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‘Special Signing’ on his way? Cesc and Essien on loan? Wrong about Walcott…..

August 31, 2012

Morning Gooners,

Here we are then, Sky Sports kicked off at 6am today with all their ‘breaking news’ stories, one’s which have in the past just meant Arry Redknapp had either arrived at the building or left it and they’ve managed to get him to wind down his window and speak. Well I think that is what he was doing!

Not today though eh, he’s probably trying to sign the name ‘rosie’ on his withdrawal slip at the bank seeing as he’s unemployed!

Talking of money, since the news broke about Theo Walcott not agreeing terms for a new contract, all his ‘haters’ have jumped on his back. He’s not worth a pay-rise, stick in him the reserves and let him rot, sell him now the useless ********* – and in general the comments have been about him trying to rob the club and thinking of his own bank balance above football and in particular, Arsenal.

Well, Arsene Wenger has spoken and those who have said all of the above have been very wrong:

His situation is simple – he will stay with us and play for us. No he will not leave this window. Theo has one year to go [on his contract] and that is simple. We have to find an agreement with him on whether to extend the contract or not for a longer period. That is what we want to do. 

I think Theo loves the club. Contrary to what some media have written he is not obsessed by money, there is just a little difference that we hope we can, at some stage, find an agreement with. That is it basically.

Some will still believe that should Citeh or Liverpool come in with a substantial bid, our club will reconsider but I’m not so sure. No doubt Man City thought that too as they went straight back to Swansea and signed Scott Sinclair. Liverpool and any other club can take a hike.

Back to today, the long-awaited final day of the transfer window and Arsene Wenger is after only special players if they are available:

We have enough [players], that is for sure, but you always want to improve your squad and if we find a top, top, top player we will do it. We are working very, very hard. We have resources available so if it is not happening now it will happen in December.

We are active but we do not just want to bring average players in. If we find a special player who can find us a plus we will do it, if not we will not do it.

Yeah right Arsene…..

We all know that special players cost special prices and Arsene Wenger/Arsenal FC don’t spend that kind of money on footballers.

Also, do we really need ‘special players’?

I would say no, we just need good players, committed players, players who will bring experience to our team and depth to our squad.

Player who will make that little bit of difference…..

Will we see one or two?

I think so…..


Well a few could depart today, Chamakh and Park on loan and Bendtner should finally become a Juventus player.

Essien and Fabregas are the latest to be linked with a ‘shock’ move. The latter of course stems from being dropped to the bench by his current manager. I doubt there is any truth in either.

The Champions League draw saw us join Schalke, Olympiakos and newcomers Montpellier in Groub B and in the Capital One Cup we were awarded a home tie against Coventry.

That’s it for today, it’s going to be fun guys and gals, let’s just hope our club is part of it.

And I don’t just mean selling or loaning players out…

Have a good day all….

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Dentinho deal done? Celebrate Theo staying & This is when it all started last summer….

August 30, 2012

Morning Gooners,

Don’t you just love Wikipedia…

‘Bruno Ferreira Bonfim (born 19 January 1989), commonly known as Dentinho, is a Brazilian footballer who plays as a striker for Arsenal FC. He is considered a skillful striker that can double up as a target man’.

Yes, that’s the page about the Brazilian player which no doubt has been interfered with by a naughty girl/boy after a couple of tweets were on Twitter yesterday suggesting we had struck a deal for the striker.

LadyArse broke the story yesterday but as she says, the Twitter account is no doubt fake.

Another rumour gathering pace involves Gregory Van der Wiel, suggestion is that he could very well be the defender making his way to us.

In other news, Theo Walcott and Wenger sat down yesterday and had a good old chin wag and the result was our striker is staying, for a while anyway. What went on in that meeting no-one really know, but John Cross of The Daily Mirror believes he does.

As long as the clock strikes 11pm UK time and he’s still an Arsenal player, it has to be good news. He will no doubt then sign a new long term contract .

There are plenty of players to be shown the exit door before Theo.

Celebrate him staying, yes I will but I know a lot of fans will be choking on their cornflakes over that!

Onto today’s post: 

Two days to go before the heavy clunk of the transfer window closing will herald the end of the silly season and managers will have to make do with what they have.

