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2-2 v’s Boca. That Display should give all Gooners great confidence going into the New Season

July 31, 2011


Ok, we should have had a penalty in the first few minutes but Atkinson waved our pleads away.

A super goal by Robin van Persie after a great bit of play from the new man Gervinho put us 1-0 up and a wonderful strike by Ramsey made it 2-0 in the second half, again, some great play preceded the goal but this time it was by Carlos Vela.

So, 2-0 up and cruising really…


In the first half we were caught out yet again a few times with a ball over the top but Boca were poor and missed their chance.

Second half highlighted once again that we have serious issues in defence, we were beaten in the air on corners and both Squillaci and Djourou committed howlers to gift Boca a goal on each occasion.

Our defence is poor and if we head into the new season without adding a centre half and a left back, we will get slaughtered….

Sorry that sounds so negative but that’s how I see it! Ok, I know TV wasn’t playing but will he stop the ball over the top, will he stop others from making gaffes?

At least Jenkinson looks like we won’t have to worry quite so much if Sagna gets injured or rested.

Wenger gave his view after the game:

When asked about letting in two second-half goals…

You never want to concede goals, but overall I do not give too much importance to that. What is important for us it to find a collective rhythm. When we could we managed to play at a good pace for 60 minutes, after it was much more difficult. It was expected, we came back from a training camp in Germany with heavy work and I knew that the second half would be much more difficult.

Boca Juniors are a good team and we got caught counter-attacking when were 2-0 up and we tried to build up the game, but when you are tired you miss some passes and were a bit more under threat.

And about the lessons he has learned:

That we can score goals and Gervinho is a good addition to our squad. He is very interesting because he gives us options on both sides and through the middle. He can integrate well with our team. Also we have some improvements to make in some areas, especially the way we win the ball back. On set pieces we were not convincing today, but overall it was quite positive.

Arsene Wenger is right, Gervinho is a very good addition to our squad and on set pieces we were far from convincing but yesterday we were also very poor at defending in open play, something which many have suggested hasn’t been a real weakness.

Just sort out the set piece weakness and all will be ok, well today showed that that isn’t the case.

We were not caught on the counter attack for their goals, we were sloppy and sub-standard!!

Doesn’t give too much importance to conceding goals?

Well that comment stuns me, maybe it’s about time Wenger did give a bit of importance to conceding goals because if we stopped conceding, we’d start winning!!

He says we need to make improvements, well I for one hope he means signing players that will stop our defence conceding stupid goals rather than burying his head in the sand and thinking we will improve at the back.

How long have we been vulnerable??

It’s great to be linked to the likes of Juan Mata but right now I’d just rather we signed Gary Cahill…..


Today we should see our favourite Thierry Henry play at The Emirates, I hope he doesn’t do to us what he once did for us against others, but then again, if he does……..

That’s it guys, not very positive I know but I’m sure you will all tell what positives there were….

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Wenger confirms New Signings, Perfect New Partnership Unveiled today and Lansbury to Stay…..

July 30, 2011

‘Save The Children’ is the new Charity Arsenal will be in partnership with and the club will unveil this today before The Emirates Cup begins. We all know how much stick Arsene gets for signing the young plays, so when I heard this I chuckled, just for a moment.

I thought it was quite funny :)

In no way though am I ridiculing Save The Children, it’s a fantastic charity which helps transform children’s lives across the world and if you want to donate, please follow the link in the sidebar.

Our Chief Executive, Ivan Gazidis said:

We are extremely proud and excited to partner with Save the Children. We have a tradition on and off the pitch of bringing the best out of young people and know the Arsenal badge can open the door to youngsters who may otherwise not be reached. By working with Save the Children we will provide more young people around the world with the skills and opportunities they need to be the best they can.

Justin Forsyth, Chief Executive of Save the Children added:

We are absolutely thrilled to be joining with Arsenal Football Club on this exciting new partnership. With our combined local and global reach we can make a huge difference to children’s lives in the UK and overseas. Indeed, it seems that everywhere I travel children tell me they support Arsenal! This partnership is built on our common belief that every child is born to fulfil their potential. By working together on education we can help thousands of children do just that.

