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Portuguese Ace to be signing number Five? Four places up for grabs…..

July 28, 2014

Morning all.

Remember Ray Kennedy?

Of course you do, just like you all remember the goal he scored at WHL which won us the league back in 1971…



Happy 63rd birthday Ray, we’ll always love you for that moment alone.

Arsene Wenger has been talking about our 4th new signing Calum Chambers:

Chambers is only 19 & can play at CB, RB & CM. I hope he will give us competition for the players in those 3 positions.

He’s forgetting Chambers has played right wing, so as said before, this boy is a very versatile player but let’s not forget he’s still young.

Portuguese newspaper A Bola suggest that Arsene Wenger will approach United with an €11million bid (£8.7m) for the 27-year-old winger. Somehow I doubt it…

Alexis Sanchez won’t be joining the squad for the trip to Austria as he’s yet to get his visa. No problems are anticipated in getting it, but it means he’ll be in London training on his own. Not the best situation for our new man.

From bad to good, Kieran Gibbs believes his injury problems are finally over:

I feel like I’m over the injuries now, last season was definitely my best and I played the most amount of games I have in a season.

So to finally show I can play regularly, I just want to build on that. And I want to play for England again, obviously.

So, all positive stuff again this morning…

Talking of positive, here is Kev’s post:

The signing of Alexis Sanchez, Mathieu Debuchy, David Ospina and Calum Chambers, is a very welcome change the the usual and recent Arsenal transfer policy of Last Minute.Com which has been the norm since the move to Ashburton Grove. More so, since the demise and departure of David Dein.

Wenger has replaced the excellent Bacary Sagna & Lukasz Fabianski, whilst improving the squad in general.

As August dawns on us and the World Cup far behind us, we have a lot to look forward to with the way the squad is evolving.

Debuchy and Ospina, arrived under the radar, whilst those idiots in the Press ranted on about higher-profile targets that ‘Arsenal’ were interested in, according to their sources. Some of those ‘targets’ are still available, mainly because the rules of the 25 man squad is having the desired effect on the ersatz clubs…

21 of Arsenal’s 25 places, are filled. That leaves Wenger with plenty of elbow room to be able to bring in 4 more players. Miquel, Miyaichi, Martinez and Coquelin could fill those places, but I suspect that Martinez is the only one of that four, who can be confident of doing so.

Vermaelen, if he stays, would take one of the four spots. Or maybe Arsene has his replacement earmarked for a place…

Sanogo, Afobe, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Ajayi are still a year away from having to be named in the 25 and I’m not sure about Matt Macey.

All the others promising youngsters like Bellerin, Akpom and Calum Chambers are still two years away, although Wenger has hinted he’s ready to challenge in three positions as mentioned above.

That gives Wenger so much scope to give our squad the strongest look it’s had in the Emirates era.

On the surface, it’s looking as if Joel Campbell is going to be part of the Arsenal 25, at least up till January.

There are still a couple more areas where Arsene could strengthen (isn’t there always), but there is also the possibility that he may go with what he has, using a few of the youngsters like Hayden, Olsson or even Zelalem, to fill-out the squad.

I personally think that it would be a risky course for Arsene to take as recent experience has left us gnashing our teeth as a few injuries to vital players has left the cupboard more bare than Old Mother Hubbard’s…

I still harbour hopes that crafty old Arsene has one or two more really decent players, up his sleeve to bring in, a centre-half being one of them if TV leaves and of course a DM. Relying on Abou Diaby is not a sensible option. His role, should he retain his fitness, should be as an occasional starter but more realistically as a regular off of the bench. Sadly, past experience has taught us that Diaby’s inclusion in the 25, does in fact mean that we are going into the season with a squad of 24..,

Campbell, if he remains, and Sanchez, will give the Arsenal attack more variety and much more speed and mobility. They will present our opponents with a whole raft of new and interesting problems.

A fit AOC could be set for an impressive campaign if those pre-World Cup glimpses were anything to go on.