Put another way, managers will have to get on and do their job. Manage! Yes, even you, Senor Mancini…..

Are we Arsenal fans in for another exciting, if rather embarrassing, last day jamboree, as was the case 12 months ago. Or will we see one or two more quality additions, to make this the most encouraging Summer Window since 2001, when Jeffers, Van Bronckhorst, Richard Wright and Sol Campbell arrived to settle down an unsettled Patrick Vieira and propel Arsenal onto their 3rd Domestic Double.

It’s only eleven years ago but 2001 could be in another century, such has the business face of the transfer market changed. Back then, the type of business done by Arsene Wenger this summer, would be viewed as normal. Well, except, probably, selling Robin Van Persie to club in decline!

Go back 20 years and if one or two quality signings were made, it would almost be a case for an open-top bus parade.

Nowadays we seem to need to see four, five or even six big signings before we’re satisfied….

Even then, we’re still that two or three ‘mythical’ signings away from the complete squad, such is the unquenchable hunger of the football fan, myself included….

But even if Arsene cannot get in one more quality player, I’ll still consider this window, all things considered, a successful summers work.

In Podolski, Giroud and Cazorla, I think Wenger has collected three of the best signings of the summer. Three signings that in my opinion, have made this current squad considerably superior to this time last year.

We, as fans, or many of us, are still to see how good some of our young players are. These young players can save the club millions and reward us with the type of loyalty that is an ever-increasing rarity these days. They want to play for the club, wear the shirt and they realise what it means to be an Arsenal player…

Players like Yennaris, Frimpong, Gibbs, Aneke, Afobe (when he returns), Boateng and Jenkinson (living the dream) need to be encouraged by the fans and shown patience by the supporters, something Arsenal fans were well versed in when I first began to visit Highbury.

Familiar as we once were in bringing through our home-made players, giving them time, and showing what knowledgeable supporters we were…

That patience and knowledge has diluted in recent years as fans desire a quick-fix….

You only have to see the reaction to Jack Wilshere, to see that those traditional Arsenal values of showing patience with our young players, whilst encouraging them, is still alive and well.

Arsenal’s NextGen 3-0 victory over their French counterparts Marseille last night is another reason to believe we have a very good crop of younger players coming through too.

We can all drink to that….

Champions League draw later today, let’s hope we get a good group….

Written by Allezkev

Sign or be sold! A true Gooner gone & Forget M’Vila….

August 29, 2012

Morning Gooners,

Yesterday saw a fine young Gooner depart for pastures new having obviously been considered not good enough to play for Arsenal.

Personally, I find it quite strange how certain players get and continue to get chance after chance regardless of the performance they put in, when others don’t even get a chance.

Henri Lansbury may not ever be one of footballs ‘greats’ but not many are, but what our club would have been guaranteed from him, is hard work, dedication and a commitment.

After all Arsene Wenger’s words about him about how he has a bright future and how he will be “a big player”  for Arsenal, he’s now gone.

I truly hope that Henri’s career kicks off from here and proves to Wenger that he was wrong to have sold him. Hopefully we have first option to buy him back when that day comes.

Talking about players who give their all, one player who many fans believe doesn’t could be on the move in the next few days. Theo Walcott, well, probably more like his agent, has snubbed the latest contract extension offered to him by the club. Reports suggest he has until tomorrow evening to make up his mind. Sign or be sold on Friday.

£75,000 a week he is reported to have been offered, that’s not bad is it but if he wants more, then I guess he’s going to have to go elsewhere to earn it but if he really is happy at Arsenal, he’ll do the right thing and sign the contract on offer.

Liverpool and Manchester City are the clubs linked to him and I suspect the latter might be the favourites as they have just failed to reach an agreement with Swansea for Scott Sinclair. Or maybe Fergie will try and sign him up……

If he goes, he needs replacing but I strongly suspect he won’t be…

Not much else in the news really, other than Rennes confirm that no bids have been made for Yann M’Vila yet and the longer this drags on, the more likely it is he’ll stay in France.

Finally, well done to Paolo Di Canio and his Swindon side who battered Stoke City last night 4-3 in the Capital One Cup…

How did they score so many at The Britannia Stadium, when we couldn’t manage one??

