Morning all.

This summer is shaping up to be a cracker for Arsenal. Last summer was pretty good but this one, it’s all about quality as well as numbers. It might not be official, or at least it’s not as I type this but Oleksandr Zinchenko is an Arsenal player. He flew to America with Man City, don’t worry, they could afford his ticket, nipped on a plane to Orlando and signed a deal which runs until 2026. He’s been spotted in his new kit, probably for the official photos, and then sat alongside Edu to watch his new team-mates win another pre-season fixture.

Rumour has it, Youri Tielemans will be next. Utd are sniffing around him according to the back pages which might, if Arsenal really are interested in him, speed things up. I know the journalists like to write big headlines just so they can then suggest we missed out on a signing but Tielemans,  is the type of player which in my opinion, makes absolute sense. If not him, another midfielder like Lucas Paqueta who has also been linked to Arsenal over recent days. The fact that he’s Brazilian probably has nothing to do with it. Lol

Arsenal return home on Sunday, straight after the Chelsea fixture. Then I think we’ll see a number of players move on. If they can’t be sold, then I suspect they’ll go out on loan as if they’re not in Mikel Arteta’s plans then there’s absolutely no point in them staying. Football is a ruthless business and Arsenal aren’t afraid of being that. Just look at the change the club has gone through over the last two and a half seasons. Two really because little can be done mid season.

For the last two years, the squad has been stripped back with Arteta keeping hold of those he thinks are the best of the crop and letting the rest go in whatever way the club could. I must admit, I couldn’t get my head around a few decisions the club made but now, I get it. Sentiment has to go out the window when it comes to sorting out a squad. Footballers aren’t always loyal to their club so why should a club be loyal to them if they’re not putting in the hard work? I love to see young academy players come through the system into the first team but the one thing I’ve come to realise about Mikel Arteta is that he won’t give a player time on the pitch if they’re not right or ready. At least that’s how it seems to me. There’s too much at stake. I put my hands up to thinking player x, y, or z should get a chance but what do I know about that player? Nothing, not really.

The Arsenal board are giving Mikel Arteta the right tools to do his job to the best of his ability so now it’s his time to shine. He wanted more quality and better players and he’s got them and there’s little evidence to suggest the club are done yet. Yes, I’m starting to feel more confident ahead of the new season than I have for years now. Certainly more interested, excited even. I know other clubs have strengthened too but as far as Arsenal go, we have a proper competitive squad on paper. Adding a much needed defence minded midfielder would make us even stronger than we already look.

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