Morning all.

Despite having one of the best transfer windows in years, I feel disappointed this morning. Arsenal tried to sign Douglas Luiz yesterday but Aston Villa kept rejecting the offers made. Having been linked with Youri Tielemans all summer, he didn’t arrive either. As the saying goes, it is what it is….

Deadline day did see Hector Bellerin leave the club permanently in a free move to Barcelona and AMN was confirmed to be a Southampton, albeit for just one year on loan. If he has a good season on the south coast, there’s a chance he could stay as an option to sign agreement is included in the deal.

It’s taken two and a half years, but now Mikel Arteta really does have a squad of players which are his choice. When one thinks of how Arsenal as a club have done transfer business pre this current board and manager, the rebuild to where we are now has been pretty rapid. Factor in Covid and the impact it had on the financial side of the game, it’s quite remarkable really that so much has been achieved in a relatively short period of time. Yes, the club has spent an awful lot of money but look around and see how other clubs have behaved this summer and it’s mind boggling. Nottingham Forest seem to have signed everyone and anyone they could but should they end up back in the Championship, they’ll be in trouble.

Chelsea have spent to most though, a staggering £278.4m which is more than they’ve ever spent in one transfer window. Manchester United have been throwing their money around too with £227.4m spent, West Ham £179.2m, Tottenham £172m and Nottingham Forest £157.3m. Manchester City have spent £128.8m, Newcastle £123m and The Arsenal £121.5m.

Spending vast amounts of money guarantees nothing but a deeper squad but who that money is spent on is what counts. Obviously, Man City getting Erling Haaland has to be the signing of the summer, possibly closely followed by Liverpool signing Darwin Nunez, but I think Arsenal securing Gabriel Jesus and Oleksandr Zinchenko comes close in terms of what they add to their respective clubs. Marquinhos and Pablo Vieira are yet to be tested in the Premier League but if both have the kind of impact on the team which the other have had, then it’ll be great.

We’re heading to Old Trafford on Sunday and in similar fashion to last season, they’re struggling. The signing of Ajax winger Anthony will no doubt lift the team but I’m hoping he soon finds out that playing in the Eredivisie League is very different to the Premier League.

36 players have left Arsenal this summer. Admittedly, 20 of them are loans but that’s still a big number of permanent departures. Most are young players but 6 are senior players and I very much doubt we’ll see Pepe or AMN return from their loan deals. It’s disappointing that such little money has exchanged hands for many of the departures but if another club doesn’t want to pay much for one of our players, there’s little Arsenal can do about it. It’s not like there was ever a bidding war for the likes of Bellerin, Torreira, Guendouzi etc etc.

Hopefully their departures are the end of a bad era of transfer deals. There’s bound to be transfer deals in the future which don’t work out for one reason or another, but the managing of contracts will hopefully be much better than it used to be and vast financial losses on players will finally be a thing of the past. Barring one or two older players, ever single player now has a sell on value which should make a big difference going forward.

Also, the players we now have, seem to have the right work ethic and attitude which in turn, is why the Arsenal fans, both home and away, are in full voice on a match day. Whether they’re are 19, 20 or 30 years old, they’re giving everything for the team, the fans and the club.

We’re going to drop points, I think that’s inevitable but it’s how we drop them which matters and as long as we go down fighting, so be it.

See you in the comments.