Oh well, at least we won’t have to face Pulis in that Cup should we do well….

That’s it for another day, have a good one….

Lars Bender heading to Arsenal?? Defoe too? Finally a voice of reason!

August 28, 2012

Morning Gooners,

Four days to go now until the transfer window closes and the newspapers are filled with mischief.

Rumour has it that Arsenals chief negotiator is in Germany in attempt to secure a deal for Lars Bender of Bayer Leverkusen. He can play at both right back or defensive midfield. For  The 6′ tall 23 year old has featured for Germany on ten occasions, scoring one goal.

Here he is in action.

The Daily Express continue to report that it’s Yann M’Vila on Arsene Wenger’s radar, as is Yohan Cabaye and they believe it’s going to be a battle between us and the tiny ones for their signature.

The Sun report another two-horse race for Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, this one though is between us and Chelsea and in the same paper, Ian Wright says he would sign Jermain Defoe, if he was Arsene Wenger.

The Mirror suggests Mbiwa is off to Milan and Angel Rangel of Swansea will be heading our way.

That’s the gossip out of the way for the day!

Two sensible articles struck me this morning. One by Martin Keown, the other by our midfield workaholic, Mikel Arteta.

Martin Keown talks about just how good Santi Cazorla is describes him as being like Liam Brady and Cesc Fabregas rolled into one player. He’s our midfield general who just wants the ball all the time, regardless of where he is on the pitch. Left foot, right foot it doesn’t matter, he’s equally good with both.

A statistic for you – Santi Cazorla has had more touches of the ball in the oppositions half than any other player in the PL to date, yes, even Eden Hazard!

A few more games under his belt and we might start seeing the best of him, he’s not bad now is he but he needs to get his shooting boots sent over from Spain..

Shooting boots takes me nicely onto Mikel Arteta:

All the talk about Robin all of the time… you can get frustrated.

You cannot do in two games what it has taken eight years to create. It’s impossible!

Arteta is spot on, not only is it frustrating for the players, it’s boring.

How on earth can two strikers be expected to perform at the highest level in a tough Premier League after just two fixtures, especially when up against two sides who set out to defend, defend and defend….

Giroud and Podolski are great players and another little statistics from Sunday, Olivier Giroud didn’t lose a single header against Ryan Shawcross of Stoke RFC. That is not easy!

Their time will come and very soon no doubt and as we all keep saying, they just need one goal each to set them on their way.

With Santi Cazorla gradually finding his way too, they will have plenty of opportunities to get off the mark.

As for achieving in two matches what our departed one did after eight seasons, well he only managed it for one entire league campaign, I have a feeling that our three new boys will be ‘doing it’ for a lot longer and will achieve more at Arsenal than he ever did.

It’s time to move on from the Dutchman and look at the present and towards the future with Arsenal.

Maybe one day, the press/media will do that too.

On a final note, a few words from Mick Dennis of The Daily Express:

Stoke fans who booed Aaron Ramsey because he had his leg smashed at their ground two and a half years ago took to message boards to defend that despicable behaviour with expletive-filled invective. Both the chanting and the internet chat are criminal offences.

Over to you, Staffordshire Police.

Will they take any action? I doubt it, but they should!

That’s it for another day, could be a signing day today….

3 Signings in 5 Days? Yohan Cabaye linked & Jamie Redknapp really is a buffoon!

August 27, 2012

Morning Gooners…

No match report this morning, there are plenty out there if you want to read one.

What’s the point in one really, we have all either watched yesterdays game on the television, a good stream or even the highlights later on in the day. Some may have even been fortunate to have been in the stands at The Britannia Stadium and be part of what was a loud and proud group of away fans..

What are the positives from the game?

Another clean sheet.

The performance of Kieran Gibbs and Carl Jenkinson, both of whom were very solid and both of have been under scrutiny from the fans.

Mannone – well his kicking was very good, possibly the best distribution by one of our goal keepers in a long time. Not sure about the rest of his game as he was hardly tested and again that has to be credit to our defensive unit.

Giroud – well in my opinion, his performance deserved that outrageous shot to dip just a little more and find the back of the net. Love him already. Of course some will say he should have passed to Ramsey who was free in the centre and maybe he should but I suspect on another day, when he no longer needs to open his scoring account, he will.