A fit and rested Theo Walcott will give us even more options and pace up front for Mesut Ozil to feed. Ozil must be licking his lips at all the new opportunities that are suddenly going to be in front of him, where he can slide through all those lazer guided passes.
I predict that all those lazy pillocks in the Press, who have been rubbishing him for the last seven months, will soon be made to look the cretinous fools that we know then to be.

So another centre-back and maybe a defensive-minded midfielder are all that is needed and this squad will begin to look really tasty.
Maybe an experienced striker on deadline day as the cherry on the cake, and Arsenal will be ready to rumble.

The transfer window closes at 11pm UK time on September 1st, that’s plenty of time for Arsene to do some more business.

Thanks to Rick, for some help in this post….

Written by Allezkev.

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Costa bid made. Do Cazorla’s comments suggest he’s leaving?

July 27, 2014

Morning all.

Sure as heck they do not but there’s a few people who are trying to make out he is….

This is what our Spanish midfield maestro has had to say:

Last year maybe we didn’t quite have enough strength in depth to win the league.

We had to deal with injuries to important players, including Theo Walcott, Aaron Ramsey, Jack Wilshere, Mikel Arteta and Lukas Podolski, and I had niggling ankle problems.

That meant that when push came to shove, we were unable to keep pace with Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool.

I have high hopes [for the forthcoming season]. The signing of Alexis Sanchez and Mathieu Debuchy shows that the club is building a team to challenge. Hopefully we can lift at least another trophy this campaign.

Winning the FA Cup altered the type of pressure we’ll be under this season. It unshackled us in a manner of speaking. After so many trophyless years, the tension was getting to the team.

If Santi really wanted to leave, would he be talking about the coming season and what he expects of it? Would he be quite so positive about the new signings?

I don’t think so, in fact I think he’d have little to say, keep his head down and hope his agent can force a move away.

Let’s not let the media idiots lead us to believe anything other than he’s staying put!

Talking of new signings, for a moment yesterday, doubt was cast over the much expected arrival of new goalkeeper David Ospina when news broke that another keeper at Nice had suffered an injury and will miss many months of this coming season but those doubts were removed when the head coach of Nice, Claude Puel spoke about the deal:

It’s confirmed, yes. It’s a good affair for Arsenal because he’s a very good player.

There is no denying Ospina had a pretty good World Cup and we aren’t getting a guy who is about to settle for a place on the bench which is great for Arsenal. Not quite so good for Szczesny though and I’m pleased, he seems to be the kind of player who needs another keeper breathing down his neck, one who will really push him for the number one spot. Fabianski didn’t really do that and not even his heroic displays during our run to the FA Cup final were deemed good enough by Arsene Wenger, well not good enough to displace Szczesny.

Arsene Wenger has said that Szczesny will start the season in goal but he’ll need to be at the top of his game, otherwise the new man will soon be taking his place.

My bet is it won’t be too long before Ospina gets his chance….

Then it’ll be down to him to take it….


The Metro are running a story suggesting we have made a £15.8 million offer for Douglas Costa. Well I doubt there’s much truth in that one and it’s all come about because of the problems in Ukraine and certain players not wanting to stay in the country.

Apparently, we tried to sign him in 2011……

Finally, Jack Wilshere has promised not to smoke ever again because he doesn’t want his children to grow up thinking he’s a smoker..

Good boy!

New York, well I didn’t watch it so no comments from me on our 1-0 defeat….

That’s it for another day, have a good one….

Ospina confirmed. Right Back, Centre Back or Winger signed? Midfielder next……

July 26, 2014

Morning all.

Many stories today suggest we have agreed a deal with Southampton for Calum Chambers. The fee agreed varies from £7 million to £16 million, depending on which newspaper you read. Apparently, the player heard that we were interested and then made it clear to Southampton that he wanted to move.

This means we’ll have three players in the squad who will be fighting for the right back position, four if you count Hector Bellerin.

