Morning all.

No fancy mask, no drawn out process, just a simple message with a smile. Eddie Nketiah can’t wait to get started again after signing a new five year contract at Arsenal. I’m really pleased and I hope his last few games of last season were/are just the start of a long and successful run in the first team. Do we need another striker? Of course we do but at least now he will be as well as Nketiah and not instead of. He’s taken the number 14 shirt, so what? It’s just a number, nothing more, nothing less. Just because Thierry Henry wore it, it doesn’t mean no one else can.

I’m delighted Eddie is staying with us. He represents what we are all about and all the values of the club. We are very happy that he has extended his contract and now we have to get to work and continue to develop the great talent and person that we have in him. – Mikel Arteta.

Thank goodness Alex Lacazette contracted eh because otherwise I truly believe he’d have been leaving at the end of this month. But that’s by the by now, Eddie’s time came and I think he more than took it. I actually read the words “he’ll by like a new signing” on the Sky Sports website yesterday which made me chuckle but in some ways, he will be because he’ll be involved in Arsenal’s season from the beginning rather than just the last few weeks.

Not every Arsenal fan is happy if social media is anything to go by but Eddie’s teammate Gabriel soon jumped into the comments with an upside-down smiling emoji and response to the negativity which read: “How can you be so ungrateful? OMG”

“Not good enough for number 14” said another who’d rather have seen Eddie Nketiah leave for free. Ian Wright’s response was:

What’s a number?’ Why don’t you say nothing if you have nothing positive to say to our players? You can never call yourself an Arsenal fan with negativity of this nature. Would you say this to Eddie’s face? If not, STFU!

I wonder what the people moaning about Nketiah were writing about Arsenal’s potential new signing Fabio Vieira, a 22 year old who Arsenal will be paying big money for but has never played in the Premier League? Not good enough or a great signing I wonder. If it’s the latter, how can that be? Don’t get me wrong, he might be a great signing but until he’s played for Arsenal for a few months, no one knows. Thomas Partey was a great signing at the time, as was Nicolas Pepe but the reality is, barring a handful of really good performances, they’ve been disappointing in my opinion.

Good old social media eh, great in so many ways but no so good in others. There’s a vast difference between having a chat about players between friends and putting it out there where everyone and anyone can see.

William Saliba, Matt Turner, Auston Trusty and Marquinhos are new faces for the new season.. Plus, there’s over two months of the transfer window left to bring in further reinforcements, but what about the academy players, who really has a chance of pushing their way into the first team? Jeorge Bird has an article about who might end up where.

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