Reports came out yesterday suggesting Mata will be at the Emirates today with Ivan so whilst you are sat in your seats, or tuned into ESPN, keep an eye out and keep us updated – you never know, his signing might be confirmed just before the tournament kicks off, wouldn’t that be something?

Great news came out from Arsenal, well from Arsene Wenger and Young Guns broke the news that Wenger intends to keep Lansbury at the club. I’m chuffed and hope we see him playing this weekend and that convinces him not to ask for a move on for first team football.

Henri has the talent to play for Arsenal football club and he has a chance to play for us this season.

Amen to that Arsene.

Talking of Arsene, he’s was more open yesterday about any potential signings:

Our business will be done sooner rather than later but it is difficult to speak about any individual player because that makes things difficult, I cannot complain about other clubs talking about our players and then do the same.

I like the player [Mata], but that does not mean we will buy him. The other player [Jagielka] is under contract at Everton. If we want to buy a player, we need first the agreement of their club.

Well, well – Go Arsene Go and I don’t mean out the door…… ;)

Have a good day all, enjoy the footie….

Striker and Winger In? Russian Ace Next? Is Wenger about to make Citeh look a bit daft??

July 29, 2011

Well, is he??

So, we have all heard the rumours about Juan Mata, if they are to believed then the player should be signed up before The Emirates Cup, that would be some signing to cheer us all up wouldn’t it?

Going along with this rumour, the price is rumoured to be around the £15 Million mark, £23 million less than Citeh have just spent on their new addition, Sergio Aguero.

Aguero is a 23 year old striker and his career stats are:

290 Games played

125 Goals scored

41 Assists

Not bad eh, especially as he’s nowhere near his peak.

Juan Mata is a 23 year old midfielder/winger and his career stats are:

211 Games played

56 Goals scored

No matter what I put into google, I couldn’t find out how many assists Mata has but I bet it’s a few, just last season he scored eight goals with 12 assists.

Either way, if Arsene Wenger gets Mata for the price suggested in the media, who has the better deal?

£38 Million v’s £15 Million, I’d said it was Arsene Wenger, wouldn’t you?? Add to that, I bet the wages wouldn’t be anywhere near what Citeh are paying their new man…

Now compare that to Samir Nasri:

290 Games played

39 Goals scored

43 Assists

I think it’s pretty clear to see that if we sell Nasri, Mata could very well be a better player for us over the longer term and hopefully he won’t want to leave for the next five or six years and I doubt if he will demand £120K a week…

All we need now is afc.com to give us all the good news…..

Russian Midfielder Alan Dzagoev is the latest player to be linked to us and Andrey Arshavin backs him all the way.

I think Alan is the most talented young footballer from Russia, I hope he can develop as a player and he will be the key member of the national team.

Suggestion is that yet again it’s us and Arry’s lot that are interested in bring the Russian to the Premier League, however it’s rumoured that he wants to move to the Chavs… idiot!

Finally, reports are again rife that we have finally signed Joel Campbell, this bit of news comes from the media in Costa Rica….

Friday today, that’s signing day, let’s hope it’s a corker for us fans….

Have a good one….

Mata offer mooted, Bendtner in Demand, Theo Injured and The Press are at it again….

July 28, 2011

Confirmation came from the Arsenal Camp yesterday that Conor Henderson will be out for at least six months following his injury sustained against FC Cologne, life can be cruel to our younger ones these days, Frimpong last season and now Henderson this season.
I hope he recovers well and comes back stronger than ever, thankfully he’s young; he has a long career ahead of him.

Theo Walcott has also suffered a reoccurrence of an old injury, Arsene Wenger said:

Theo went home early and was due to have an MRI on Tuesday, It is an ankle injury that comes and goes.

We need some more investigation because sometimes he’s completely free of it and sometimes it affects him. But we had to send him back because he couldn’t practice anymore.