However, Calum Chambers started his Southampton career as a winger so could he be about to revert back to that position if he signs? Added to that, he can play centre back too apparently so, all in all, he’s a versatile player and Arsene Wenger likes those doesn’t he?

If this story is true, just where he’ll play remains to be seen, he could be our new winger, he could even be our replacement for Vermaelen should he depart.

However, if is to being signed to purely challenge Mathieu Debuchy for the right back slot, what happens to Carl Jenkinson? Perhaps he’s deemed ready to take a side step and play in central defence when needed?

Maybe tonight’s match will give us a clue, especially as not one single first team central defenders will be on show.

Arsene Wenger loves to shift players around to make them fit in somewhere, he’s done that many times in the past and it’s for that reason alone that I think we could see a few changes.

Of course, I could be totally wrong and Carl Jenkinson’s days at Arsenal are numbered. West Ham want him as do Newcastle but I truly hope he stays long term and any exit this summer is purely on a loan deal.

Anyway, Chambers has already had his medical apparently and will join up with the squad when they return from America.

The Morgan Schneiderlin stories won’t go away either and there’s suggestion that once Chambers is in the door, Ivan Gazidis will try to get a deal for him done.

You have to feel sorry for Southampton don’t you. They really are a selling club and how they have survived as well as they have is incredible. Bale, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain previously have left for clubs further up the table, well, I’m not sure the Totts were when Bale signed and then this summer has been simply awful for them having sold Lambert and Lallana to Liverpool and it appears that Lovren looks like he’s about to follow them. If we sign Chambers and Schneiderlin, that’ll be five key players gone.

Like I said, just how they cope I don’t know…..

Arsene Wenger let slip the goal keeper signing yesterday whilst in the Big Apple:

At the start Szczensy will be the No.1, then we’ll be down to performances and, if Ospina shows that he is better, he will play.

Just why Arsenal.com have not confirmed this deal yet seems odd, perhaps they want to announce a few together to cheer us all up…

A DM Arsene, get us that DM, time is ticking by and the new season starts real soon…..

That’s it for today, have a good one all….


Good news on Vermaelen. We don’t need a striker, do we??

July 25, 2014

Morning all.

First up a bit of gossip from the newspapers surrounding our captain. Barcelona apparently are now interested in him and are ready to offer £16 million. If and it’s a big if it’s true then I’d snap their hands off and then go big and bold and sign a central defender who’s ready to push both Kos and Merts all the way for a place in the starting eleven because for a while now, Thomas hasn’t truly done that. Also, that stops any idea of him going to Man Utd, surely the player would prefer Spain?

Onto today’s post – the first of many I hope from Tai Emeka Obasi. I don’t agree with us not needing further signings, but Highbury House is a place where everyone has a right for their view to be expressed.

Arsenal  – The Oliver Twist In All Of Us

For every three Chelsea fans you see in Nigeria, two were Arsenal fans as after years of suffering and moaning season after season, many Arsenal fans migrated and the choice was easy as Chelsea had their own, John Obi Mikel in their ranks.

But supporting Arsenal in Nigeria within those nine agony years they christened ‘trophyless’ was far worse than a snail living in a colony of ants. We endured taunts after taunts, trying daily, and really hard, to avoid fisticuffs.

They cajoled that Arsenal was only a selling club, a football academy that fed the rest of Europe. When they read a big player linked to Arsenal, they laughed in our faces. We endured torture equivalent to what Devil could offer in hell. Man Utd fans were not left out in making jests of us either. Tough times!

When we eventually won the FA Cup we all heaved that big sigh and started talking tough that Arsenal’s ‘academy’ years were over. And to our utmost glee, Alexis Sanchez was soon signed as was Bacary Sagna’s replacement.

However, dear Gunners sing song these days is more signings.

Everywhere you turn to is – we need a striker, most also insist that we need a defensive midfielder and even if Thomas Vermaelen stays, many believe we still need a centre back.

It suddenly dawned on me that football fans are same from club to club. Every one of them wants world best at their various clubs. Dear Arsenal fans are not different. We’re all Oliver Twists.

