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Arsene Wenger – Don’t make it personal…….

April 30, 2012

Food for thought today…..

Towards the end of the Stoke game, Arsene was off his chair, shouting and moaning form the sidelines and certain corners of the Arsenal fan base have vilified him for his actions…


Did his actions not show he cares?

This same section of fans have looked at this one incident but what about taking a look at the whole season.

How many times have we fans moaned about the opposition time-wasting?

How many times have we moaned about how we don’t get big decisions given our way?

How many times have we moaned or groaned about teams parking the bus against us?

How many times have we moaned when other sides rough up the playing surface just to stop us playing our game?

Answer those questions honestly…

Just imagine how Arsene Wenger has felt about all that too over the weeks and months of this season, it builds up and builds up and at some stage you let those feelings out.

Wouldn’t you?

Like I said, don’t you think it showed he cares?

Some of the things which are written on a daily basis about our manager are vile, rude, aggressive, and even against the law of our land…

Arsene Wenger may not be every fans favourite man, coach or manager but does he truly deserved to be vilified in such a way?

Of course fans will question his tactics, substitutions, player signings, spending etc etc, that is inevitable as so many think they know better but why do they feel the need to call him vile names, question his parentage or the worst, call him that word which Highbury House hates?

Does it make fans feel good, feel brave and ‘hard’ whilst typing such nastiness on their keyboard, all the time knowing that the chance of them being identified is very limited.

I don’t know the answer and I’m not going to even try to work it out but it’s a sad affair really.

Arsene Wenger is no Saint, I doubt he thinks he is either and I strongly suspect he would do somethings differently if he had the chance, not that he would admit it.

Regardless, does he really deserve to be called some of the things that fans today are calling him?

He annoys and frustrates me off, big time sometimes but resorting to gutter name calling and adding the fact that he’s French to the equation is something I wouldn’t stoop so low to do…

Maybe one day, some of the fans who enjoy typing out such tirades of abuse towards Arsene Wenger will get to say it to his face. Should they get that ‘pleasure’, let’s hope one of the boys or girls in blue are stood within earshot….

Maybe that will make some think twice……

I will tell you who wrote this post later today….



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Shocking fans, Shocking Referee but we get one more on the board…..

April 29, 2012

Morning all,

Facing Stoke away from home on a bleak, cold and murky afternoon did not make great conditions for an important game such as this.

Stoke kicked off and we started with conviction, looking like a side that was really up for this game! We  harried the Stoke players and closed them down quickly but their tactics became clear early on, play the ball a bit then look for the long ball or cross into Crouch  but our defence, who have in the past suffered from this style relished the challenge.

We were first to the ball and on most occasions our central defenders were magnificent.

Even though Crouch stands at 6′ 7″,  Kos was making life hard for him.

The first booking came on three minutes after Whitehead followed through on Alex Song, the referee hesitated and I don’t think he was going to give the foul but Van Persie with his captain’s hat on, gave the ref a piece of his mind, much to the annoyance of the Stoke players but the referee had no choice but to show the yellow card.

Having had two early chances ourselves, it was Stoke who broke the deadlock. On nine , a cross  was fired in by Etherington and Crouch headed home after out-jumping our defence and leaving Ches with no chance. A good goal but a slap in the face for our players .

Instead of our players dropping their heads they increased the pressure on home side, we had a couple of chances but nothing to speak of until a one two between Yossi and Rosicky which resulted in an exquisite reverse cross from Tomas which found Robin at the far post, he didn’t miss this one.

The rest of the first half consisted of a Ramsey special which ended up well wide, Gervinho got himself into great position and onto the end of a great Sagna cross, but he totally misjudged it and didn’t connect with his head. Gervinho followed that with another golden opportunity but his lack of composure got the better of him and he fired into the stand like an earlier effort that went sky-high, the half ended 1.1.

The second half started much like the first with Arsenal dominating most of the play, Stoke were still continuing to punt the long ball forward, we would gain possession and get back to the edge of their box but from there, we found it hard to penetrate.

Rosicky chipped in a peach of a cross which found Robin but his header was saved well by Begovic.

The next good move was between Yossi and Robin, a swift one two back to Yossi, who was making a run into the penalty area but a shove in the back sent our winger over. No whistle, no foul and certainly no penalty given by the ref!