There were plenty of other really good performances yesterday, in fact too many to mention…


We didn’t score!

And that for me is about it…..

Seriously, that is the one and only thing missing, an end product and I don’t lay that blame on ours strikers. Gervinho and Diaby really need to start shooting instead of looking for another pass.

59% possession, 16 shots on goal of which 6 were on target, the best of which came from Santi Cazorla which forced a good save from the Stoke keeper. We earned 12 corners but couldn’t make one of them really count.

After the game, Jamie Redkrapp decided to voice his opinion:

For me, those two aren’t in the same league as Van Persie. I was disappointed in both of them.

Wenger’s response to that was:

I have worked for 30 years on the football pitch, every day. I know what it is to improve a football player.

What it is to go out morning and afternoon and try to make a player out of somebody. Not everybody can say that.

Of course they are quality players. I do not listen too much to what people say — I try to see if it is exaggerated or not.

In other words Jamie, shut up and mind your own business!

I wonder if he thought the same about Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp when they first struggled in the Premier League, it took both of those players a while to get off the mark.

He’s a football pundit, nothing more, nothing less and not a very good one at that. If he believes he is better than Wenger then why is he not a football manager or coach by now?

Podolski and Giroud will start scoring goals, they just need to get their first.

Arsene Wenger on what is missing up front:went onto say:

It is an understanding because you have Cazorla, Podolski, Giroud… one month ago they didn’t know each other. So that will come. There is some work to do on the training ground but you can feel the potential.

You can see as well that there is something missing – we are not spontaneous enough in some situations. I am very positive about my team. People will say ‘OK, you didn’t score for two games’ and I cannot deny that. We played against two teams who defend very well as a unit – Sunderland and Stoke. Overall I believe we can be a good surprise in this championship.

‘You can see as well that there is something missing’.

This sentence is one to make us believe that another striker is high on Wenger’s list of players to sign and that has to be good news. I say that not because I think the same as Redkrapp, but what happens if we suffer an injury up front? Yesterdays omission of both Park and Chamakh would suggest that neither are in Wengers plans this season.

The Daily Mail link us to Newcastle’s Yohan Cabaye, they linked us to his team-mate Tiote yesterday but Wenger soon dismissed that story later in the day but Wenger has hinted over the last few days that he wants to add a defensive midfielder to the squad.

The links to defenders Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa and Angel Rangel won’t go away either although Mbiwa has suggested he hopes to join AC Milan.

So a striker, defensive midfielder and a defender and we’ll be sorted ;)

Five days left Arsene, just five days…..

That’s it for another day, have a good one…..

Pulis at it again, Song rant & Freddie set to return…..

August 26, 2012

Morning Gooners,

Alex Song has spoken about his move away, he’s not a happy chappie and professes to have wanted to stay a Gunner for life but the club thought otherwise. There is an article in The Sun if you are interested in reading more.

Rumours are gathering pace that Newcastle’s Cheick Tiote could be the man to replace the now Barcelona star, well he’d be a great signing if true – six days until we find out!

Onto some more interesting news….

Freddie coming home?

Sorry Boys……

Yep, according to the man himself via his Twitter account, he’s been offered a coaching role with us and, like the man from Del Monte, he has said yes!!

Whether or not that twitter account is real remains to be seen but if it is, I suspect most Gooners will be excited and interested to see what our old Swede can bring to our set up from next summer. He has been reminiscing about days gone by in an exclusive interview with The Daily Mirror.

Freddie has finally said goodbye to his playing days and I for one wish him a long and healthy retirement and will always look back with great fondness at what he gave to the game and in particular to our football club. He was simply a wonderful player for us….

How we could do with him and his left-sided counterpart today eh?

Fear not, we have a strong squad and if they all gel together today and find their shooting boots, we can cause an upset at Stoke.


Of course it will be should we win, after all, no footballing pundit will expect us to get three points today will they?

Ahead of today’s game, Pulis has felt the need to defend his side’s ‘dirty’ tactics, taking a swipe at Arsene Wenger at the same time:

People talk about us being a dirty team, yet we haven’t had as many red cards or I haven’t had as many red cards as a manager as Arsene Wenger has had as a manager. 

