Morning all.

Edu’s most recent interview has certainly got tongues wagging and pen’s scribing. I thought he was being honest, open and certainly very positive. I’ve read so much negativity about him since he rejoined the club yet I always believed that a man who’d been part of such a great Arsenal team/squad as a player, would only want success for the club again. Yes, there’s been a few “mistakes” or at least that’s what they turned out to be but that’s life isn’t it? None of us make the right decisions all of the time. Arsene Wenger, Fergie, Klopp, Guardiola etc have all made some fantastic signings but the ones they got wrong can often get forgotten.

The summer of 1997, before Arsenal won the Premier League the following May, our transfer deals were:

  • Marc Overmars (from Ajax, £5.5m)
  • Gilles Grimandi (from AS Monaco)
  • Emmanuel Petit (from AS Monaco, £2.5m)
  • Christopher Wreh (from AS Monaco, £300,000)
  • Alberto Mendez (from SC Feucht)
  • Luis Boa Morte (from Sporting Club de Portugal, £1.75m)

Two out of the six will always be remembered for the great things they did for Arsenal, one, certainly for me anyway, will be fondly remembered for the ‘Edgar Davids’ moment rather than the part he played in our title winning season, while the others are just a very distant memory as far their contribution goes. Remember Oleh Luzhnyi, Igors Stepanovs and Pascal Cygan? Of course you do but probably not for positive reasons. When I think of Stepanovs, I think of the story Ray Parlour told in his book. Hilarious.

Transfer ‘mistakes’ happen but how a club deals with them is what’s more important in my opinion. In the past, players have stayed at Arsenal for 3 or 4 years before sloping off to pastures new. Not their fault I hasten to add, not when they’re being paid handsomely for training and the occasional match day run out.

What transfer ‘mistakes’ has Edu/Arteta made in your opinion? Willian, Mari, Alex Runasson, Cedric, Tavares perhaps? Renewing the contracts of Aubameyang, Luiz and Xhaka maybe? Selling Martinez before signing Ramsdale, or do you have others in mind?

Runasson and giving Aubameyang a new contract are the ones I still scratch my head over but thankfully, one is now long gone and the other is extremely unlikely to ever wear an Arsenal shirt again.

Those first few deals aside, Edu, Arteta and the board have Arsenal back to being a club which is attracting high quality players. Would proven international Man City players been tempted to join Arsenal three years ago, let alone sign on the dotted line? I don’t think so. Why is Tielemans (reportedly) saying he’s only interested in joining Arsenal this summer? I’m 99.9% convinced that had Raphinha not only been focused on a move to Barcelona, he’d be an Arsenal player by now. For what it’s worth, I’m glad we’ve signed Zinchenko rather than Martinez. Repetitive as this might sound, we still need a midfielder to compete/rotate with Partey.

I’ve no idea how this coming season is going to play out but I do know that we have a squad on paper which should deliver better performances, more consistency and certainly something better than we’ve seen in a while..

Hopefully, I’ll still be believing that after the Palace game. Lol

See you in the comments.