Morning all.

The opening weekend threw up some interesting results. Arsenal kicked things off on Friday night with victory at Crystal Palace then in the lunchtime game on Saturday, Fulham drew with Liverpool. Totts beat Southampton, no shock there really but Bournemouth beating Aston Villa was.  Then yesterday, Brighton defeated Man Utd at Old Trafford before City beat West Ham away from home. Having not watched any football this weekend other than our own game, I can’t comment on any of the games but by all accounts, those in the media that is, Man Utd are in a mess. If Arsenal were trying to sign Marko Arnautovic, I think we’d all be spitting feathers.

Micah Richards summed it up:

 What has happened to Manchester United, seriously? I’m not going to stick the boot in. Arnautovic was a quality player, but he’s 33 playing in Italy.

Why not stick the boot in, Utd do as their ex players seem to have an opinion on every club when really, they should be looking at what’s going on at their own.

Comparisons between Utd and Arsenal will always be made because both clubs had to deal with such a big change when long term managers left, leaving behind an ageing and unbalanced squad. Arsenal learned quickly that things needed to change, those in charge of transfers needed to change and instead of going for the quick fix, a plan was needed. Tough as it was to accept ‘the process’ because at times the football was awful, as were some of the decisions the club were making, once the owners invested, the direction Arsenal were going in became more clear. Utd however seemed to have made one error after another. Yet they should really be ahead of us with their plan because Fergie left Utd before Arsene Wenger left Arsenal. Chelsea, regardless of all the money they’ve spent over the years, have regressed in my opinion and I’ve a feeling that Liverpool will find life more of a struggle this season too. Perhaps that’s wishful thinking but we’ll see.

One thing which has changed very little is the officials as they’re still awful. Inconsistent and do I dare suggest, biased? I bet your bottom dollar that had it been an Arsenal player all over the Brighton defence as Utd were for their goal, it wouldn’t have stood. I bet if Granit Xhaka had made some of the challenges Utd did, he’d have been off for an early shower. When does Riley go? Not soon enough in my opinion.

Transfer news, Arsenal are being heavily linked with Moussa Diaby. Newcastle Utd are reported to be interested too but if the 23 year old Frenchman wants to be playing in Europe this season, then Arsenal are the only club of the two who can offer him that.

What I think would be ideal for Arsenal is if Bayern Leverkusen would take Nicolas Pepe as part of a deal, if this rumour is true. It’d be a win win for both clubs really. Diaby certainly fits the profile of the type of player Mikel Arteta seems to favour.

The Express though, along with many other newspapers, report that Pedro Neto could be the winger Arsenal want to sign. Whether or not Wolves would sell one of their stand out players is another story but money talks.

If Arsenal sign a winger and midfielder before the end of the month this really will have been a fantastic summer transfer window.

Three more weeks of this transfer window to go yet so plenty of time. Even for Arsenal. Lol

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