Arsene Wenger went berserk on the touch-line,  both linesman and referee were in perfect position to see this incident, but were unmoved!

The Stoke fans thought it funny, especially Arsene Wengers protests and though it would brighten their afternoon by trying to impersonate him. Good time to mention the quality of the homes fans, they were shocking! How any of them could sit and boo Aaron Ramsey each time he touched the ball just showed what nasty scumbags they are!

The scoreline stayed the same until the end and we travelled home with just a point.

At the end, I felt that this game had been managed like many games of ours this season.

I have watched other teams get 3 points  but we only came away with one thanks to Chris Foy. He could see imaginary tackles on Stoke players but he couldn’t see a blatant penalty, but we Gooners are used to that aren’t we?

Although the commentator said he felt it was a clear-cut call,  pundits after the game were quick to say it would have been harsh and he understood why he didn’t give it,  well I only wish I did.

Two games to go and we need to win them both if we are going to take our place with Europe’s elite.

Can we do it? Of course we can were the Arsenal but please, no more referee Chris Foy…..

Wengers interview after the game.

I believe that it was a game where we have shown great character, great battling qualities. It was a game of two different approaches – one very direct in the air and one who tries to play on the ground.

Both teams are good at what they do and that’s why I think it was still an interesting game. We had good chances, especially in the first half. In the second half I felt our fluency dropped a bit in midfield – we still had chances though, especially a penalty that was not given.

Overall we deserved at least a point and I can only give credit to my players for their battling qualities and the way they responded to what Stoke offered us – full commitment, well-organised, direct.

We did not always cope with it but today I felt we did.

On jeers for Aaron Ramsey….

I don’t think you can be especially proud to boo Aaron Ramsey because I don’t see what he has done wrong in his behaviour. That’s an old story where the fans of Stoke stand behind their player. But it shouldn’t go as far as booing Aaron Ramsey.

On the penalty claim…

It will go on the tape of all the penalties we have not got this season.

On Stoke spending time on set-pieces…

You are used to it I was frustrated at times but that happens in every game because I am completely in the game. I was sometimes frustrated but not surprised.

And neither are we Arsene……

Written by Steve Palmer

Rivals in for M’Vila & Martinez, Lehmann wants return & it’s squeaky bum time today…..

April 28, 2012


The Yann M’Vila saga goes on, now Manchester United are reported to be in the running for him, as they are for another Wenger target, Athletic Bilbao’s Javi Martinez. Both are defensive midfielders so maybe we will get one and the Mancs the other. ;)

Just get in there Gazidis and get the one that Wenger REALLY wants, not the cheapest!

Steve Bould, Jens Lehmann and Tony Adams are all in contention to take over from Pat Rice in the summer if he retires, reports are that Wenger is keen to appoint someone who ‘knows and has worked inside the club’.

Enough of that!

Stoke City are todays test in just a few hours from now, the first of our remaining three fixtures!

Will we make that elusive 3rd place or will we be pipped at the post, I personally have my doubts of 3rd but I want to be proved very wrong!

We have had chances to have cemented 3rd place by now but we have let those chances slip through our fingers and with it, given a ray of hope to those closely following behind.

Tottenham, Newcastle and Chelsea all now have belief that if we stumble, they have a chance to nip in and take advantage and no doubt each of those clubs will be sat watching and waiting for us to fail today.

If we don’t get that 3rd place, we only have ourselves to blame!

This season has been has been a season full of ups and downs, not only for us but for the others as well.

When you look at the league positions at the moment we see both Manchester clubs miles in front of us but that is down to us, both of those teams have gone through tough times this season and had our own form been better, we would be sitting ahead of them, not behind.

Our last few results have been pitiful, a loss to QPR and  Wigan, then a no score draw with the Chelsea at home are all fixtures that we should have won.

As you know I, have always been a Wenger admirer but he sure does test my patience at times, and this is one of those times!

He  needs to now give his all, tell our players in no uncertain terms what is needed over the next three weeks, demand the performances and results that we clearly need!

Tell the players who stroll around like their only worried about what colour their latest motor car should be, that this is Arsenal, forget everything else, just get on and do what you get paid to do, show a bit of guts and pride!

Wenger should be instilling in these players that if we don’t get the results that we need to secure our place in the Champions League, otherwise they might just be buying their motor car at another club!!