Hopefully we will hear some good news today about what is wrong, if it’s long-term, Wenger may be forced to dig deep into the funds and we don’t need that, whatever funds we have we need to use elsewhere on the pitch so again, I hope it’s nothing too serious and he’s fit and ready to face Newcastle on August 13th.

Talking of wingers/strikers, Nicklas Bendtner’s father has spoken about the future of his son saying that plenty of clubs want to buy the Danish striker; it’s just a case of choosing the right one. He added that one or two clubs were dismissed easily as he knew they weren’t right.

I didn’t know ‘Arry wanted him ;)

I wouldn’t be surprised to see him stay if Walcott’s injury turns out to be a bad one..

Yesterday we all saw the reports that we had done a deal for Mata, well, all the Spanish Press had decided to publish such a story but later in the day, the same press reported that no such offer of deal was in place.

Moral of the story is, don’t trust the Spanish Press, not that we didn’t already know that. ;)

Talking of the press, The Sun have a story which says that Chris Samba is pleading with Blackburn to let him join us so he can play Champions League Football, very soon after he tweeted

The declarations about me are totally false – never said that. I’m a Rovers player and will never mention other clubs – it’s disrespectful. Not happy right now.

The papers and press are naughty aren’t they……

That’s it for today folks, have a good one….

Pereira Linked, Biglia offer and Germans scouted…! Project Youth goes Belly Up!

July 27, 2011

Well, what else are we doing in Germany??

Our friendly against FC Cologne is long gone and our next fixture is on Saturday in the Emirates Cup against Boca Juniors, so what is the point in staying out of the UK to train? Are we out there to scout players from German sides, or indeed Germans?

Franck Ribery springs to mind doesn’t he and rumours have been rife over the last few weeks about Arsenal being in talks to sign him but we all scoffed at the story because of the £20 Million fee that was suggested. I did wonder if Bendtner could be involved in any deal for Ribery but him being left in England kind of negates that.

Personally speaking, I’m sure there are other players plying their trade in Germany who would be a lot more use to us than him, especially at that price.

Per Mertesacker – Central Defender, Werder Bremen

Marko Marin – Winger, Werder Bremen

Marcel Schmelzer – Left Back,  Borussia Dortmund

Mats Julian Hummels – Central Defender, Borussia Dortmund

That’s just four players in Germany; any one of them would certainly make us a stronger side. Whether or not they are for sale is a different issue but we all know that any player is probably for sale is the right money is offered and that’s where it all falls down for us.

Reports are we’re interested in Alvaro Pereira and it makes sense to link us to every left back on the planet seeing as Clichy is gone but has Wenger not said Gibbs will get his chance?

What about the link to Biglia for £6 Million, this would make sense as we def need a defensive midfielder as we could lose Song and Frimpong to ACON for six weeks in Jan/Feb and then what?

Please no-one mention Diaby…. ;)

Is this Biglia the answer though, yes experienced probably hard as nails but he’s only 5’10″?

Sure Makalele wasn’t tall nor is Mascherano but surely we need at least a 6′ 0″ player in central midfield to protect the already inconsistent back four who are susceptible to an average hoof down the pitch…?

I’d rather spend extra money on Yann M’Vila or Moussa Sissoko who are both taller and younger but both experienced players, is it yet not another case of Wenger looking to buy at Lidl…?

Arsene Wenger won’t play that way, he’d rather got take a risk on a cheaper option. Sometimes it works but all too often recently it doesn’t, especially when it comes to buying defenders.

Thankfully the rumours about Phil Jagielka have cooled; I’m just praying that Wenger has his eye on someone much fitter, much better and much taller.

The departure of JET was confirmed yesterday as he signed for Ipswich, sadly it looks like the next Englishman out the door will be Henri Lansbury. Suggestion is that Henri has posted a comment on Twitter which would suggest his career with us is about to come to an end.

Give him two years and he’ll be banging on the door for England, I truly hope Wenger has a re-think on this one.

