Good luck getting down there Santa…


Morning all.

Twas the night before Christmas…

I used to love Christmas Eve as a kid. After weeks of being banned from the dining room in our house, the door was unlocked and behind it was a big tin of Roses or Quality Street, savoury snacks and lots of fruit too. No presents though as they’d been wrapped and placed under the monster size Christmas Tree in the living room, other than the year my brother and I were given a bicycle as they’d been hidden in the garage loft. Our tree once had little chocolate decorations hanging from it but by Christmas Eve, they were long gone. It was a day when Christmas carols were played, along with other festive songs as my parents dragged out yet another Christmas album. It became a tradition that the joint of ham, which had been simmering away on the stove for a few hours, was cut and we all had sandwich before going to bed. Mince pies, a carrot and a glass of milk was left for Father Christmas and Rudolf. No sherry though, probably because my parents feared one of their children creeping downstairs and drinking it. Me probably.

Things change though as we age. We learn that Father Christmas doesn’t really exist, sorry if you didn’t realise, and we start to choose what we’d like for Christmas instead of being surprised. My Christmas Eve became a trip to my local pub before going to the late night carol service, but certainly no ham sandwich when I got home.

I still love the run up to Christmas though and the day itself because everywhere I go, Christmas music is being played and with each carol or song, there’s often a happy memory from my childhood or a reminder of something naughty I did which even today, makes me chuckle. Or cringe, and there’s a few of those.

The festive period is great for football fans too as fixtures come fast and furious. As said yesterday though, it’s not so good for the players because they don’t really get a break. I can’t imagine Mikel Arteta will get through today, or tomorrow, without a thought of our Boxing Day trip to Norwich. As we might have an extra mince pie with cream, or open yet another bottle of fizzy stuff because the last three have somehow evaporated, I suspect not a drop of alcohol or cream for that matter, will pass the players lips. I imagine it’ll be an early start for them tomorrow morning with a training session before spending the rest of the day with their families.

Then it’s early to bed before hopping on the team coach the next day, the one with seats I mean, and heading off to Norwich.

Anyway, after my little ramble about Christmas Eve past, I hope you all enjoy your Christmas Eve present. Whatever you get up to, have a lovely time and stay safe.

See you in the comments.