People always talk about me and Stoke City. Nobody ever talks about the situation with Wenger.

There was a situation not so long ago when a lot of red cards were being dished out to Arsenal. Everybody seems to have forgotten about that.

All we want is fairness and a balance. It is frustrating when you get labelled for this or that and people don’t look at the other side of the coin.

Of course all this stems from a horrific tackle on Aaron Ramsey back in February 2010 by Ryan Shawcross, which left our young player   with his leg broken in two places.

Wenger points to the fair play table of last season which indicates we are not a dirty side, and of course the Stoke has done the same but  as our manager rightly points out, it’s not always about the amount of yellow/red cards a club receives it’s about the constant niggly tackles throughout a game on our players. The ones that go unnoticed by the referee and are allowed to tot up and go unpunished.

I hope Lee Mason and his assistants have all had their eyes checked during the summer break and they don’t miss a thing today, and that goes for both sets of players.

Missing for us today is

Koscielny (calf), Rosicky (tendon), Sagna (leg), Frimpong (knee), Wilshere (ankle)

Stoke have doubts over Pennant (thigh) and Whitehead is suspended. Already Mr Pulis….?

1.30 kick off, live on Sky Sports 1, let’s turn up and rip the heart out of Stoke City….

Quick word for the under 21’s, they sure ripped the heart out of their counterparts from Blackburn in front of more than 5,600 fans at The Emirates.

Have a good day all……

Wenger eyeing the ‘Next Henry’, Yaya link rumoured & Jack over Nuri any day of the week…..

August 25, 2012

Ok, a bit of humour to begin with.

Thierry Henry has become a father again in the last few days and it’s a boy…. Yes, you have guessed the rest!

Who knows, by the time the little one is ready to play, his father may just be the Arsenal manager…..

Congratulations to Thierry and his wife/partner, second time lucky I hope…

And the rumour of the day goes to Yaya Banana, a Cameroon Under 21 International who plays in central defence or at right back. He’s 21 years old and stands just under 6′ 4″ tall and currently plays for French club Sochaux in Ligue 1. (That really is just a rumour from the site with the same name – another bit of fun)

We all something to smile about don’t we after Nuri Sahin slip through the net?

So, onto Nuri Sahin. A selection of fans believe Wenger has really messed up not getting this man.

Arsene Wenger’s decision to withdraw from the bidding for the service’s of Sahin was disappointing, but understandable under the circumstances…

Arsene thought he had an agreement with Real Madrid, despite the dark hand of Jose Mourinho and the urging of Xabi Alonso in favour of his old club but Brendan Rodgers has now been in charge at Everton’s old stadium long enough for him to realise the malaise at work at the club that once ruled England and Europe.

And he needed some good news.

Liverpool are no longer the well-oiled machine that dominated for the majority of the 1970’s and 1980’s, before the rot set in, following Hysel when Liverpool hooligans attacked and murdered Juventus fans in that crumbling old stadium…

Jose Mourinho’s dark hand caused the impasse that allowed Liverpool to regroup and ultimately gazzump Arsenal’s agreement.
Problems over Liverpool’s illegal approach for Clint Dempsey acting as a spur, as Rodgers desperately acquiesced to the terms Mourinho and Real Madrid wanted…

Therefore Liverpool pay £10 million in loan fees and wages and in 12 months time hand Sahin back to Madrid…

Mourinho is in essence, using Liverpool as Real Madrid’s ‘Nursery Club’, quite a comedown for the King’s of Europe, as was!

Rodger’s is desperate, he would have probably agreed to anything in order to give the restless Liverpool fanbase some good news…

Only time will tell if the gamble Rodgers has taken, will pay-off?

A top-four finish has to be the absolute minimum requirement for Rodgers, a requirement that I believe, is simply beyond his squad!

Malevolent Mourinho will be well satisfied at a job well done in retaining Sahin and stitching-up Wenger in the bargain…

Arsene now has to activate any back-up deal he may have had in the pipeline.

There is of course, no guarantee that any of the deals which the club have been working on during the past 2 or 3 weeks will come to fruition for us in time for the deadline of Friday 31st. Thus is the machinations of the modern transfer market..!

