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About Us/Rules

Highbury House is a new Arsenal Football Blog which welcomes every fan from all over the world.

My name is rico and I’ve been in around the blog world for a few years now. August 2010 I decided to branch out and run my own site, well, I say on my own but HH has a great family of bloggers who are/will be regular writers.

I have supported this great club since the year Charlie George scored that wonder goal in 1971 which topped off my first season as a Gooner.

I respect everyone’s view and insults to the owner/authors and bloggers alike will not be tolorated  and the use of the ‘c’ word will send your comment into spam.

The name, well Highbury House is the business part of Arsenal, where all the new signings go to ink their contract before turning out for the Mighty Arsenal, its one of the most important areas within the club, well off the pitch anyway :)

Finally,  Highbury House has no connection whatsoever to Arsenal FC and any comments left do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the owner either. The same must be said of the guest posts. Fans take time out of their lives to write their feelings down and send them to this site to be shared, those views are not always of the same opinion as mine, but it doesn’t mean they are wrong, just as my opinion is not right. I hold no responsibility, legally or otherwise to any comments left, or anything written in a guest post.

It’s all down to opinion and Highbury House welcomes differing views together with the freedom to express them without abuse.

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18 comments on “About Us/Rules

  1. All the best with the new blog :)

  2. Hi Seb, thanks for your good wishes :)

  3. I too started supporting Arsenal the day when Charlie George laid on the pitch in ’71

  4. i started in 1998, thanks to my country man Kanu but since then i’ve loved the club and caught up on her history

  5. Well, a little bit earlier. I became a supporter since 1970. All the best to you!

  6. Highbury House, is my favorite site ,well run good boggers and an excelent Administrator in Rico who runs a very good ship if your an Arsenal Fan, this is the site for you, keep up the good work.

  7. My first match was May 1947(Grimsby Town Won 7-0) although a fan prior to this at School. I would be interested to hear from any other of your readers of this VINTAGE!!

  8. My first was Portsmouth, that season. Ronnie Rooke and`Bigead`, etc. I saw Cliff Bastin play and frequently watched the `Head Man` Tommy Lawton – who always regretted he didn`t arrive earlier – at Western Command`s home base. I became a Gunner when we signed Bryn Jones, £13K odd, the world record – to replace Alex James and also the `38 final. My father explained that Cardiff City, “beat the best team in the world` in`27. It was no contest from then on. Had to wait, for some reason until the game restarted before i could visit Highbury. Had to wait even longer for my season ticket – J6 Upper West Stand. Better than driving 42 miles every Monday morning to get the Arsenal result in NSW. My sons and grandsons are as besotted as I was. Guess all this would bore the Gooners to pieces, but it`s nice to know there`s someone left who does not think it all began when Mr. Wenger arrived. Big regret he didn`t bone up on our history and repeated the premature destruction of a great team Regards to you euan.

  9. This is something I was asking around about a few days back as you can see below from my blog about shares trading hands in recent weeks so there maybe some truth in it ?

    Usmanov Shares Posted by: Bergkamp63 (IP Logged)
    Date: 10 February, 2012 12:38

    Does anyone know from AST ? when Arsenal are releasing their half year results ?

    the recent 2 shares bought by Usmanov to take him to within 25 of 30% of the club. How do we know he needs 25 and not more or less ?

    The recent purchases show a number of shares changing hands, how do we know Usmanov didn’t buy any of these ?

    10/02/2012 11:31 2 @ 1,400,000.00
    03/02/2012 10:38 2 @ 1,600,000.00
    03/02/2012 09:03 13 @ 1,400,000.00
    01/02/2012 15:39 1 @ 1,450,000.00
    30/01/2012 14:10 2 @ 1,520,000.00
    30/01/2012 13:45 8 @ 1,470,000.00
    30/01/2012 13:42 2 @ 1,500,000.00
    30/01/2012 13:10 2 @ 1,500,000.00

  10. B63 – join us on the post, no-one wills see your comment here….

    Click the home button, then the heading….

  11. Good show! good blog Rico! I always enjoy reading your sensible points of views anyhow, and these latest ones come across as telling us exactly what we need in Goonerland at this moment in time….

  12. This is certainly a great blog. Rico is wonderful but getting an Avatar is impossible if you have a mind as unsound as mine.

  13. Great blog, started supporting The Arsenal when I came to London from Ireland in 1966. Nearly supported Spurs (brings me out in a sweat just thinking about it).

  14. Have just moved from Le Grove. Think HH is much better, more discussion and no hate-filled comments. Used to like The Gunning Hawk until it ceased. Good luck with the blog. I will certainly contribute in the future.

  15. Afternoon,

    I’d take cabaye for now,
    I wouldn’t mind Richards neither…
    Begovic has to be priority imho..
    TSGH you contradict yourself mate.. How come wenger is the best manager on the planet yet he has never had a balanced team!!. Plus u always go on about his tactics or lack of..
    Something has to give, wenger was a great manager but refused to move on with time..
    What used to cost 10p cost 50p now..
    I thought Robbie savage was the worst football pundit of all time, till I listened to carragher last night.. and I am not talking about his scouse accent..

  16. Oops
    that supposed to be on today’s post…

  17. Pleased to join. Seems a constructive friendly site. How forums should be, but sadly many are not. Nice to have a safe haven without opposing supporters making snide comments. Well done Rico.

  18. Ps – was a small kid when my dad took me to Highbury for the first time. First memory and hero was peter marinello!

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