Morning all.

Does it feel like Christmas Eve in your head? The anticipation of something good being delivered tomorrow night? I have mixed feelings. Excitement of course, but a little bit of ‘we’ve been here before’ feeling at the back of my mind. Pre-season has been very good, the transfer window has been excellent so far and yet the belief that all the good things will carry on throughout the entire season is far from being 100%. You know the old saying that when something seems to good to be true, that’s where I am. It doesn’t help that our first fixture is at a ground where we were spanked just a few months ago.

Aaron Ramsdale hasn’t wasted any time getting the number one shirt on his back. He was brilliant during the first half of the season but any doubters he had, probably came out of the woodwork post Christmas as his levels seem to drop. When on form, his distribution from the back is top notch and his saves, almost unbelievable and that’s the Ramsdale Mikel Arteta needs this coming season. But, he wasn’t the only player to have a few ropey performances during the second half of the season so I’d be cruel to single him out.

All Or Nothing is finally here. Amazon Prime are showing the first episode today but after clips have already been trailered, Mikel Arteta has been heavily criticised for playing You’ll Never Walk Alone during a training session in preparation for the trip to Anfield last season. We lost the game, I think we would have done regardless because Klopp is a number of years ahead of Mikel Arteta as far as squad/team building goes, but as per usual, ex football players feel it’s their right to have an opinion on something which really doesn’t concern them.

Former Aston Villa forward Gabby Agbonlahor was highly critical on TalkSport:

That is the most pathetic thing I’ve seen and if I was on that pitch training I think you’d be laughing with your team-mates.’It’s ridiculous and the players are not going to be on board with that. These players are international players that have played in big atmospheres. I’m baffled. When they play in the Europa League and they play Fenerbahce away, is he gonna get flares for the training ground and drums? Honestly, it’s ridiculous.

Piers Morgan watched the footage and tweeted: ‘What on earth is Arteta doing? This is insane… and guess what, we lost 4-0.’

I’ve yet to see the clip but regardless, I suspect Mikel Arteta had his reasons and as far as I know, he doesn’t have to answer to either Morgan of Agbonlahor. Neither who’ve managed/coached a team in their life as far as I know. Mind you, the thought of Arsenal training with flares going off around them is quite amusing.

Not much floating around as far as transfer rumours this morning. Youri Tielemans is still in the Arsenal headlines but most of the activity seems to be in relation to players leaving the club.

Have a relaxing day, it might be your last for the next ten months. Lol