We know that our footballers are paid substantial wages, we know that these young men are set up for life and we know that they can buy almost anything that they want,  except a good performance when we really need it.

Our players know that after the next 3 games they can go on holiday and get away from it all, grab themselves a nice tan, a trip on a lovely yacht maybe, lucky them eh! ..

Well I have just one thing to say about that!

If we don’t get the results that we need to secure our position in the Champions League, they can stay on their yacht and don’t bother coming back!

They will have let the club down, the manager down and most of all the supporters down, the ones who turn out week in week out and in all weather just to support them.

Today is a huge test, we haven’t won at Stoke for many years, today we need to put that record right. Stoke are a big strong side but if our players hearts and desire is bigger, we really can get the three points.

The pressure is on and it’s squeaky bum time….

Do it today Arsenal, do it for all of us!


Written by Steve Palmer

Diaby sick, Moscow want Arshavin & Arsene, it’s time for a clear out……

April 27, 2012

The team news was updated yesterday and whilst Tomas Rosicky should be fit and healthy after a bout of sickness. Diaby is the only other concern, mind you, when isn’t he? ;)

He will not start, he was sick until yesterday and had a light session. He could be short again but he could be in the squad.

Well, I can’t work out from that if he’s fit enough to travel or not! Let’s hope he is and he starts, we actually need him!

Yossi returns which is good news.

Wenger has also been talking about our players who have been out on loan all season. Of course we know already that Denilson will not be staying with his current and we also know that a few clubs are showing an interest in Carlos Vela.

Wenger believes that Premier League squad restrictions will be the key when deciding what happens to them.

I have not decided anything yet, It will depend a bit on the structure of the whole team. I will sit down with him at the end of the season. You know we have some restrictions because you are only allowed 25 players. Therefore you have to make decisions and choices that are of course linked with that.

At the moment we have 34 players. I believe that many clubs are in this situation. The Premier League have put themselves into this situation where they completely lock the transfer market.

When the players come back from their loans, many clubs will be in the same situation where they cannot buy because they have too many players.

Surely by now, our manager knows what the future holds for these players, he didn’t deem them good enough to be for this current season and just because Bendtner and Vela have scored a few goals each, it won’t be enough to convince anyone that they could yet have a future with us?

Bendtner has also had a few off-field issues which have seen him brush with the wrong side of the law and we know Wenger won’t have liked that and both Denilson and Vela have made it clear that they don’t return.

Wenger is right, we do have too many players and surely this summer the club will finally have a good clear out and not just of those on loan, they are just the tip of the iceberg.

One player who is attracting interest is Andrey Arshavin, Dynamo Moscow are reported to be set to make an offer of £5million for him this summer, but Zenit St Petersburg could also try and attempt the Russian to stay.

Either way, it looks like he could be the first of hopefully many who will depart and finally Wenger will make the changes that we so desperately need to get us back up with the best, after all, we are not that far off are we?

After the antics yesterday, a sin-bin will take effect from today!

You all know the rules, no slating fellow bloggers and no use of the ‘c’ word – please adhere to those two simple rules. If you don’t, and I don’t care if you have been here 5 minutes or the 19 months Highbury House has been running, you will go in the sin-bin for an hour.


Have a good day all…..

Do we really need Yann M’Vila? Hazard on his way to the Premier League….

April 26, 2012

Yesterday Lille confirmed that Eden Hazard will be leaving them in the summer, it’s believed his likely destination is England.

Many Arsenal fans are calling for his signing but it seems it’s straight forward battle between the two Manchester sides as £30 Million is his reported value!

Onto another player that many Gooners want us to sign…

Over the last few days, several ‘stories’ have been written about Yann M’Vila and how officials from Arsenal are currently in talks over a summer move to us.

This young French player certainly seems to be flavour of the month with many clubs and certainly many Gooners. There is no doubting he is a player with a lot of potential, but do we really need him???

To a certain degree, injuries to both Emmanuel Frimpong and Francis Coquelin had fed the clamour from supporters, for the signing of the Rennes midfielder.

M’Vila himself is only 21 years old, marginally older than both Frimpong and Coquelin.

Last January Emmanuel Frimpong left on loan to join Wolves, Wenger knew that young Manu would gain experience in the high pressure environment of a relegation battle and PL games.

After a slow start Frimpong began to grow into his role and was fast developing into an important player for Mick McCarthy’s team.