However, there is good news in the images of Jack Wilshere wearing football boots and training with the lads. Those images should gladden the heart of any true Arsenal fan…

Sight for sore eyes……

Give me a choice between Sahin & Cazorla or Wilshere & Cazorla, and I’d pick the latter every time.

I look forward to seeing Cazorla, Wilshere and Arteta in the Arsenal engine room in the not too distant future .

We still have a heck of a lot to come and enjoy this season…

Lets see where we are by the end of September and likewise, it will be interesting to see where Liverpool are..

Good luck to the Under 21’s, they face Blackburn at The Emirates today.

Written by Allezkev 

Cazorla – ‘The Poor Man’s Fabregas’! Media, Mentality & Mediocrity

August 24, 2012

Yesterday was a nothing day in terms of Arsenal FC, however the tabloids can always make something out of nothing.

The Nuri Sahin to Arsenal story has been stretched, turned around, pulled apart and stitched back together on numerous occasions, so much so its become of boring irrelevance to the press.

“Who’s Wenger after anyway – he’s just some young Turk.”

I never thought anything of any sports journalists until I started watching Jimmy Hill’s Sunday Supplement about ten years ago. I loved the programme, and apart from the odd exception, I thought the majority of journalist’s who took part in the programme were a set of tossers. I’m from Yorkshire, I like to say it how it is – but it made decent television.

On Sunday the shows headline regarding Arsenal was “Cazorla is a poor man’s Fabregas”, which would be laughable, if it wasn’t aimed at the club. It was a cheap and vicious shot.

Then, a couple of days ago, the main headlines in The Sun was how Santos could be jailed for dangerous driving and ‘Arsenal 0 Arsenal Old Boy’s 44′. Again, it could be laughable if it wasn’t aimed at Arsenal.

It really is poor journalism!!

These tabloids plagiarise stories from each other, adding a bit here and offering “sources within” stories along with a fact or a statistic to give it credence.

It’s lazy.

“Eduardo says it was a mistake selling Van Persie and Song”, claimed another paper aiming more negativity towards Arsenal who have also had to endure stories of how Kevin Mirallas snubbed Arsenal for Everton.

Disgraceful really.

Arsenal’s players like any other players will read the press, check out the internet and watch TV.

We all love to see our names in the spotlight, and Premier League footballers – well they are like yesterday’s pop stars.

Sir Alex Ferguson gives Danny Wellbeck, a player who is possibly one of the most mediocre forwards that has ever pulled on an England shirt, a four-year contract worth millions after paying £24M on a 29 year old with a poor injury record plus a contract worth £40M and United get the positive accolade and the plaudits.

Make no mistake here, United are a club on the slide.

They are up to their eyes in debt and have just bankrolled two players along with the purchase of a Japanese player, which is something that Arsenal would have never have done, even if they did have the money to squander.

Yet the press drool over United?

Munich ’58 brought United to the attention of the world. It was very sad, yes, but it was also a PR goldmine, and they have been living on its history ever since.

Over the past eight years Arsenal have procured various players to fit in with both the dynamics of Arsene Wenger’s system, but who have been relatively inexpensive to buy. The majority have been young foreigners who Wenger has made sure they got paid highly in return for both performance and loyalty.

Young players are young, meaning they do everything you expect of a young lad, but the upshot is that they perform erratically. When it’s good, it’s good and when it’s bad it’s bad. Young people need mentors for things to rub off on them.

Thing’s like being a winner.

Last year we had a rubbish season, which was only made half-decent due to Tottenham and Chelsea being equally as bad. It shows you how poor we have become when teams like Newcastle are biting at our heels for a place in Europe and that a poor team like Wigan can come to the Emirates and go away with three points.

There was nothing good about last year, we were dire.

Every time we went on a good run the Arsenal.com machine would trundle out the same old rubbish about this player loving the way that player was playing and that there is a real bond within the side etc., which due to the nature of our nil transparency as a club gets plastered all over the media as there is NO other news coming out of the club barring Wenger’s “mental strength” quotes.

There’s a scene in Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” when Harvey Kietel has helped clear up the mess of a dead body with half its head missing. He looks at Samuel L Jackson and John Travolta who are praising each other for helping each other get out of the shit circumstance they themselves have put themselves in.

Kietel quips: “Let’s not start sucking each other dicks, yet.”

