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Arsenal announced the signing of Fabio Vieira yesterday afternoon. Ok, I get it, he’s not the biggest footballer in the world but so what? Santi Cazorla was shorter, as is Kante and I’m sure if I could be bothered to look, I’d find many other under tall players who have graced the English game. Alan Ball was a shortie, he wasn’t bad. Vieira is a trim lad too but that’s what he is in footballing terms, a lad. 22 years old and a lot of football yet to play. He’s got super quick feet apparently so I fully expect our free kick and penalty numbers to increase. Lol

Seriously though, we’ve been crying out for something different in our creative play and Vieira might just provide it. We talk a lot about Mikel Arteta working with Pep Guardiola, well I’m sure by now he knows what a good creative player looks like. I’d imagine he’ll know whether or not the player has the ability and physicality to play in the Premier League too.

Vieira was asked what his strengths are and what part of his game he wants to develop.

My strengths are my passing and shooting ability. I think those are my main strengths. As for what I need to work on, I’d say the physical side of my game.

Dumbbells for Christmas it is then….


We’re so pleased to have completed the signing of Fabio from FC Porto. Fabio is a player with special qualities who is comfortable with the ball in the final third of the pitch. We are all looking forward to working with him and enjoying his future contribution to Arsenal. We will now continue to work hard and are looking forward to finishing this transfer window as strongly as possible.

Mikel Arteta:

I am very excited that we have identified and signed such a special talent. Fabio is a very creative player that will bring high quality and versatility to our attacking play. We welcome Fabio and his family to our club and are looking forward to starting work with him ahead of the new season.

I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a manager welcoming a player ‘and his family’ to a new club. Nice touch.

Vieira played 39 games for Porto last season, ending the season with seven goals and 16 assists. More assists than any player in the Premier League. Seven goals might not be a vast amount but they came against Sporting CP and Benfica. Both big rivals of Porto.  According to reports on Sky Sports, he was good in both the league and Champions League.

So, Edu is looking forward to finishing this transfer window as strongly as possible. His statement could be interpreted any which way one chooses but being the optimist I am, I’m taking it as meaning Arsenal have more business to do this summer. The club needs to, we all know that but until last summer, Arsenal’s transfer dealings have been pretty random and seldom really addressing the needs of the squad. Certainly not for the last ten years or so.

David Ornstein ‘understands’ that Arsenal have made a bid to sign Raphinha but the offer falls short of Leeds’ valuation and will be rejected today. An improved offer is expected he says.

Sky Sports suggest that Arsenal are in a battle with Newcastle Utd for Fabian Ruiz. The player has one year left on his contract and Napoli are prepared to sell him for £26m rather than lose him for free next summer. A 6’ 2.7” defensive midfielder would be more than welcome to sign for Arsenal.

Lastly, Matt Turner is expected to arrive in London today to undergo his medical. Did you see the clip of him after/before a recent game? I think it’s hilarious.

Good man…

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