Morning all.

Pre Mikel Arteta and Edu and pre the single ownership of Arsenal football club, the club was being run in a way that success was very unlikely to come our way. The move to the Emirates hampered our transfer dealings but even when the club did spend money, the gaps in the squad were clear for everyone to see. Don’t get me wrong, during that period of change, after the invincible squad broke up, Arsenal signed a number of top quality players – Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Ozil, Cesc Fabregas, Samir Nasri, Olivier Giroud, the list really is endless. But, over time, things turned a bit sour in one way or another. Either the money on offer at another club was too tempting to turn down, the offer made for a player was too good to turn down or like Cesc Fabregas, a player just wanted to go home. Others just got too big for their own boots and perhaps thought they were too good to be performing for a man who struggled to get a grip on the English language, a guy who was too old in the tooth, an interim ex invincible player or a young guy with no Premier League managerial experience. Whereas you and I have to put a shift in regardless of whether or not we like the boss, a number of Arsenal players seemed to think it was ok to go on gardening leave without ever reaching the garden. Week in, week out, their body language was awful on a match day. You saw it, the rest of the footballing world saw it too and let’s be honest here, we all moaned about it.

Put yourself in the shoes of another footballing manager or technical director, which Arsenal player who couldn’t be bothered to give his all under any the above mentioned managers, would you think is worth paying a premium for? My answer is none! Why would any manager take a risk on a player who, based on what you or I see on a match day, would risk big money on a player who could down tools at any time depending on which way the wind blows?

The knock on effect of having lazy and/or disinterested player or players in a squad is damaging, disruptive and catching. They had to go and they have. We should be thrilled, not chewing over how much it cost to get rid of them because the cost of keeping them as far as the football and squad moral goes, would be greater.

Another bone of contention as far as Mikel Arteta goes is his man management. Well I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been privy to a training session or his one to one handling of players so how can I have an opinion on that subject? I can’t. Of course we can have an opinion but on what is that opinion based? The Daily Star, The Sun? Well how about listening to the players who do give 100% each week or join the club because they like what they hear from others already at the club. Players do talk to each other before making a decision.

Football fans can’t have it both ways in my opinion. If I’m moaning to myself about a player, the same player after each game, how can I then moan if Arsenal sell him for a low transfer fee? Or in some cases, give him away. I suppose I just accept that the club know what they’re doing far more than I do because if I was that smart, I’d be filthy rich and probably sat on a grand yacht somewhere in the Mediterranean sipping a glass of fancy champagne.

During the eleven years of Highbury House, most contributions have wanted change. Openness and even honesty. Now we’re getting in my opinion. We’re signing players for specific positions, we’re doing our transfer business earlier and we’re building for a future Arsenal as well as for the present.

I’ve no idea whether Arsenal will win the Premier League any time soon, I’ve no idea if we’ll be able to win the Europa Cup this coming season or even finish in the top four, but I’m sure as heck not going to continually knock the club as they try.

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