Too soon to get excited? Oxlade-Chamberlain needs to get on board..

Morning all. I’m sure most Arsenal fans are still feeling pretty good after Saturdays battering of Chelsea. As Arsene Wenger said, the first half was as near perfect as it gets. The second half was equally as good in it’s own right despite not scoring further goals. Little bits from the game though made me […]

Where did that come from? 1, 2, 3, Caramba!

Morning guys and gals. Ok, I don’t like swearing much but to be honest, that was the question running through my mind as the halftime whistle blew… Superb attacking play, great defending and great football from Arsenal. Great support from The Emirates faithful who started slow but after Alexis scored, came alive…. Alexis, Theo and […]

Terry out, Ramsey out, Ollie to return. Xhaka and who?

Morning all. Back when I was young, very young I hasten to add, I quite liked Chelsea. Well, Peter Bonetti and Peter Osgood actually and they nearly had me supporting the ‘Blues’ at an early age, something which I’ve never confessed. But thankfully, it wasn’t to be as Arsenal stole my heart. Back then though Chelsea were […]

Is there a snitch in the Arsenal camp? Arsene Wenger smiles in response to Mourinho jibes…

Morning all. That ghastly under tall Portuguese pillock is back in the headlines and if what’s been written is true, he should be embarrassed and ashamed of himself. In a book written and serialised by Rob Beasley in the Daily Mail, Mourinho, when talking about Arsene Wenger’s comments on selling Juan Mata to Man Utd, […]

Twenty years for Arsene Wenger but no Premier League title for twelve of them!

Morning all. Twenty years ago, Arsene Who? became Arsenal’s new manager. Very few knew much about the man from France, but David Dein did and having failed in his attempt to get him to Arsenal the previous summer, in 1996 he got his man. It wasn’t long before we Arsenal fans realised why David Dein […]

What’s in the box? New kids on the block shine, as does our number 9!

Morning all. No upset for Arsenal last night despite a number of young ones in the side. Having only seen the highlights, I can’t really comment on the way we played but a 4-0 away victory in the Cup isn’t to be sniffed at. The goals were all very good too. Xhaka blasted in another […]