Morning all.

Arsenal have announced the players will be wearing an all white kit for tomorrow’s FA Cup fixture against Nottingham Forest. Mikel Arteta wore a white hooded top during yesterday’s pre-match press conference, clearly in support of the “No More Red” anti-knife crime campaign Arsenal are heavily involved in.

Well obviously, we have been really involved as a club over the years with knife crime and we have the capacity to give exposure to that issue in London and everyone at the club has been extremely supportive, especially with the players and our sponsor Adidas who have been exceptionally good to come with some great ideas to support that and I think it’s very beneficial.

I think what Arsenal are doing is great and anyone for that matter who tries to do something good in this world. Arsenal fan Idris Elba, founder of Don’t Stab Your Future and mentor as part of No More Red said:

From the time young people leave school, until the time they’re at home with family, there is often a void, a dangerous spike of nothing to do, where nothing can easily turn to something dangerous. If there continues to be no options for this after-school period, we will always see gangs form. Let’s create options for these young people.

Amen to that.

It’ll be weird watching though as were used to colours. Red, yellow, blue, multi coloured – but not all white. Ironically, Leeds are the club who wear white.

I remember that day, 7th January 2018. Arsene Wenger had not long been handed out a three match ban for criticising referees so had to watch from the stands as his young team were defeated. Willock, Iwobi, AMN, Nelson, Holding, Walcott, Debuchy, Mertesacker, Elneny, Welbeck and Ospina started the game. Akpom and Nketiah were the two substitutes used. (Of course I had to look that up)

2018 was the year Arsene Wenger left the club, the FA Cup being his most successful of all competitions. Barring the PL titles, it was his only Cup success story really, unless you count the seven Charity Shield trophies, but winning the ones Arsenal did, was great for the fans. Just as the one Mikel Arteta won in his first year at Arsenal, especially when we beat City and Chelsea on the journey.

So here we are again, another FA Cup campaign and I think Mikel Arteta will take Notts Forest a lot more seriously than Arsene Wenger did four years ago. He’s already said that he doesn’t prioritise fixtures as they’re all important so I expect we’ll see a strong team line up. Well, the strongest injuries, Covid and suspension allows. Mikel Arteta said he won’t know who’ll be fit until today.

AMN has gone off to Roma on loan. Good luck to him I say as I think he’ll need it but I get impression that Arteta doesn’t want to lose Eddie Nketiah. Not yet anyway:

I already spoke about Eddie, about how I feel about him, the intentions of the club and where we are. He is with us, every day he shows me and the club that he wants to stay with us and I keep having those discussions with him, but he knows that we want him at the club.

There’s a good chance he had his fingers crossed at the time of saying the above because he’s hardly likely to broadcast anything other than positivity about a player who perhaps the club are willing to sell. I’m not sure Arsenal can afford to lose him this month though, not unless they have other plans up their sleeve for this transfer window. I hope he starts tomorrow and scores a hat-trick, sending Forest packing along the way.

I’ve waffled enough, see you in the comments.