Morning all.

What do you think about Youri Tielemans to Arsenal rumours on NewsNow and the back pages of the newspapers? He’s 25 years old, knows the Premier League inside out and has played over forty matches for Belgium. Initially, a holding midfielder, but Anderlecht manager Besnik Hasi moved him further up yesterday pitch into a more attacking role which is similar to what Mikel Arteta has done with Granit Xhaka.

We know Arsenal need a number of players brought in this summer and we know they’ll get them because Mikel Arteta has told us so would Tielemans be a good addition or do you think this story is just that, a story, and one without any substance to it whatsoever?

Another rumour which won’t go away is Gabriel Jesus, who according to the Mirror has said:

About my future, it’s still uncertain. I have a contract with City and I have already expressed my desire to the City people and to my agent. I have in my head very clear what I want.

What he possibly wants is to play more games for Man City but who knows, perhaps he fancies moving away to a club where he’ll be one of the first on the team sheet rather than one of the last. Conte wants him too according to the same newspaper but, he might just fancy reuniting with Mikel Arteta. Back in 2019, Jesus had this to say about our manager:

He’s helped a lot of players. When I want to do finishing after training, I tell him and he comes and helps me. So he is really fantastic for us. All the players know that — everyone knows that in the club. He is a fantastic guy and fantastic manager.

Jesus probably meant he’s a fantastic coach, something which has been said by many a City player as well as Arsenal’s for that matter. I’m sure he is but managing at a club and coaching under one of the best managers in the game this century, is very different. The job at Arsenal was always going to be difficult for even the most experienced of managers, let alone a guy in his first job. We’ve all talked about squad rotation, giving the likes of Aubameyang and Lacazette too much time, the likes of Nketiah and Elneny not enough time but after two and a half years, with three more inline, you and I can only hope that Mikel Arteta will do things differently next season.

However, perhaps we ourselves need to be more honest about Nketiah and Elneny because I know that if I were to trawl back through the comments on here over the last ten months, not all would be complimentary about either player. Further afield on the internet, both have been lambasted for longer. Perhaps Mikel Arteta felt the same and that’s the reason he didn’t select them. If Arsenal were a club with the riches of City, Utd, Chelsea and now Newcastle, would either be even part of their squad, let alone in the first team? I’d like to see them both stay but only because we’re back in Europe and we’ll need them.

What’s more important now is not looking back on what might have been had player x, y, or z played over the last ten months but looking forward at what might be next season. Building a squad this summer which Mikel Arteta will feel able to rotate more next season than he’s done this season. If we start the new campaign with a deeper and stronger squad, then surely the only way is up?

See you in the comments.