We need the 'Special One' at Arsenal……

Arsenal FC could possibly end up winning nothing again this year and unless Wenger changes his transfer policy, they probably won’t win anything next season either. I have determined that because they lack one key element. Arrogance. Arrogance is the difference between winning and losing and winning teams have it in abundance. Manchester United have […]

Cesc Fabregas isn't worth much! Two new signings to play for reserves today…

Here we go again then and it’s not even the 1st July.. Reports coming out of Spain suggest that Barcelona president Sandro Rossell has said they will be able to afford to offer us £45Million for Cesc Fabregas in the summer. That’s the total of their transfer budget but that could be more if they […]

Naughty Jack Wilshere should be released and playing Lehmann would be all wrong…..

Naughty Jack, who has been given a telling off by his boss for partying and drinking too much is to stay with the England squad for the mid-week fixture against Ghana! Double standards I say and it pees me off big time, why is it that the likes of Rooney, Terry, Dawson, Cole and Lampard […]

Why can't we score? – Are we wasting Theo's talent?

I have been looking through recordings of some of our games this season, hoping to find reasons why were not scoring more goals than we are. We create plenty of chances but when it comes to actual scored goals, we don’t score half as many as we should. I know that the statisticians’ out there, […]

The good thing about Abou Diaby and Swiss defender signs on……

Some of you may think this in bad taste but hey ho – on a day when England play Wales, Jack Wilshere lines up against his team-mate Aaron Ramsey, the farce of football and the FA is again clear. John Terry has been reinstalled as England captain, yes, a man who Fabio Capello said would […]