Metaphorically speaking this is exactly what the young Arsenal team did after a nice run of results and reading their self-promotion all over the press. Their fickle mentality believed what they read, however reality bites when you go one, two and three goals down in the San Siro, no matter how much Wenger says that Milan are not the Milan of yesteryear.

He was right, but nor are Arsenal the Arsenal of yesteryear.

Mentality is key within a side.

Look at Djourou, Diaby, Song, Chamakh, Bendtner and even Walcott and ask yourself, would you want these guys in the trenches with you watching your back?

There’s a realistic answer. No you would not.

Walcott may have been England’s most dynamic player at the recent Euro’s, and would have probably been even more so were it for Rooney not wanting to pass to him. Saying that, playing for England has always been a case of self-preservation – Walcott wasn’t that bothered about passing the ball to Oxlade-Chamberlain either.

One of Wenger’s chief problems at the club has been well documented. Arsenal pay too much for mediocrity, and as such we find it hard to offload. We have players picking up high wages for non-performance. It’s vile and it stinks. They are referred to as the deadwood and we can’t move them on.

Arsene Wenger recently pulled off a transfer master-stroke, bigger than that of purchase of Henry and the sale Anelka. He got shut of Alexander Song for £15M, a lazy player who was offloaded before that kind of attitude spread any further.

Steve Bould has only been in two minutes and by all accounts had Song’s ‘number’.

Bould is no shrinking violet. Over six feet tall he has been up against the best and has tasted success throughout his career. Bould is the man who backed Tony Adams up and walked into the Coventry manager’s office and threatened to knock hell out of him as he had been needlessly provoking Adams, who at the time was a recovering alcoholic.

That manager was the great Gordon Strachan. Strachan apologised and it takes a big man to apologise and mean it.

Bould is everything that Pat Rice was not. Bould is a man’s man and he no doubt hated watching a player train with a lazy attitude, so after a little word in the ear of the manager, Wenger duly packaged him off to Barcelona.

Wenger shows a humility to his players and never bad mouths them in public, that you have to admire. However there are certain players who should have been stripped of their squad number and publicly told to go. They are no good here.

It is pointless having bad apples, they spoil the whole bunch!

The media love it when we talk of the likes of M’Baye Niang ‘coming’ to Arsenal. A 17 year old French-African full of promise is the archetypical Wenger signing. Nurture him through the harsh reality of the Premier League and give him a lucrative contract so he either thinks he’s too good and shows no loyalty and leaves – or the club can’t get him out of the door without use of a crowbar.

But this pre-season hasn’t been like this at all. What Arsenal have brought in has been exceptional. I cannot believe that Arsenal as a club have invested so well in players. Good, world class players.

And it isn’t done yet.

The fact that we were at an advanced stage in talks with Mirallas suggests that we are still in the market for a striker/attacker, plus the M’Vila rumours will not go away. Over the past few days we have been linked with Jesus Navas of Sevilla and Michel Bastos of Lyon, which can only smart of ambition.

I just hope that Wenger and Bould continue what they have started.

This season Arsenal WILL win the Premier League.

Written by southyorkshiregunner 

Dudu hinting at return? Don’t listen to the media, We are On the Up…

August 23, 2012

Morning Fine Gooners,

I’m back…..

I see Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal Board are still busy in this transfer window.

Where there is normally a mad rush for a cheapo with seconds of the window left, this window has been busy from day one, in fact even before.

The signings made to date are really positive and there is no taking that away from our manager but, I think he has been shrewd by sorting out the wage structure.

We have had and still have, many mediocre players on an undeserved wage and I believe that with this restructure we are starting to get our wages back under control. Over the last couple of seasons we have offloaded some of our high earners Henry, Fabregas, Nasri, Clichy and now, RvP and Song, all of whom would be on a higher salary scale.

I would imagine that Thomas Vermaelen now tops the wage bill and that is how it should be as with the Captains armband comes responsibility and no doubt, a little salary increase.

I haven’t seen any lists of players wages but I would be surprised if any of our new players have actually been awarded an amount which we would consider to be inflated.

I believe we have reconstructed the team and in my view for the better and with all the talk about others who could still to join us, I would say that our transfer team are doing well this summer.

