Morning all.

What could and should have been a great game was once again ruined by dreadful officiating. Tierney had the opportunity to show he was a better referee than those who’ve been heavily criticised after the Saturday matches. The same applies to VAR.

McTominay should have been booked after dangerously shoving Gabriel Martinelli in the back. Play on he said and yet when Odegaard barely touched Eriksen, it was deemed bad enough to disallow what was a superb goal from Martinelli to give us the lead. Gabriel Jesus was pulled, pushed, had his shirt pulled and was manhandled by Varane and yet, nothing given.  We weren’t getting anything from that game regardless of how well we played and we did play very well.

At 2-1 down, Mikel Arteta made three attacking changes for Odegaard, Lokonga and Zinchenko. Utd said thank you very much and scored again. With nothing to lose, we didn’t stop attacking but to no avail. Mikel Arteta and his team were beaten for the first time this season.

The chance of Arsenal winning at Old Trafford was about as slim as Sam Ryder winning The Eurovision Song Contest this year. He could have sung the greatest song ever produced but the Ukraine were always going to win, even before the first note had been struck or the first lyric sung. In my opinion, Arsenal were the better team, yet Riley, Tierney and VAR were never going to let us win.

Post match on Sky Sports,  Mikel Arteta said:

It’s a lack of consistency. What is soft? Last week, they [Aston Villa] got a goal when there’s a foul on Aaron (Ramsdale), but it’s soft and it’s not a foul. Then there’s a penalty on Bukayo [Saka, by Tyrone Mings] but it’s soft and not a penalty. Today this is a foul. There were some strong tackles and no yellow cards because the threshold is low because it’s a big game. It’s really difficult to accept.

If Man Utd had beaten us fair and square then fine, well done to them but they didn’t and that sticks in my throat. This weekend has highlighted just how bad the officials in this country are. How inconsistent they are too. Sky Sports and football in general loves to see a new world record transfer window of spending but football, or rather the PGMOL are costing clubs points which in turn means money come the end of the season. Its ridiculous and so bleedin obvious, I can’t see how the errors being made from one game to the next can simply be someone is having an off day.

As Mikel Arteta said, what is soft? What is a foul and what is not? If the officials don’t even know, or dare I say make their own minds up depending on who’s playing who, then football will never be fair.

Football needs VAR, it needs technology, but what it doesn’t need is ex referees who were terrible at their job on the pitch, officiating the game off it.

Yep, I’m utterly cheesed off because yet again, we’ve been stitched up at Old Trafford…

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