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The one thing the British media are good at is telling a tale. Journalists have become experts in all fields yet all they really have is opinions along with the freedom to put such opinions in print so that you and I can read them. What percentage of the football stuff they write do you believe? Well, if you’re anything like me, zilch, nada, nowt! I don’t mean facts by the way. “Facts is facts”.

Shock horror, but what they write about Arsenal isn’t necessarily factual, like the story about Mikel Arteta being angry with the board/owners over the lack of signings this summer. Two days into the transfer window, and the same board/owners who must had given the thumbs up to paying off Ozil and Aubameyang and allowing the likes Mustafi and Kolasinac to leave for free, whilst Martinez, Guendouzi and Mavropanos go for peanuts. Not to mention the glut of talent out on loan who’ll probably end up leaving for less than they’re worth.

Why would Stan Kroenke allow all of that to go ahead IF he wasn’t going to support Mikel Arteta during this transfer window and those to come? I read another story about how every transfer deal the club makes, has to go through him first. Evidence? There wasn’t any really other than ‘a source close to the club’ which could just as easily mean someone who lives near The Emirates.

However much we like or dislike the clubs owner, until there’s concrete evidence to support the idea that he/they are not going to back Mikel Arteta during this transfer window, then I’m choosing to ignore every negative story about Arsenal which is written in the newspapers. Until announce a player has been signed, I see little point in getting stressed over whoever is linked to the club or who might be leaving.

It’s only natural for football fans want their club to sign the best but only the clubs who have very deep pockets full of unlimited funds are able to do that. The rest, and I include Arsenal in this group, have to spend whatever money they have, wisely. That’s not an excuse for being unambitious, absolutely not but hypothetically, if the club have a cap on spending, there’s no point in blowing every single penny on one player, when we need two. Arsenal need the right players for the right money but without compromising on quality. Easier said than done I know.

As mentioned earlier, the club are possibly one of the worst in the league when it comes to selling players but of course, contracts and quality of players has a lot to do with that. To be fair on Arteta and Edu, they had nothing to do with the signing of players like Leno, Guendouzi, Torreira, Bellerin, Pepe etc but doesn’t it make selling them more difficult when it’s made clear that their parent club doesn’t want them?

Lucas Torreira is just 26 years old, so why can’t we sell him for a fee similar to what he was signed for, why hasn’t Matteo Guendouzi been on the market for twice the amount we paid for him? Why aren’t clubs around Europe battling it out for Nicolas Pepe and Bernd Leno? More to the point, why are so many seniors players out on loan in the first place? All they’ve done is use up another year on their Arsenal contract.

Anyway, there’s a few more rumours to chat about today but remember, they might not be true. Lol

Arsenal are among a clutch of clubs monitoring Marco Asensio’s contract situation at Real Madrid. (Mirror)

Bayer Leverkusen are interested in Arsenal midfielder Granit Xhaka, whose departure could force the Gunners to step up their pursuit of Leicester midfielder Youri Tielemans. (Mirror)

Arsenal have had a “genuine interest” in Leeds forward Raphinha since March. Leeds’ price is reportedly set at €55m. (Fabrizio Romano on Twitter)

Arsenal are in negotiations with newly-promoted Fulham over the sale of goalkeeper Bernd Leno. (The Athletic)

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