Morning all.

So Edu is in Spain enjoying a family holiday and not on the hunt for a midfielder or winger. That’s according to the Daily Cannon who have been trawling instagram to find a post from Edu’s wife. I know men struggle to multi task, yes, that’s a joke, but he could be doing both. Optimism is my middle name.

Alex Runasson has left the building. Good for him and certainly good for Arsenal. He might not be the highest of earners at the club but every little counts. Hopefully he’ll have a great season and Alanyaspor decide to sign him permanently next summer.

I stumbled across this little snippet this morning. It’s a comment from Bacary Sagna made in May this year and printed by The Mail.

I’ve known Mikel a long time now and I know for a fact he’s always been a coach, whenever we were watching games together, he would talk to me about formations, what I was thinking and tactics. For me I just wanted to go to the game and enjoy it. I didn’t want to talk tactics, but the point is I’m not surprised he’s the Arsenal manager at all, management is in his DNA.

I can think of little worse than going to a football match and being sat or stood next to someone like Mikel Arteta. I’m a Sagna kind of spectator, watch, enjoy and then chat/moan after the game has finished. Still, we’re all different and that’s what makes the world go round but my rationale for copying the comments made by our ex player is that it shows Mikel Arteta didn’t go into management because it’s what many ex footballers do, it’s because as Sagna suggests, it’s in his DNA. A bit like Arsene Wenger really who eats, sleeps and drinks football. Some might say football is an obsession for people like him who keep going in the game in some kind of capacity. I listened to an interview with Arsene Wenger on Sky Sports yesterday. He’s 72 years old now and still working hard on improving grass roots football around the world. He was right about Chelsea, he always has been, when Abramovich bought the club, they spent money they never earned. The beginning of the end of the game which many of us once knew.

Yet, here we are today, not quite spending the kind of money Chelsea did years ago and still do, but Arsenal are competing in the transfer window with the likes of the west London club, Man City, Liverpool, Man Utd and Newcastle Utd. Trouble is, we as a club are a few years behind most of them as far as the ‘process’ goes. Not that Utd seem to have any kind of process in place. Bacary Sagna reckons that Arsenal could win the Premier League within two years under Mikel Arteta and of course I hope he’s proved right. The way the club are building the squad, on paper, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility. Pep won’t be at City forever, nor Klopp at Liverpool and Conte is not one to stay in one place for long either. Arsenal and Man Utd have the young and energetic managers in place so who knows, give it a few more years and it might be Utd and Arsenal emulating what Man City and Liverpool are doing now.

No, I don’t mean our players head butting the opposition and getting sent off. Lol

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