Big game today and Ranieri knows how to beat Wenger in the big games…

Morning all. When it comes to Arsene Wenger v Claudio Ranieri, the Frenchman often wins in the domestic challenge but back in 2004, it was the Italian who came out on top in the Champions League quarter-final when Wayne Bridge popped up late in the game to knock Arsenal out. That hurt didn’t it! That […]

Arsene Wenger trying to defend the indefensible?

Morning all. Arsene Wenger thinks the price charged by Arsenal for season tickets and tickets in general are fair. Well, by looking at the table above which has been pinched from The Daily Mail, perhaps his view is blinkered, and that’s being kind. We pay absolutely everything ourselves so we have to generate more revenue. It […]

Can Alexis and Ozil succeed where RvP failed?

Morning all. The mischief makers are out there again and now it’s the turn of Alexis to hit the headlines. Apparently, the lack of spending (which equates to ambition) since he’s been here is making him think about his Arsenal future. To be honest, it’s no more than some on here have thought about him […]

OC wants out? Arsenal sign the wrong man? Kroenke finally invests, but not in Arsenal.

Morning all. Over the years, Arsene Wenger has disappointed fans with some of his player signings. Not always of course as looking back to the better days under his management, an awful lot of players were outstanding footballers. Too many to mention really but I think we all know who I mean… That’s not always […]

Is Henry trying to push Arsenal home? Arsenal nick Leicester’s main man….

Morning all. So Leicester are Thierry’s team to win the league. They have the mental strength, the ability and above all, they know how to deal with the pressure. Such qualities should see them crowned champions…. His old club however, well they lack bottle, they can’t score goals and they can’t win the tough matches […]

Ox in the box. Ozil & Cech superb as the rot stops…

Morning all. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has to be up there with one of the most frustrating Arsenal players right now. Scorer of our second goal and a very good one it was too, he just doesn’t do enough to help the team. He seldom tracks back, when he does is half-hearted and all too often he loses possession. […]