Most Arsenal fans were calling for Arsene Wenger to add a back up to Giroud but Le Prof did more than that by grabbing a potential 20 goals + a season, who is not only a back-up but can also play with Giroud in his favoured 4-3-3 formation. Sanchez is the nearest to the calibre of striker Thierry Henry was since the ‘Igwe’s’ departure. One may argue about Robin Van Persie but Sanchez is more versatile and much faster and while Henry built his pedigree at the club, Sanchez arrived with awesome credentials.

So, in the striking department, do we actually need another signing?

Having Wenger as your football manager means having to learn the economics of everything at every turn. A careful appraisal would tend to suggest Le Prof has done an astute deal here. For a team that sticks religiously to 4-3-3 and one that’s been built on Oliver Giroud as striker who works for the general good of the team rather than personal glory, changing guard, much as it may courier an improvement, may mean changing orientation.

Despite the fact that Arsene hardly does change his orientation, experts in the field equally kick against it. So, rightly, Wenger sticks to Giroud for his hold up play, collecting Wojciech Szczesny’s up field kicks, bringing his team mates into play, as well as coming back to help defend corners and set pieces. Getting a player, who’d replicate all these and still score more goals than Giroud may be a tough ask.

Then if Giroud gets injured, suspended or needs rest, there is Sanchez, an exceptional player who is at home anywhere in the attacking three. He’s very fast, skilful, tenacious and an improvement on Giroud in finishing. He’s definitely a 20-goals-a-season potential. Whatever defending and holding up attributes of Giroud one may miss in his absence, Sanchez offers in more directness, trickery and precision.

Should Sanchez, for whatever reason, not cover for Giroud, there is Yaya Sanogo. Agreed, Sanogo is raw and not yet one to be heavily relied on but he is only a back-up and Giroud is not known for long layoffs. Besides, Sanogo showed in games against Bayern Munich, Liverpool and Hull City at Wembley that he was not just an ordinary spare. There were assured attributes of a great centre forward. He may not have scored a goal yet but I believe Gunners fans should be happy for that, for if Sanogo had added about five goals to those efforts as duly deserved, I wouldn’t bet Sanchez would have arrived.

Joel Campbell at 22 has shown signs of a real deal. UCL aside, those five matches at the World Cup led insights into what the Costa Rican could bring to the plate and one wouldn’t really know until he is given a chance, which for good measure, the young striker duly deserves.

Chuba Akpom, if for anything, deserves a chance as he’s Arsenal bred and a lot of pride goes into having to nurture a footballer from a club’s academy to stardom. Akpom deserves the chance.

So, why would Wenger and Arsenal need another striker with all these options? Especially when Theo Walcott, Lukas Podolski, Santi Carzola are still playing for the club and are potent scoring outlets whenever within range.

If we study our top 5 or 6 rivals, I do not believe any other side in EPL offer more attacking threat than Arsenal. What Arsenal needs, is a defensive solidity that will protect the attack and keep things tight, so that score lines like 6-0, 6-3, 5-1, 3-0′s become a distant memory.

Who says beefing up a team is a season’s process?

Wenger has added a 20-goal threat to an attack that managed without Walcott and Ramsey for most of last term, to win the FA Cup and miss the title by seven points.

If you ask me a 100 times, I’d say get a very strong defensive midfielder, retain or replace Vermaelen and we’re done.

Written by Tai Emeka Obasi



Arsenal miss out of star midfielder & Defender, International snubs Arsenal to sign for rival.

July 24, 2014

Morning all,

Do these sort of headlines from the media take Arsenal fans for gullible and naive idiots or does it just show how desperate the media are to sell a paper or get a hit on their websites.

It seems it’s a daily occurrence that we read that “Arsenal lose out on deal with Rivals” “Arsenal miss out on superstar international”…. Really, did we indeed… Says who…?

We then read or are told that a player whom a paper linked us with signing six months ago has signed with Bradford City (no disrespect to Brandford City intended) Well “IF” we were ever looking to sign such a player then why would he then sign for someone else…?

