Morning all.

Well that was quite a final day of the season wasn’t it? Liverpool went behind against Wolves and Man City did the same at the Etihad against Aston Villa. The PL trophy looked like it was heading to Anfield after Klopp’s took a 2-1 lead but then City final woke up, scored three goals and that was that. At the other end of the table it’s was just as exciting, well, Sky Sports were getting excited. Leeds survived and Burnley are finally relegated. It’s been a long time coming in my opinion.

At The Emirates, Arsenal showed can score goals! All is well then? Yes, I jest.

Scoring five goals against an Everton team who were clearly still hungover after celebrating Premier League survival is not a gauge Arsenal should measured by.

  • Great to end the season with a home victory.
  • Five goals is the most goals we’ve scored in any league game this season.
  • Five different scorers.
  • Why did it need Alex Lacazette to be ruled out of a game for Eddie Nketiah to get an opportunity?
  • Why has Mo Elneny been sat on the sidelines for so long?
  • Why has the squad not been rotated more to prevent injuries?
  • Why did it take so long, or need Aubameyang to break the Arsenal rules, before he was dropped earlier in the season?
  • Why did this Arsenal team collapse in such spectacular fashion when 4th place became achievable?
  • Why did we lose to Everton, Southampton, Man Utd and Crystal Palace the way we did?
  • Why oh why didn’t Arsenal dip into the transfer window in January?

This season has raised so many questions in my head. Actually, the last two and a half years has because I still can’t see where Arsenal are going. Finishing 5th is a vast improvement on last season but I don’t feel like Arsenal have really improved on the pitch. There’s been some great moments but in my head, that’s all they are, moments. As we’ve all said many times, we’re not consistent. I know the squad is young, it’ll improve etc etc etc but in my opinion, it’s Mikel Arteta who needs to improve most.

However, we’ve still finished 5th and we’re back in Europe which is ideal for the squad players and youngsters who I hope we get to see more of next season. The club has cleared the room of egos, big money earners. Arsenal fans, both at home and away, have been right behind the team from the moment this campaign kicked off as they will be next season I’m sure.

I think this summer is the most important one for the club, Edu and Mikel Arteta. Arsenal fans won’t support the “process” if the process doesn’t work. Not for one minute do I expect Arsenal to be beating Man City or Liverpool to the Premier League title but I do expect them to compete against both clubs and not be rolled over. We need a deeper and stronger squad and Mikel Arteta has to use it in a much better way than he’s used his squad this season.

Mikel Arteta is going nowhere anytime soon so the best thing the club can do is give him the right support in the transfer window and let his management prove whether he’s right for Arsenal or not. All the time the squad has gaps in it, there’s an excuse for Arsenal not scoring goals as well as conceding  too many of them.

When does Mikel Arteta start thinking about next season?

Now, because I cannot stop now. We have a very important week to make some decisions as well and start to set the platforms for what we’re going to do in the summer. We are ready to do that and we need to start to go.

Good because now isn’t the time for the board to have a holiday either. Get our transfer business done early, sort out the contracts which need sorting and then go and mess around on the beach.

Anyway, another season done and dusted, another season with you guys supporting HH so thank you. It’ll be twelve years this year that HH has been in existence and I’ve not a clue where that time has gone. All I do know is that Arsenal don’t look much better off now than they did in 2010. Yes there’s been a squad shakeup and we have some great young players but as far as challenging for the league title goes, we’re well off the pace.

Maybe next season will be better, much better.