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I love Thierry Henry for all he did for Arsenal football club. He’s probably one of the best players the Premier League has ever seen, the best Arsenal ever signed. But sometimes, I just wish he’d keep his opinions to himself because honestly, I think they can do more harm than good.

Why on earth would he think Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is above being substituted let alone go on to suggest there’s a problem between him and Mikel Arteta? Perhaps his very short managerial career was the disaster it was because of his failings to spot the bleedin obvious.

One doesn’t need to be a football managerial genius to see that Aubameyang isn’t the player he once was. Nor to see that his efforts for Arsenal are simply not good enough anymore. Football isn’t about keeping ones favourites happy, or applying different rules for a captain, higher paid or big name players at the top of the team-sheet. It’s about a squad full of players where the best and most hard working get selected. For a player it’s about being part of a group, understanding and accepting that sometimes, someone else is a better option. Or that when you’re not at it during a game, it might be your number the fourth official holds up when a manager wants to change things. Bad management is to leave a player who is struggling during a game on the pitch, hoping that his luck will change.

Aubameyang didn’t just struggle against Man Utd as he’s been struggling for a long time now and he himself probably knows that. Does it mean there’s a problem between him and Mikel Arteta? I doubt it because if there was, I strongly suspect our captain would have been dumped long before now. If anything, I think Mikel Arteta has been far too patient with him, certainly more patient than he’s been with other players whose performances haven’t always been particularly good.

What Henry said on Amazon Prime on Thursday night will do neither Arsenal or Aubameyang any good whatsoever. Nor Arteta, who’s now had to respond to the media’s stupid questions about the probable nonexistent rift. He’s quoted in the Daily Mail as saying:

I can guarantee you that there is not a rift. You have to respect their opinion (Henry and Shearer’s) but what I can tell you is I have the relationship I want with him. When I make decisions with 15, 20, 30 minutes left, or in the line-up at the start, it is done with one intention and that is to get the best out of the team.

When asked if he thought it was humiliating for Aubameyang to be withdrawn at such a crucial moment, he added:

That is the last word I would use with my players because if that’s humiliation, imagine what it’s like for the ones left out of the team.

I’m 100% behind Mikel Arteta here. To suggest it’s humiliating for Aubameyang, or any other player for that matter, to be substituted during a game is stupid. Damaging, and simply wrong. Henry professes to love club but these kind of opinions don’t really support that. Yes, I think there’s a problem with Aubameyang, a big problem but it’s of his own making in my opinion. It’s certainly not Arteta’s fault that our captain seldom leads by example on the pitch, or misses sitters when they fall at his feet. As said after the Utd game any many more times before then, if Arteta is guilty of anything related to Aubameyang, it’s having too much belief in him.

Anyway, let’s hope Auba tucks away a tidy hat-trick tomorrow night against Everton because Arsenal need three points and I’m 99% sure he’ll start.

Good luck to the Arsenal women today who face Chelsea in the FA Cup Final.


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