Oh, and Middlesbrough look as if they will snap up Rhys Murphy very soon, that will be another one gone then…..

What happened to ‘Project Youth’ Arsene?

Is it time for him to admit is failing, how many of our younger players have been deemed not good enough, the same players he said would be the heart of Arsenal in time. The same players he said would be ‘killed’ if he bought experience, well that old line has worn thin, it’s clearly not working is it?

Another one on the way out seems to be Eboue, reports are that he has now agreed personal terms with Turkish club Galatasaray although afc.com are yet to confirm this rumour but they have confirmed that goal keeper James Shea has joined Dagenham & Redbridge on a season long loan.

Well, Wenger is having a busy summer in the transfer window, shame it’s been all about selling rather than buying though – if the Eboue deal goes through, that’s another £4 Million in the AFC Bank Account….

Great eh!!

Have a good day all, maybe Cahill will sign today? ;)

However, I strongly suspect that neither he nor anyone else will…..

Wenger should take up Chess!!

July 26, 2011

Three pre-season games played resulting in two wins and a draw.

With all the substitutions made during the games, we can’t really say too much about the team only that they are not losing and that suits me fine.

Not all good news though as Conor Henderson picked up a knee injury to kick off our usual injury run which is a shame as the lad was looking good. Hopefully this injury is not a bad one dispite Arsene Wenger saying it didn’t look good.

Gervinho scored two goals on his debut and he looks like he could be a very good signing, the  fox in the box we have needed for so long, certainly since Eduardo left.

But…… and I don’t like to keep harping on about them but our defending has been shambolic pre-season.

I know we’ve had new guys playing on the flanks but why have we had our left back attacking and being caught out of position?

It’s time to make our defenders concentrate on defending, and forget the forward runs, leave that to the people we have bought to do that.

I said last season that we have a team to win the league and I still believe these players have got what it takes and with a little more concentration, defenders doing their job and not believing they are strikers, we may have achieved this last year.

Right now we are unsure about the future of a couple of mainstay players, we know that they are not happy and they want to move on to new clubs. I think they’ll both go and as far as I am concerned the sooner the better.

I wish them well for the future as long as they are not against us but where we have in the past built our team around Cesc, we will have to find a new ways of play but for me that is no problem, in fact I think it’s a blessing in disguise. We relied on Cesc too much, so much so when he didn’t play it seemed the team didn’t play – well our game should not be all about one player, the team should be able to play well, regardless of who plays and who is missing.

We know that our back line needs revamping but I don’t think it is as bad as it may seem, in fact just a good experienced centre back with organising skills and a dominating presence will probably transform the whole of the defence.

Fans are calling for so many replacements but in all honesty and if we look at it logically, we maybe need one or two more and if I had my way Cahill and Parker would suit me down to the ground. Also, if I am honest Wenger would have done more than I ever thought he would do if he gets those players.

Wenger infuriates most Gooners, he will always do his own thing and will not be pushed into anything he has not fully worked out.

Some may think he is unsure but he knows exactly what he’s about to do, he will work out the right time to put his offer in and what that means is, he buys players at the best price, just like some of you when you go shopping you sort through the produce on the shelves and find the bargain of the day. I’m some often look at the sell by date and if it is nearing that date, the price goes down.

Wengers sell by date tends to be towards the end of the window and he usually leaves it to the last-minute untill the price is in his range, not one of the best ways to buy players but that seems to work for him.

Painful for supporters but it’s clever business if it comes off.

Supporters at the moment are frustrated, Wenger has that effect on us but Wenger has always been frugal and he won’t change now.

When he does buy,  he’ll have a plan as to how things will work out, in fact I liken him to a Chess master.

He plans so many moves ahead, he’ll buy a young kid out of the blue like he did this year when all fans are expecting an experienced defender. We think to ourselves. what’s he bought him for, but yet again it’s one of his moves ahead. I don’t fully understand this as I am more a fix the problem straight away man but I am not a Premier League Manager and while Wenger gets us in the top four-year after year what can I say.