You could see the benefit of the superior technical coaching he enjoyed at Arsenal as he became an important cog in the Wanderers midfield.

Of course, we all know that he suffered the misfortune of another terrible injury, but imagine if he could have stayed fit?

What kind of player would we be looking at now??

He may have been instrumental in saving Wolves from relegation, he might even have saved McCarthy his job?

Of course we’ll never know for sure, but during his sojourn in the Black Country, the Wanderers had shown real signs of a revival but all that came to a shuddering halt with his injury…


Only McCarthy could give an answer to that question.

Had he stayed fit, wouldn’t we Arsenal fans be rubbing our hands in anticipation at his addition to our squad for next season???

Also, back in January, a succession of injuries to our full-backs meant that Vermaelen and Djourou had to fill in. This brought mixed results but the injuries opened up a great opportunity for Francis Coquelin to gain some valuable 1st team experience.

Into the emergency full-back role came Francis and he immediately looked the part, whether at left or right full-back.

Then just as he was establishing himself, Madam Injury decided to pay him a visit and ruined his chances of development.

He is now fit again and ready to come back…

Again though, imagine if he had remained fit, how would he have developed and what kind of player would we be looking at now?

Three months of regular 1st team football, some of which no doubt would have be played in his natural position in midfield, would he too not be close to being considered a regular in the squad for next season???

Had both Frimpong and Le Coq gained that experience, would we now be clamouring for M’Vila’s signing?

Or would we be looking forward to Coquelin and Frimpong driving Arsenal forward instead?

Written by Allezkev

Denilson return to dash M’Vila hopes? Arrogant Pearce & RvP Scoops another award…

April 25, 2012

Robin van Persie has completed a double success after being named Football Writers’ Association Player of the Year. Our captain was named PFA Footballer of the Year on Sunday and he has now followed that up with another award.

Wayne Rooney was in second place, Paul Scholes third and Clint Dempsey fourth.

Denilson’s lawyer has apparently been in London this week, trying to secure and extension to our midfielders loan deal with Sao Paulo but the club have denied him permission.

Reports suggest that Wenger wants the 24 year old back in time to start pre-season training in July.


Yes, however, maybe the bigger picture is that Wenger doesn’t want to scupper any chance of finally getting Denilson off of our books and to make sure we don’t lose him for free at any stage.A disappointed Denilson said:

I would stay another six months, but the decision was not mine, I have a contract with Arsenal and I have to stick to it.

We all know Wenger tried to turn Denilson into a defensive playing midfielder but it didn’t work back then and it’s unlikely it will work again with us, he clearly doesn’t want to be an Arsenal player so why keep him?

If Wenger wants an out an out defensive midfielder, we all know there is one in France who would jump at the chance of joining our club. Go get him Arsene!

Talking of midfielders, that arrogant buffoon Stuart Pearce reckons Jack Wilshere will take part in the Olympics, if he says so!

Will managers have a veto on their players ­going? Of course not, no. We are talking about Great Britain here, the ­Olympic Games. This is an opportunity of a lifetime.

Wenger has said the ­Olympics would be “the worst idea” for Wilshere, 20, who has not played this season.Pearce responded:

I can’t change that opinion. But it’s not of great concern to me. If I make one selection proviso for one manager, I’ll have to do it for everybody.

 The most important thing for me is for Great Britain to win a gold medal. I don’t want to get into a tit-for-tat with Arsene. It seems every two years with the Under-21s we go through this same charade, so I’m not prepared to do that.

Jack is on the shortlist at this moment in time.  He’s been out a hell of a long time and Jack as a player is paramount in my mind.

What an arrogant man, Wilshere hasn’t kicked a ball all season and there is no way he should even be on any shortlist. The only thing Jack should be doing this summer is resting and Arsene Wenger and Arsenal football club need to stand firm.

That’s about it for today, other than Chelsea winning last night means we really need to pull our socks up and get three wins from our remaining three fixtures. Fourth spot may no longer guarantee Champions League football.

Have a good day all…..

Shock summer exit on the cards & no place in football for the cheats…..

April 24, 2012

Almunia is off in the summer, wow, that’s a shocker isn’t it!!

He has no choice, his contract is up and we don’t want or need him and when asked if he will remain in England or move back to Spain, Almunia said:

I have got lazy to move too far, because life here in London is fantastic and I hope I can have a club to go to next season so I can stay.

