Morning all.

I don’t like learning like that, but there’s a lot of learning that we can take from the game for sure. One of the biggest learnings after a disappointing result is focus tomorrow on the next one. Don’t get carried away with what happened in the past because we have to look to the future. We’ll look at what we should have done better and why we got punished the way we did and after that put our energy and focus on the next game. – Mikel Arteta.

No one likes to see their team take a good hiding. Not the players, the staff, the manager and certainly not the fans. Opposition fans will have loved it I’m sure although perhaps not all, not considering there are many fans of the game who actually quite dislike Liverpool. Certainly among my friends. Man Utd fans detest Liverpool I think but then I suspect the feeling is mutual. By the time the home fixture comes around, hopefully we’ll be in better shape physically and mentally and revenge will be sweet.

The positive for Arsenal is that Leicester City, Brighton, West Ham and Man Utd all lost too. But, both Wolves and Toots are just one point behind us. Brighton, who not long ago were sitting in second place have hit a bad patch and dropped down the table and the same has happened to Brentford and Brendan Rogers’ Leicester City. That’s how hard this League is. One minute all looks rosy, the next it’s not or vice-versa as we of all fans know only too well.

Putting right the wrongs from Saturday’s game is what matters now. A much better performance against Newcastle Utd at The Emirates is what matters next. Plus the three points of course. Arsenal need to prove they have bounce back ability. Remember Unai Emery’s first defeat after a twenty odd undefeated run which ultimately cost us a Europa Cup trophy? Even last season, having seemingly turned a corner after beating Chelsea on Boxing Day? The up and down performances/results cost us a place in Europe by the time the season ended because we couldn’t bounce back after things didn’t go our way during a game which led to points being dropped.

Do I think we’ve ridden our luck during the ten game unbeaten run? A bit, yes but when Mendy makes a couple of great saves in a match, or Alisson, Schmeichel, Ederson or Fabianski, does anyone suggest that the team they play for only won their game because they were lucky? Of course not. It’s not Arsenal’s problem if an opposing team can’t take their chances in front of goal, just as the lack of having a clinical striker or two in the side is a problem for Mikel Arteta and Arsenal.

Arsenal’s top scorers are Aubameyang and Smith Rowe who both have four goals each. Yes, our 20 year old midfielder is matching our most senior striker. Salah, Vardy, Antonio and Mane have scored more goals individually than our two ‘main strikers’ have if you add their goals together. It’s a huge problem, it really is and one which I can only see having a continual negative impact on what Arteta is trying to achieve.

That’s half the reason I can’t and won’t be too critical of someone like Tavares when he makes a mistake as he did on Saturday because he’s at the beginning of his footballing career, not at the top and earning hundreds of thousand pounds a week. We have a team in which the under 24 year olds are more effective during a game than those who are supposed to be at their peak and because of it, resting/rotating them could  have a detrimental impact on the team. Doesn’t that say everything about a lot of our senior/experienced players?

I know Aubameyang has been working hard off the ball etc etc but he’s our main striker yet he’s simply not converting enough of the chances which come his way. It was same last season too as he finished the season having played 29 League matches with just ten goals to his name yet in the two previous seasons he finished with 22 goals in 29 League games.

Auba’s PL stats, just out of interest really.

  • Appearances for Arsenal – 125
  • Goals – 68 (44 of which were scored in two seasons)
  • Shots – 301
  • Shots on target – 136
  • Accuracy – 45%
  • Hit woodwork- 11
  • Big chances missed – 49

In my opinion, Aubameyang is at best, a second choice striker these days. A player to come off the bench instead of starting a match. Lacazette’s figures are worse with just two League goals to his name so far and one of those was from the penalty spot. Admittedly, he is playing a different role these days.

So yes, Arsenal certainly need to do something in January as far as signing a striker goes. Otherwise the options during the ACON are going to be Martinelli, Nketiah, Balogun and perhaps even Biereth. None are of which are playing regular or proper competitive football right now. I think the new few weeks will give us more of a clue as to what the club’s plans are for the January transfer window because purely based on logic, now is the time for any player expected to fill a void the ACON will leave, should start getting minutes in the League fixtures.

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