Most supporters believe it is our given right to win the League, the Carling Cup, Champions League and FA Cup but it’s not, we are up against teams that have unlimited funds, teams that can buy any player that they want. Even even if it’s a player that we are bidding for, they can outbid us any day of the week.

There is absolutely nothing Arsenal can do about that either!

So, don’t think we are going to clean up all that is on offer to win, we are not as we are not in their spending league, so we need the Chess Master to do what he does best. The Manchester sides and others with wealthy owners are always going to have the advantage, don’t be naive enough to think any differently but with a chess master like Wenger we stand a chance to nick something.

I’m sorry but that’s the way things are, stand in a restaurant with a millionaire who is spending bundles on posh nosh and expensive booze beside you and try and get served!

That is the situation with the Premier League now and we need to get used to it because it’s not going away, at the moment we are the poor relation but when our debts are paid off, others will be saying the same about us.

It won’t be long either….

Written by Steve Palmer.

When Will Players get a bit of Help? 3-0 drubbing of Liverpool….

July 25, 2011

Football is on its way out, a bold statement for someone to say I know but I think I’m right you know.

I was looking at a photo of Carlos Tevez lazing on a sunlounger on a far away beach while his club are off around the world on their pre- season tour and thought to myself, these players are prima donna’s, they think there above the likes of you and me but really they are complete scumbags!

I’m not just having a go at City or Chelsea but clubs in general, especially Premier League ones. They are producing demigod players who, because they earn fantastic money demand to be treated differently from the normal man in the street.

Just lately I have been hearing about players going on strike, players who don’t want to play for the club they are at, players who think they should be playing with better clubs and be on a greater wage. Maybe they think their above all the pre-season travelling and training now they have a nice little stash in their bank accounts!

In all honesty that is the problem.

Most normal people like you and me earn just enough to last you a week. By the time you pay your rent, your poll tax, your gas, electricity, your groceries for the week and your fuel to get to work and home each day travelling to and from work each day, you may just have enough left for a packet of fags and maybe a pint!

Most of us work a forty odd hour week for the money they earn in less than a week….

These so-called superstars are earning ridiculous amounts of money for kicking a ball maybe four hours a day! They turn up for work in their luxury flash cars, they block themselves off from the real world with their headsets on and live their lives in a somewhat fantasy world, almost like saying look at me I’m different I am a superstar, and I should be treated with respect because I am important!

To me they are just overpaid and over glorified scumbags!

I’m not going to pick out individual players as they are everywhere but it appears to me that players who are earning the most are the worst.

They are not happy with just the one woman, one car or even one house are they? No and that’s all because the wages they are earning, they want everything and they can afford pretty much everything.

Things that we consider to be luxuries they purchase like we would a chocolate bar, they flaunt themselves at nightclubs drinking their crystal champagne at two to three hundred a bottle, some even take girls back to their rooms and not always just the one either – they too very often come at a cost but again, they can afford it..

Some have no scruples either, they have gone off with their teammates wife which really is the lowest of the low but they think they are above all that.

Some have been asked to take drug tests after training but have just gone home after and not bothered. Some just seem to like being in the papers, not all for how well they have played either! Some just appear in the red-tops having been outed as a persistent philanderer.

What the hell is happening to the game we all love?

Maybe because I’m getting on a bit now I look at things a little different? No doubt you younger fans will soon let me know. ;)

Footballers have always earned more than the man in the street, even back in the days of George Best and Jimmy Greaves.

We saw back then, young men abusing the skills they had been given instead of training and dedicating themselves to getting better and improving on the talent they had been gifted.

Footballers have fairly short careers but living it up was all they wanted to do.

Today we have players with half the talent but are earning far more than that of yesteryear, footballers and football is on free fall.

In my opinion we have to help these self-destructive players because they seem not to be able to help themselves and this may sound harsh but most seem to lack the education to do anything about it.Yes, many will tell me that Albert Einstein couldn’t play football!