Lazy, not so lazy to pick up his £50K a week for doing naff all eh!!

The sports news is full of Dwain Chambers, should he or should he not be allowed back to compete in the Olympic Games this summer?

He has served his ban so should he be allowed a way back?

Well, like a person that has committed a crime against the public or the Crown, he or she has been convicted, served their time at the pleasure of Her Majesty and once their sentence is spent, they are free!

This country has a habit of distinguishing between crimes, a murderer may be handed a twenty year sentence but with good behavior may just serve only half of the original time.

A train robber however, may receive a thirty year sentence yet he/she maybe forced to spend that whole time behind bars which makes me think that money is more important than life itself.

It’s outrageous when you think of it like that but this is a football blog so I’ll get back to football.

Dwain Chambers was convicted of using performance enhancing drugs to cheat his fellow athletes, he knew what he was doing but still took the drugs to ensure he gained personal success.

Whatever way you dress that up it doesn’t change the facts that Chambers was a cheat!

Should he get another chance? You can answer that in the comments section….

Football has come under the microscope for cheating lately, diving is now wide-spread in the English game, the FA are aware of this yet seem to be unwilling to do anything about it.

Managers are hardly trying to discourage their players from taking a dive either, as if they get awarded a penalty, all the better as far as they are concerned and should a fellow player get their marching orders as a result of their dive, then even better.

Is there a difference between what Chambers did to what, let’s say Ashley Young does so often, or Gareth Bale?

Surely the answer to that has to be no?

They are all cheats and they are doing it for gain and some would suggest that is Manchester United win the Premier League, they would have achieved it by cheating.

Football supporters are being cheated, they pay to watch their team week in and week out,  but are they the only ones who see that these kind of tactics as being wrong?

Video evidence is available and  at every televised match and most games are recorded these days, it’s not rocket science to pick out the cheats in the game but still the FA appear to prefer to turn a blind eye.

Football clubs are relegated every season because they did not earn enough points, they lose massive amounts of revenue for going down a division but do the cheats care?

It would appear not as the perpetrators carry on in the same way week in week out and when their side is winning they get a pat on the back from their very grateful manager and high praise by the media who write/talk about how wonderful and consistent these sides are and how ‘pleasing on the eye’ they are to watch.

However, the teams that have been cheated out of a victory must feel just like the athletes that lined up against Dwain Chambers, they know they were robbed and the football clubs who fall victim of the cheats surely feel the same.

After the event referee’s are often incredibly naive when they suggest they never saw the incident properly!

They either saw it or they didn’t,  they either thought it was a foul or they didn’t  and later, when it’s proved that they were wrong, using such a lame excuse suggests they were not confident. If in any doubt, don’t give any decision, isn’t that a better way to go?

Arsenal supporters will be quick to point out that we have been caught up in diving allegations, Theo Walcott admitted diving in one game but was equally as quick to apologise after the game and to me that shows he has a conscience. In fact these days, he’s stays on his feet a bit too often. ;)

Diving/cheating in football is not acceptable, and that applies to each and every team in the league – don’t care who they are or which country they play in, there is no place for it.

The Authorities should come down swift and hard on offenders, before it’s too late…..

Chelsea face Barcelona tonight with a place in the Champions League Final at stake, just thought I’d mention that whilst on the topic of diving, tonight we should see some of the worlds best!


Written by Steve Palmer

Trophies no longer an issue & Arsenal lack what Everton have…..

April 23, 2012

Our captain finally got his hands on a trophy last night when he was awarded the PFA Player of the Year.

See Robin, you don't need to leave Arsenal to win a trophy!

Well done to Robin, I’m sure he’ll pick up another one or two before the season is over and that should now prevent any ‘I want to leave to win trophies’ comments from him!! ;)

I jest of course!

From one leader to another, Phil Neville.

I don’t know how many Gooners bothered to watch Manchester United against Everton yesterday but for once the weather dictated my day and I watched it whilst pottering around….

Everton by surprise, took the lead but it wasn’t long before the scores were level and from there, the Mancs raced into what appeared a 3-1 winning scoreline.

One picture caught my eye, and that was Phil Neville.

Despite the scorline, he wasn’t fazed – he trudged back up the pitch to the centre circle ready for the re-start but with each step came a roaring cry, a pumping of his arms, a rallying raise of his arms and a loud shout at his team-mates ‘come-on’.

