Morning all.

Nearly all the newspapers are running a story this morning which relates to Gianluca Scamacca. Arsenal and West Ham are interested in the 6’ 4” Italian striker but Arsenal have struck first. However, our £34 million offer has been rejected. The media love that word don’t they, especially when it’s in the same sentence as Arsenal. Remember the Dušan Vlahović story which went on for yonks?

I’ve no idea if this Scamacca rumour has legs to it but with our desperate need for a striker or two, we’re going to be linked with all and sundry until the club actually sign someone.

There’s absolutely no way Mikel Arteta will go into the new season with just Flo Balogun and possibly Eddie Nketiah if he signs a contract extension. In reserve, there Mika Biereth and Nikolaj Moller but both are 19 years old (Moller is 20 next month) and probably in need of a loan. Personally, I think Flo Balogun will stay, at least until our Europa League Cup campaign is over which with a bit of luck, won’t be until May when we’ve reached and won the final.


I know YouTube only shows a players best bits but I had to look him up somewhere because I’d  never heard of him until his name appeared in the back pages. £34m seems a lot to offer a relatively unknown club for a 23 year old unknown player but isn’t this what we want to see the club do, shingled them up early and before any other club gets a look in? I’m sure if it’s only Arsenal and West Ham in for him (pinch and salt) then he’d choose Arsenal. I say that because the Europa League is better than the Europa Conference League, just. Lol

The names linked to Arsenal seem to be the same. Tammy Abraham, Dominic Calvert-Lewin and Gabriel Jesus but it’d be just like Arsenal to sign a player like Scamacca. That’s not a criticism by the way as I hadn’t a clue who Takehiro Tomiyasu was until his arrival at Arsenal and he’s alright isn’t he? More than alright I’d say.

Having spent the last two and a half years clearing out the so called big names, I can’t see Arsenal falling into the same trap again. Big names and big wages can lead to big problems. We as a club need to be in a position to move players on for money and not for free. Ozil, Aubameyang, Lacazette, Mustafi and Kolasinac all left for zero pennies and that’s not a good way to run a club. I don’t blame Arteta or Edu for any of that though and although they were clearly in support of Aubameyang’s new contract, who could tell he’d drop to the depths he did? It’s easy to say he’s done it before, after the event.

What’s more important now is to look to the future, having learned from the past. Signing younger players who will all but guarantee a sell on fee when they want to leave or the club want them to leave.

England v Hungary is one of many fixtures taking place today. ESR isn’t in the squad this time but last night he hammered home the under 21’s first goal. A good strike it was too. Bukayo Saka and Aaron Ramsdale could start, although I suspect Pickford will be Southgate’s choice. Scamacca could feature for Italy against Germany if you’re interested. No? Me neither, but should he become an Arsenal player any time soon, that might change.

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