Surely for the sake of the footballers and the game that we all love, the best way to help them out is to cap their wages?

The Government have put in place wage restraints to most ordinary workers as they believe you only need so much to live on, of course while they have these restraints in place they still earn bundles but you see where i am coming from?

If you earned ten times more than what you’re earning you would probably only want to go to work when you fancied it and it appears that the players are getting a bit like that now these days.

If the ruling body were to enforce a wage cap, things would change. Loyalty to the club a player is signed for could come back as they know they can’t earn more elsewhere, contracts would start to be honored again and above all else, players may start to look at what they are earning and think about what happens when their short career comes to an end. That career of course could be ended at anytime, a mistimed tackle, an overgrown blade of grass, anything could happen.

It may just make some think about investing their not so hard-earned wage packet, rather than trolling around like a spoilt brat who thinks he can have anything, just because he is a footballer…..

Should that ever happen, surely the players would benefit, big time and so would the game we all love and that’s Football…..

Written by Steve Palmer

Just a little bit to end with and that’s about the Ladies side.

The WSL got back underway yesterday after the World Cup and our Arsenal Gals thrashed Liverpool 3-0. Julie Fleeting  opened up the scoring on the ten minute mark and Rachel Yankey made it two on the hour.

Kim Little finished the game off with two minutes to go, driving home a super shot into the bottom left-hand corner to make it 3-0, a convincing victory I’d say…

The victory leaves our Ladies four points off the leaders Everton with a game in hand and seven games left to play….

Well done Ladies…..

Two Out, Two to join? Wenger’s Empty Words have Worn Thin but he’s Right about Gervinho!!

July 24, 2011

Wenger looks to have got it right when talking about our new signing:

Gervinho could be an instant success 

He certainly buried his two chances very well yesterday.

He looks to me like he has adjusted very quickly, let’s hope it goes quickly for him. You never know, some players take six months and some players take two weeks.

Well, it took him a lot less than that but I know some fans will look at yesterday’s game as being far removed from the challenge he faces in Premier League or Champions League but come on, FC Cologne aren’t a bad side…

What was so glaringly obvious yet again yesterday was how poor our defence is….

Time and time again we got caught out and if we carry on in such a way, Premier League sides will destroy us.

It’s all very well for Wenger to speak about what he is trying to do, how he knows we need a defender and he will work hard day and night to sign one but to date these are empty words. If he was trying that hard, he would have signed a defender or two by now – it’s all b****x in my mere humble opinion and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see us start the season with the same old defence which equals the same old problems.

You all know I have always been a massive fan of Alex Song but last season his weaknesses were evident, they were again yesterday. His silly clumsy tackles on the edge of the penalty area nearly cost us yesterday, they will again no doubt this coming season.

It’s time that Wenger bought a proper out-and-out defensive midfielder, one who will win the 50/50 battles half way up the pitch, one who has the ability to get back when needed and make the important tackle without taking the player first.

Sorry Alex!!

Right now I’d rather see Frimpong play, I know he’s not the answer either, not yet but give him a season and I’m sure he will.. Sadly for him, serious injury put him back a year but I thought he did pretty well when he came on…

As for Squilli, he’s still shocking, he always will be now and I personally don’t even know why Nasri bothered to travel – he wasn’t interested was he?

I’m not going to bother going into any further detail about the game, it will have all been said by today so what’s the point? It’s a friendly, well I think it was ;)

Only one man can make the bad from yesterday better and that is he who so many think walks on water…..

I’m not one of them, I’m actually fed up with listening/reading about what he’s going to do, now is the time for him replace all his cheap talk with actions – and that means getting this current side ready to face Newcastle at St James Park on the 13th August!

It also means finally selling Fabregas, let Citeh pay Nasri’s wage demands and then get on and spend the money their sales generate.

It seems that Arsenal are ready to part company with JET – the young striker come midfielder come whatever, is wanted by several Championship Clubs and the fee is said to be £1 million but with a vast sell on fee. I’m quite surprised at this bit of news, we have all seen a few a sub-standard players be given many many chances to show how rubbish they are, yet this young Englishman is being cast aside before he has really been given a chance….