The media have used Remy, Aurier and several others in the past few days alone, If we were in for these players and they have signed for another team then surely it is us who have decided not to buy these players. We were told Remy demanded a large salary which we obviously didn’t think was worth paying so he’s signed for Lfc who seem to want to pay anything for anyone just to make up for loosing Gnasher to Barca. Hardly us loosing out is it.

So many outrageous headlines are met with a player signing for a club that just makes Arsenal fans laugh yet a mainstream newspaper thinks that it warrants a headline.

The best way to look at this is in fact to realise that Arsenal are huge news…. Agents know this, players looking for a new club or a new contract know this and so does the media. When a player is linked to Arsenal their profile is raised, their name is bandied around and surely if Arsenal are looking to buy this player other teams must look at trying to buy him because he must be very good.

The down side to all this drivel in the papers and the media is that many fans think we have genuinely missed out on run of the mill players or players that we simply never wanted in the first place. We then have fans disgruntled with why are we not buying more players why are we not active in the transfer window, why are we not spending……. We have so far done some sound business and there is more to come but when you look at years gone by the next few weeks are notoriously quite in the transfer window for the majority of clubs. Managers are assessing their squads and looking to see if younger players step up or older player look their age. Where are we needing players and which players are also looking to maybe leave..? The last two weeks in August is when things pick up again and I think that’s when Arsenal will again become very active in the transfer market. We have huge cash reserves and we can for once throw our weight around with the finances at our disposal but until then lets just laugh at the media rubbish and the fact they like to try and tell us that Arsenal have lost out on players that we never wanted or who we turned down…!

Have a good day.

Serb midfielder to sign. Announcement due today. Would City sell to us?

July 23, 2014

Morning all.

Yesterday morning there was headline on NN relating to us and Man City defender, Matija Nastasic. To be fair to the author, he didn’t at any time suggest or make out that Arsenal were on the verge of signing him or anything such like, he just looked at City’s situation logically. They are on the verge of signing some all singing and dancing defender apparently which could in theory push Nastasic further down the pecking order.

Low and behold, today’s newspapers are full of headline which suggest we are now readying a £15 million bid for the player who has suddenly jumped to the top of the clubs transfer target list.

Just like all, well most of what we read in the newspapers is made up as we all know and I doubt this story holds any truth whatsoever but, if by some miracle there was a grain of truth behind the Nastastic stories, would Man City sell to another Premier Club I wonder? More so, would they sell to a club which is really trying to set itself up to win the Premier League?

We know Chelsea wouldn’t and I doubt Liverpool or Manchester Utd would, well the latter did not long ago and that was a disaster for us but no way would they sell us an upcoming star like Nastasic is supposed to be. We are used to selling players to City for a hefty transfer fee, not taking their players for £15 million.

Would you guys/gals like to see Nastasic at Arsenal?

He’s 21 years old, plays for Serbia but has just had a horrid injury plagued season. Sounds right up our alley….

Talking of young upcoming stars, a few of our own are expected to be included in the squad for the trip to America. Arsene Wenger is due to announce who will be travelling to face Thierry Henry’s side later today.

One who won’t be travelling of course is Theo Walcott as he continues his recovery. He’s doing well and should be back in full training towards the end of August.

Arsene Wenger is looking forward to the trip to the States and believes it’s the perfect time for Arsenal.

It is the first time since I [started to] go to World Cups that I’ve been stopped by so many American people. I can tell you something I’m completely convinced of – before people didn’t know who you were, but now every American guy I met knows Arsenal, knows England and knows the Premier League.

The enthusiasm about soccer in the States is new but big. I expect us to have a good crowd there. I hope that we can help to develop the interest in the game and that we can play a good match there to make people enjoy it.

It is the perfect time to go. I always wanted to go with Arsenal to the United States, so I’m personally very happy to do it.

Thankfully, the boys aren’t there for too long, just a quick visit, play and then home in time for the Emirates Cup on the 2nd August and that’s when we’ll see our two new signings, maybe even three with David Ospina set to be announced any day soon.