He wasn’t ready to roll over and surrender to the current Premier League Champions and he wasn’t about to let his team-mates do that either.

Moments later, it was 3-2!

The Mancs, not wanting to give up their hope of another league title soon installed their two goal lead but then Everton dug in deep, deeper than anyone would have thought they could at Old Trafford and got it back to 4-4.

Yesterday, not even Fergie-Time could help the team in red and David Moyes side worked their nuts off  earned a very deserved point.

Before you all think I want us to sign Phil Neville, I don’t but I wouldn’t mind us signing someone like him, someone who has it in them to motivate those around them and get a response by rallying his team mates that then turn performances and scorelines around as Everton did yesterday.

Vermaelen sometimes does, Robin seldom does, in fact the only time I have seen him roaring at full voice, is when we score.

That’s easy though isn’t it, what we need is that kind of vocal stuff when the chips are down, the rallying, heart-felt calls that Neville showed yesterday.

We’ve not really had that since Tony Adams and to an extent Martin Keown and Patrick Vieira! Natural leaders and motivators who won’t settle for teammates going through the motions or slacking off, leaders who demand 100% effort and commitment at all times.

That is still for me what this Arsenal side lacks, the steel and the will to win, we’ve seen it a few times this season but not anywhere near enough and for some reason we are found wanting against lesser sides.

We need to make sure we don’t make that mistake in the last three games!

Good news on Theo? Robin shows selfish side as we drop more points…….

April 22, 2012

Go on, admit it, when Theo Walcott hobbled off with what looked like a hamstring injury, you were smiling and thinking thank goodness.

Well I wasn’t, and watching Gervinho play in his position for the rest of the game, wasn’t enough to convince me otherwise.

I seriously worry about out next three fixtures and our chances of securing Champions League football for next season.

Wenger said after the game that Theo will probably not feature again this season, however, he should be fit for the Euros!

He wanted to stay on the pitch and carry on but I felt he should have moved off straight away

You are the manager Arsene, you should have told him to get off!

He also said that the game was a strange one, I thought it was a boring one, we looked like the team who had played midweek, not Chelsea. Ok, they weren’t exactly dynamic either but we were at home and we looked all out of ideas.

The game kicked off and we held onto the ball with ease, back, sideways, front, back, sideways and then back again.

Rosicky had our first shot on goal, but it was from a distance and Cech saved easily down to his right. Kalou tried to earn his side a penalty soon after but he needs to realise that the time to go over is when you are pushed, not half an hour later!! He was wise not to appeal for that one, Mr Dean loves dishing out cards!

Essien decided to hack down Chamberlain and Dean rightfully awarded us a free-kick, and what a cracking delivery it was too. Theo whipped the ball in towards the far post but Robin tried a fancy flick with his not so reliable left foot (these days) and his effort brushed the post. Shame he didn’t blast it with his right!

Chelsea had a shot through Boswingwa, but Szczesny saved comfortably and then Vermaelen tried to get his head on of a cross but missed it, he didn’t miss Terry though, no doubt he was aiming for his already cracked ribs…

We were on the back foot again, Kalou was given time to get his cross in from the left, one which was heading for Torres who was lurking at the first post but Koscienly showed his class…

Ramsey again got caught in possession, this third time though nearly cost us dear but Kalou’s shot deflected over the bar.

Chelsea saw another penalty chance waved away after Sagna made a clumsy challenge Bertrand….

Just before the break, Robin delivered the perfect free kick, Kosceinly lost his markers and was in acres of space to head past Cech, but the bloody bar stopped the deadlock being broken. Great set-peice! (Don’t very often say that do we?)

Chelsea then nearly made us pay for that miss, shagger was allowed to get his header in, but his wasn’t even close, it flew inches over the bar!

Robin had one more chance before the half ended, Song picked him out on the left with a super pass, Robin controlled the ball well but blasted his shot straight at Cech.

Second half…

Soon in an Malouda found himself in the book for a foul on Robin, then the latter followed after a silly tackle on Essien…

Koscienly showed just how good he has become soon after with a good tackle to stop Torres. Sturridge was the next Chav to get clean through but Vermaelen had other ideas and made the perfect sliding tackle to stop him on his way. Cahill then found himself in Deans book after a high challenge on Chamberlain.