Another one who appears on his way out is Eboue, he hasn’t featured in any of our pre-season fixtures, I don’t think he travelled to either Germany or Asia. Reports are that Galatasary have offered £4 Million for our ‘Mr Utility’ player and Wenger is ready to let him move on.

Two players who are yet again making the papers in connection with us is Valencia’s Juan Mata and Villarreal’s Santi Cazorla, both would cost in excess of £20 Million so I can’t see either coming true but if Fabregas and Nasri do go, we could certainly afford them and the two defensive players we need.

Maybe this week we’ll finally get some good news…

Finally, I just want to wish Conor Henderson well, like Frimpong last season, he’s been given a chance to prove himself and it looks as if a nasty injury will hinder his progress. I sincerely hope it’s not ligament damage …..

Come on Wenger, you know that actions speak louder than words –  it’s now time for a bit of action!!

Have a good day all…..

Defender In, Walcott Out & New Signing on show today in Germany.

July 23, 2011

Reading through my local paper and it was there in black and white; Theo Walcott is no longer the quickest over 100 metres at the secondary school he attended, so he’s out of their record books!

The young lad who has broken his record is Joshua Willock, he knocked 0.07 seconds off of Theo’s 11.58 time.

Some of you will wonder why I am interested in this story, let alone writing about it, so for those of you who don’t know, Theo Walcott went to the same school as I did; only I went there many years before him…..

That’s my claim to fame ;)

On to today, we are in Germany to face FC Cologne in the next step of our pre-season workout.

Gervinho is in the squad, as are a couple of reserve players. Conor Henderson boarded the plane as did Benik Afobe which we strongly suspected after him being withdrawn from the reserve game in the week. Frimpong and Jenkinson also travel as does the bright new star in the making Ryo Miyaichi.

Young Guns report that Henri Lansbury’s absence is down to his fitness, I really hope it is nothing more than that. Regulars here will know I’m a massive fan of Lansbury and I truly hope Wenger can see what this player could give us – he’s another Jack Wilshere – heart, head, soul and body believes in Arsenal Football Club – we can’t let him go……

One good thing about today’s game, which kicks off at 2.30 UK time, it’s being shown live on ESPN unlike last weekend when they just showed the game later in the day.

So, Conor Henderson :

6’ 1” midfielder, born in Sidcup but after a brief spell for England under 17’s he quit and chose to play for his country of his grandparents at international level – who could blame him ;)

Conor was on the bench for the games against Wigan and Blackburn in the 2009/10 season but didn’t make it onto the pitch. We didn’t really hear too much of him until March this year when he played the whole game against Leyton Orient in the FA Cup.

Wenger said after that game he expects Henderson to be a part of our clubs – so here he is today…

Then we have Benik Afobe:

18 years old, 6 feet tall and born and bred in London – music to me ears!! He’s been with us since he was six years old, yep, six years old – this lad is a Gooner and it’s great to see him in the first team squad, he deserves it….

Afobe has been out on loan with Huddersfield Town and their manager has been full of praise for our youngster, calling him ‘Another fantastic young player from the Arsenal production line’.

During his time on loan he picked up four man of the match awards in a row so pretty impressive eh? This included 5 goals and a number of important assists which helped Huddersfield to an unbeaten run of 24 league games.

Despite Benik’s and Huddersfield’s great form, they narrowly missed out on automatic promotion, losing play-off finals.

In total, our man-made 32 appearances, scored 8 goals and recorded 10 assists for the Terriers.

So, we’ll no doubt see a bit of them today……

Couple of snippets to end with, afc.com has an interview where he says one more defender will definitely be brought in before the season starts and he’s trying hard to sigh him. Well, not hard enough in my book, we know of three for sale IF Wenger pays the right price so I don’t get what the hold up is.