Could even be four if the story about Gino Peruzzi has substance to it.

According to The Metro, Arsenal have taken Serbian midfielder Mladen Micanovic on trial ahead of a possible transfer to the club before the end of the window. The 17-year-old, who plays for FK Javor Ivanjica, is regarded as a big talent in his homeland and Arsene Wenger has invited him to London for a trial.

The midfielder can play right back and centre back as well as in midfield.

That’s it for another day, have a good one…


Is Wenger Preparing To Sail Close To The wind Again?

July 22, 2014

Last summer, as the usual suspects were trying their best to defend Arsene Wenger’s policy in the transfer window and suitability as our manager, the noisy neighbours were busy signing any 2 legged footballers Franco Baldini could get his hands.

According to the know-it- all media back then, Arsenal needed to follow their path and appoint ourselves a Director of football. This was the same Spurs who had signed a feeder club agreement with Real and were being written an IOU in exchange for Bale.

Meanwhile, the media darlings kept reminding us clueless AFC fans that finishing 3rd or 4th in the previous eight seasons was a total failure. But those same folks were insisting that the only way Spurs or Liverpool could guarantee finishing above us and get the coveted 4th place was for them to splash £80 million on players without any prior premiership experience and for them!

This summer, after the early signings of two very effective players, most fans I know have suddenly developed very high expectations for the upcoming season. Personally, I am a lot more apprehensive about our new campaign.

In my view, whilst most managers try their hardest to compete on all fronts, Arsene as we have come to know him, is always trying his best to assemble the most minimum of squad required. Wenger’s Modus Operandi has always been to have 16 or 17 senior players and fill the gaping holes with potential and inexperienced players when required.

As we will be competing on two fronts per week for the majority of the season and then possibly four fronts come January, I find this a huge gamble considering the magnitude by which the gap between the so called smaller teams has narrowed in recent seasons as compared to the non-Gazprom teams like ours .

Last summer, for some odd reason I strongly believed we would do the double which unfortunately didn’t materialise. Friends kept asking me why I thought that.

My reasons were:

· We had a back 4 that had conceded the least number of goals in 4 years. We had conceded only 37 goals and Per was beginning to find his feet in this league.

· That was the first time under Arsene that we had not lost a major player of our squad.

· King Fergie was no longer around to point to his watch when United were a goal down with 10 minutes to go.

· Statistically Giroud had scored 20 goals in his second season and therefore rumours that Arsene was looking for a more effective no.10.

· Ramsey and Arteta were forming a midfield pivot that in the 12 games of their partnership had become as ruthless at protecting our back 4 as any double pivot in Europe.

· We were beating the teams we were expecting to beat.

· Most importantly Wenger had also rotated his squad far better the season before and I was counting on a repetition of that.

Additionally, Arsene and Arteta our actual captain since his last minute transfer to us in 2011, had on a few occasions during the summer, talked about how it was important to improve our home record after dropping so many points over the last 3 seasons at home whilst we had maintained one of the very best away records in the top 5 leagues in Europe. The rest of the squad had also noted and commented on how it was essential to start the season much better than the last 3 seasons.

In my opinion one thing Arsene was most probably overlooking, was that our home record was firmly linked to his transfer dealings. It was proving a challenge by all accounts for even the reasonable die- hard fans who frequent HH to back a manager who was not matching the ambitions of the fans. It felt to most fans or according to media reports at least, that Wenger had overstayed his welcome.

For most Wenger supporters it was even more imperative that the club and Arsene got off to a very strong start before the annual deadline day ‘supermarket style sweep’ took place. After all that talk about our home form and the scrutiny the club was under, I was extremely saddened when Wenger decided to line-up Wilshere and Ramsey in central midfield against Aston Villa.

After that opening day defeat, some very strong performances against Fulham and Spurs lightened the mood slightly but the icing on the cake was the arrival of Mesut Ozil at least for a brief moment.