Just before the hour mark, many Gooners had their moment to smile when Theo appeared to tweak his hamstring, despite trying to run it off, he left the pitch soon after and on came Gervinho..

Robin blasted a free kick high from twenty-five yards and soon after, Wenger replaced Rosicky with Diaby.

The game started to open up a bit, clearly both sides wanted that one goal to snatch all three points as Sturridge had a chance saved by Szczesny.

Santos then replaced Chamberlain, Diaby went into to Dean’s book for a challenge on Essien and Cashley came on for Kalou!

Robin then got bundled over in the penalty area, had that have been Rooney, I’m certain that would have been given! Soon after, the same player really made a mess of another shooting chance, this one was on Robin’s right foot!

We had another good chance before the end, Santos, who I thought was lively and more direct than others, manged to break up play and sent Gervinho on his way, he passed to Robin but our captain was unable to get his shot away. Maybe this was the time that one more pass would have been a much better option as both Gervinho and Diaby were free in the box.

We all know he can often do what others aren’t even thinking about but yesterday wasn’t his day and a simple ball to Gervinho, who had continued his run into the box, may just have nicked us the three points.

Chelsea had possession of the ball and were going forward, we managed to break the attack dow but then a sloppy pass from Song gifted the ball back and Kos had to make a great tackle to stop Sturridge from shooting, perfect timing, perfect tackle!

In the remaining four mins of added time, neither side could break the deadlock and as the whistle blew, we had dropped another two points.

Sloppy slow passing costs us those points yesterday, we look done in and Robin is playing on empty.

Next Saturday afternoon we face Stoke City away, a side that Newcastle battered 3-0 yesterday to go just three points behind us, and they have a game in hand.

It really is a case of needing to win our remaining fixtures now but will we have enough in the squad to see us secure third place?

That’s something I’m now starting to doubt…..


Four days for RvP, Squillaci to Leeds, Mannone to Hull & will the real Arsenal turn up…..

April 21, 2012

Yep, I read that yesterday, Squillaci is in talks about a one year loan at Leeds – shame it’s not permanent but at least Leeds will pay most of his wages!Plenty of time though for other clubs to come in, i’m sure there are many keeping tabs on his situation. ;)

Also, we have slapped a £1 Million price tag on goal-keeper Mannone, Hull want him, they can have him.

Robin has been talking about Mikel and he’s disappointed that he misses the last few games and after hearing that Jack is also out for the remainder of our fixtures as well as both summer tournaments, he said it was ‘a sad end to a miserable season’ for him.

Whilst on the subject of our captain, Arsene Wenger has given himself little time to tie Robin down to a new contract.

Wenger wants the situation resolved before Robin heads off to Dutch camp which is May 17th, that’s just four days after the season ends. To commit himself in such a way makes me believe that there is not too much to sort out.

Onto today:

Drogba, Luiz and Ivanovic are all out for Chelsea – but that means little!

Chelsea may rotate further knowing that they are a draw away from a Champions League Final.

That means little either!


Because they have a deep squad, one which is much stronger than ours and for each player they rotate or lose through injury, in comes another who is pretty much as good.

Todays opposition are full of confidence, they have just beaten that Catalan club, secured a place in the FA Cup Final and Di Matteo has got them back on track after the dark days of AVB.

Bearing all that in mind, the odds will be firmly against us getting three points today and they won’t fear The Emirates any more or less than Wigan did.

Odds are stacked against us and there is no way we can win is there……

Well well, what garbage!!

Two weeks ago we faced the richest club in the Premier League, the one which money truly seems to be no object, they have big named players in every position and beyond!

What happened that day though was every single Arsenal player turned up for the match, the match that most expected us to lose!

We totally outplayed Manchester City, we could and should have battered them, not just scrape through with a 1-0 victory but at the end it didn’t matter, we were the ones who chalked up three points against our name!

Today we face the second richest club in the Premier League but the reality is they can only play with eleven players, just as we can and on our day, as proved against Manchester city, we can beat the richest best!

Arsenal players have one of two choices today:

1) Approach the game as we did against Wigan – we lose…

2) Approach the game as we did against Man City – we win…

There is nothing we fans can do, that is now all down to the manager and his squad…

Win today though and our clubs little toe will be in the Champions League next season..

Isn’t that enough to make our boys turn up and want to win?

Well it bloomin well should be……

Have a good day all…..



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