Morning all.

The media are spinning the story that William Saliba could leave Arsenal this summer. He’s reluctant to sign a new contract – yes, I read something about that on NN. Right now he’s in America with the rest of the squad and having read his interview on the official website, it seems he’s going nowhere, for now at least.

I had a good season last season. We finished second in the table and I had some good moments and learned a lot, and I hope this season will be better than that. I was very proud [to win the Young Player of the Year award] because the league has a lot of good young players, so it’s good for me but I want more. When I was on loan I watched every single [Arsenal] game because when I was there some players weren’t. I watched the games to see how they played, so when I was back it would be easier to play with those I hadn’t met before.


It’s important that the fans are behind you, and I like it very much. I can’t wait to give back to them. My plan is to fight and work with the team, win as much as possible, and grow more. It feels good to be back and starting pre-season. I’m so excited to continue training and playing in the friendly games. It’s important to be here with the fans, as well as my teammates. I hope we’ll enjoy some good training and games which is important before the start of the season.

I’ll be surprised if he watched every Arsenal game last season though. I didn’t. Lol

Arsenal’s first fixture in the USA kicks off a midnight tonight so I won’t be watching this one either. That’s the problem with pre-season when Arsenal travel to a country like America but seeing as we’re owned by an American, it’s inevitable really. The players have been mixing up their training, spending time in the gym as well as on the training pitches, meeting fans and signing shirts. There are lots of photos on the official Arsenal website but this is the one which caught my eye.


Four legs beat two in my world although it’s good to see Jack Wilshere meeting his namesake.

The big news this morning comes from Twitter:

Kieran Tierney must be feeling the pressure after reading that because he’s going to have a fight on his hands to keep is place in the team I think because Oleksandr Zinchenko won’t be moving to Arsenal with the view of sitting on the bench. He could stay at Man City and do that for a reported £60,000 a week. But that’s what we need isn’t it, a battle for a place in the team. That’s what the Saliba will do too, he’ll put pressure on both Gabriel and Ben White and hopefully they’ll respond by upping their game.

Fabrizio Romano has also tweeted an update on Bukayo Saka’s contract negotiations.

Bukayo Saka’s contract extension has always been priority for Arsenal, talks are still ongoing with his agent in order to reach full agreement on long term deal. #AFC Saka’s happy with Arsenal project, discussing on salary details.

Just sign it Bukayo!

Have a great weekend guys..