As the season unfolded and around the time when we were leading the challenge for the title late November, I became extremely concerned about 2 specific things.

To me it appeared that Wenger was reverting back to his usual stance of over playing his key players whilst other experienced managers were trying to keep their whole squad involved and match sharp. It appeared that he had again, started the season with several players he had no confidence in but had failed to move them on.

However, things were going better than we could have envisaged. For once we did not have our annual November collapse and Giroud, our slow coach who was the media’s punching bag, was coming up with goals when needed. Even our avid protagonists like Owen and Hansen were beginning to consider us as potential challengers even though they couldn’t help themselves proclaiming that we would have won the title by then if the club had coughed up for Suarez.

According to the media, the reason why we were able to finish fourth was because Jose was still getting his feet underneath the table at Chelsea. Not surprising, the same media experts who at the start of the season declared Moyes a better manager than Wenger, quickly backtracked and declared that Moyes after all was not good enough for a top 4 team let along the biggest club in England as they had said all along.

I have even read that had AVB been a better manager and not bought as many players who were not good enough we would have struggled to finish above them. Dear oh dear; the level these experts will stoop to. The pundits had forgotten the fuss they made when Wenger said last August that Spurs buying so many players would destabilise their already good squad.

Looking at the way the league ended, I am compelled to believe that even without buying a fast mobile striker in January we could still have won the title had Arsene managed his squad better. Etched on most fans minds are the humiliating defeats we suffered at Chelsea, City, Liverpool and to a lesser extent Everton. Those fans may not be wrong because we conceded 20 of our 44 goals from those games. That was an astonishing 45% of all the goals we conceded.

Irrespective of those score lines we just lost 3 points each after those defeats but we came back and got respectful draws against Chelsea, Swansea and United after those defeats it may be fair to say that those awful results did more psychological damage to fans than to the players.

Conversely, it could be argued that had we not been thrashed excessively in those games we would have won those aforementioned games.

In my view the league was lost because of our home form. Picking up points at home remains the bread and butter requirement for any team, regardless of the league they are playing in, or the height of their ambitions. But, in order to mount a genuine title challenge, winning on the road is an important factor and one which could prove to be the difference between success and failure.

It is no surprise that City became eventual champions as they had the best home form and held the longest winning run at home in the league.

Comparing us to our rivals, Man City took 52 points, Liverpool 49 points, Chelsea 48 points, and Arsenal 44 points. Had we not lost against Villa, drawn with City, Chelsea, Man Utd, Everton & Swansea we would still have had enough points to run away with the title.

I wish I could put my fingers on why I am less optimistic as compared to last summer considering the business we have done.

Make no mistake I still believe we will win a trophy but I have this deep rooted feeling that we will be sailing close to the wind again than we should be doing based on our purported resources. My fears are further compounded by the fact that our lynchpin in defence over the last 7 years has been allowed to leave whilst our club captain is manoeuvring for a move away from us to a rival and without appearing pessimistic, I believe we will need lady luck on our side for Per to replicate his form from last season.

As we all know winning this league epitomises how a marathon should be won, however, Arsene tends to prepare for the competition like a boxer who decides to throw caution to the wind and go for a few drinks the night before a multi-million dollar PPV fight in Las Vegas.

Maybe I am just bitter because Arsene has not bought Morgan Schneiderlein who in my view has been the best defensive midfielder in the league since Southampton got promoted. But then again am I?

If any of us was in Wenger’s shoes especially at his stage of his career we’d be doing all we can to go all out with a bang. But Wenger is always Wenger. A true gent who has continued to put his reputation on the line for the future of a club he might not have had any affection for 20 years ago.

As sections of fans will point out football is about winning. Looking at it in that light will compel even the most deluded of Wenger’s excuser like myself to admit our squad is still not deep enough for the modern challenges of winning this league even though this squad looks the most balanced it has been since 2005.

We are Arsenal and therefore we can all assume it will be us verses from match day one onwards….

Have a blessed day!

Written by Tsgh


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