one and I’m sure he will if Mikel Arteta thinks he’s ready. 

Our new central defender/midfielder is reported to have said (Daily Cannon) 

What does Mikel Arteta pay attention to? Everything. I am waiting patiently. Everyone would like to play. When you look at all of Arsenal, they have a very young squad for the Premier League. They want to play young players, they are not afraid to bet on them. I took that into account when I came here.

I think his patience will soon be rewarded…

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