And Nasri has yet again hit the back page headlines: The Sun report that he will not sign a new improved offer and he is prepared to wait a season and leave us on a freebie. This situation must be sorted out and before the close of this transfer window!

That’s about it for today, enjoy the match later….

Wenger on the Verge of Magic again? New Season = New Chance……

July 22, 2011

I think its time for all Arsenal supporters to take a deep breath and a step back.

All I seem to be reading on all the blogs is negative comments, derogatory reports about certain players, our manager and players that are linked to us. The Newspapers write the same old critical comments week in week out too and continue to regurgitate old transfer stories just to have something to write, usually negative of course.

Well let me tell you something, Wenger will tell you when we have a new player, you wont have to read it in red top papers, you will hear it from the manager and you will see the player with his Arsenal shirt.

Granted you may never have heard of him but that is something else. I get the impression that a lot of you supporters are turning against our Manager, perhaps you feel that he hasn’t done things quick enough, perhaps he hasn’t spent enough money or he’s brought the wrong player’s but whatever your view on this, Arsene Wenger is our Manager and a mighty fine one in my opinion.

He’s the longest-serving one we have been lucky enough to have had and while you talk about loyalty in players, remember that you couldn’t find a more loyal manager if you tried.

Yes he borders on the eccentric and yes we have seen the ‘Basil Fawlty’ on the touch-line, maybe his interviews are repetitive but what would you say to all those reporters that will probably misquote you as soon as they get back to the office?

I know what I would like to say to them!!

Most of the newspapers print anything they think might sell their comics and we as supporters fall for it every time and start to question our man at the top.

Most supporters have long memories of victories in the past, well they are in the past but Wenger is putting together a team for the future, leaving the past for the history books.

Granted we had some fantastic players but they have gone and we have a team of youngsters now that need our support, they need to feel that you are with them and not against them.

Just because we have gone through a bad patch it doesn’t mean we have to slag them off. Sure were all disappointed, I am probably one of the worst but i have seen the light. I have seen that just because we haven’t won anything for six years it doesn’t mean we  have to get on their backs does it?

In fact we have to support harder, make the teams who come to The Emirates know we love our team and we are right behind them regardless of whether we are winning or losing.

Wear that Arsenal shirt in the stands with pride and if you can’t do that try not to give off negative vibes because this team will show you skilful football, they will show you football that after you watch it on the terraces you will want to go home and watch it again on the box.

This team has got the potential to win something, have no doubt and personally I think its going to be next season that this side will get its first of many trophies and we will be on our way again.

Some teams have gone forever waiting for their team to come good and some will probably never come good but Arsenal is not one of them. We were winners, we will be again very soon.

Remember if you can life without the Champions League, yes you know what’s coming don’t you?

Our younger Gooners will have seen us always in this great competition and that’s because of Wenger, the same w****r that some of you are calling ‘Passed It’.

Never will never be passed it, he’s staying unless he’s sacked and that could happen with some of the comments I read.

Remember all of those good times in the past, well a lot of them have been with Wenger at the helm and he will be there again this season and I predict this is the season when all those teams that have spent Millions they can’t afford will be saying, how does that old sod do it with the money he spends?

I’ll tell you how he keeps us up there in the top flight, it’s by having a genuine football brain the passion that it takes to stay a Premier League Manager and the knowledge to keep us in the Champions League every year since it started. We have been in the top four for all those years!

Magic, what else can you say about that achievement and us,  well we are lucky to have him, he has such a good eye for spotting talent.

Don’t kid me that you haven’t gone home after a game and thought Christ they were good today, this team can win something?

Arsene Wenger will soon have us back to winning ways, just have a bit of faith, that’s all I ask!

As Thomas Vermaelen says:

Everybody starts from zero and everybody has to start again. You get a new chance and that’s always a good feeling when people give you another chance to win something. The past is behind us and it’s good to look into the future.

That’s what we do now – we start all over again with a new chance and we will go for it this year.

Fellow Gooners, we have to be right behind them too when our Arsenal side starts all over again……

Written by Steve Palmer


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