I would have liked, and still would like to see a keeper and a defensive midfielder recruited and now Songhinio has now packed his bags for sunny Spain I expect to see the latter be completed, maybe even as a last gasp signing, just to make us feel at home.

Wages are important for the future of football clubs as many other clubs are now finding out. They are realising that once a player has signed for any considerable time that their huge wages places a strain on resources, and many of those players aren’t even getting time on the pitch. Then, they can move them onto another club as their demands are simply laughable.

Don’t we know that to a lesser degree?

Player exodus is not easy to take as a fan though, but if they want to simply make money then let them go, our club needs players who want to be at Arsenal and accept the salary we offer. This way we will remain competitive in the transfer market place, attract the right kind of player and become the force that we all want us to be.

I must say though, I’m starting to get a bit worried about Jack Wilshere, after a couple of operations and over a year out, yet still no sign of him returning. Stress fractures seem to be long-lasting and I am now having serious doubts about his durability, for a lad of his age he should be able to heal quickly yet still we wait.

I’m starting to wonder if perhaps Wenger see Sahin as his replacement this season and should Jack come back in three months time maybe a loan spell is in store l for him, to help him get back to his old self.

We have brought some fine players in this window and I’m feeling quite happy with our squad. Watching City and United struggle against what many would say mediocre teams has left me feeling that we are now on the same standing as any other club in our league.

We are in good position, all that’s needed is a few games for our newbie’s and we will soon be up the top of the table.

We will definitely be up there challenging for the trophies, don’t listen to the media we are definitely on our way back.

Written by Steve Palmer.

There’s an interesting article on the BBC website about our old boy Eduardo, sounds to me like he wants to come back….

Taxi for Santos! Jesus Navas linked & Nuri Sahin finally set to be confirmed..

August 22, 2012

Morning Gooners,

Only one place to start this morning and that’s with the news surrounding Andre Santos.

Last Friday morning, our Brazilian left back displayed a little bit of erratic driving which caught the eye of the local constabulary. Instead of stopping for the boys in blue, Santos put his foot down and a bit of a ‘chase’ followed. Santos finally stopped and got arrested for his trouble.

There was no alcohol involved, mind you at that time of the day you wouldn’t expect there to be.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said:

Shortly after 9.30am on Friday August 17, a 29-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving and failing to stop for police on the A1, near to Junction 22 of the M25.

Officers’ attention was drawn to the vehicle due to the manner of its driving.

The man has been bailed to return at a date in mid-September to a north London police station.

I reckon Song was in the car too and Santos was trying to get him away from the club asap. ;)

A lengthy ban from driving looms I suspect so there could be a  Maserati GranTurismo supercar up for sale, £110,000 and it’s yours!

Talking of speedy, Jesús Navas González has been linked with us this morning in Spanish Newspaper AS, which is known to be reputable He’s a right-winger who can also play on the left, his main assets are his quick dribbling and an ability to run at opposing defenders.

If this has any truth in it, surely Theo Walcott is soon to depart. Navas has a buyout clause of £27 Million, so don’t get too excited!!

One who seems to be arriving, finally, is Nuri Sahin. The deal has at last been finalised according to the media and we should have that confirmed by Arsenal today. This must be the longest transfer saga ever and it’s only a loan!

Sahin’s arrival will please all Arsenal fans but it doesn’t seem to be enough to quiet some sections in the media, they choose to carry on their ‘let’s look back and laugh’ campaign against us having watched us sell two more players this summer.

The Sun reports that since winning the 2005 FA Cup, the 17 top players who we have sold have gone on to win 44 major medals with 11 different clubs. They suggest that we have raked in £163m for those who left and that is not including those we have sold this summer.

Staggering really, all that money in just seven years but players are nothing more than ‘just players’. Where one leaves, another steps up or as last summer and this one is proving, others come in.

We are signing more mature players now, players who really want to be at Arsenal and don’t just see us as a stepping stone to a so called bigger and better club.

That is what a club like ours deserves and as Gary Neville has said:

AFC are the most important thing, players are just grains of sand on the beach.

Arsenal are 125 years old.

Well said Gary, I still don’t forgive him though over the way he treated Reyes!!

That’s it for another day, have a good one….


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