Carlos Tevez could be the Next Maradona! Song is Happy for Buddy Ade!!

Fun Day Friday….. Aren’t you just glad we don’t have players who refuse to play when asked? Ok, we had a sulky Anelka years back, an Adebayor who made it clear he wanted out to earn a better wage and Nasri for the same reason but I don’t think any of them actually refused to […]

Oxlade-Chamberlain into the History Books as Arsenal Cling On…..……

What a night for our young Englishman, at just 18 years old he scored his first ever Champions League goal and became the youngest player ever to do so! That was possibly the brightest part of this game, other than Santos securing our victory with a second….. None of us really wanted to Alex Song […]

Sir Alex Speaks, Bring Back 3pm on a Saturday….

Fergie has been talking about the fixture’s and how the so-called ‘top sides’ have theirs moved around just to suit television showing. It shows itself quite clearly because when you see the fixture lists come out now, they can pick and choose whenever they want the top teams on television. You get some ridiculous situations […]

A Win, A Milestone, Another Injury……

After failing last week to string consecutive league wins together for the first since the beginning of this calendar year, we will try to make it back to back in any competition, and follow our 3-1 Carling Cup third round win over Shrewsbury Town with a similar result against second-from-bottom Bolton Wanderers FC. Last weekend […]