Morning all,

I watched An Audience With David Dein and Arsene Wenger last night. Not much cropped up that most of us didn’t know already but it was good. Good to see both ex Arsenal men relaxed and sharing some funny moments. It became clear that Arsene Wenger believed Fergie was favoured by the PL during the time the two went head to head and he was honest about the did or didn’t he ‘see it’ – of course he did. David Dein suggested Arsenal were ‘used’ in Utd’s chase for Ronaldo and he explained how the Sol Campbell deal was done during the night and early hours of the morning.

Of course Dermot O’Leary asked him about his coat zips, and as Arsene and the audience laughed, a video clip of his struggles was played behind him. It was funny. A serious moment came when he reflected on the 2003/04 season. He regrets playing a strong team against Man Utd in the FA Cup fixture which preceded our Champions League quarter-final second leg against Chelsea because Utd kicked Arsenal off the park. His words, not mine. Funny though as if anyone is interested in reading the report for that FA Cup semi-final, you’d think it was Arsenal who were the more aggressive team. Anyway, we had to settle for being invincible instead of treble winners. Porto went on to lift the Champions League trophy, Utd the FA Cup.

The show is worth watching in my opinion and it was good to see so many ex Arsenal players in the audience along with a number of current and ex Premier League managers who clearly have so much respect for our old manager. How could they not after all he did for the game.

The subject of a World Cup tournament every two years came up which David Dein didn’t like the idea of and instead suggested a three year plan. World Cup, Euros and the Women’s World Cup.

That means we would have four World Cups every 12 years rather than three and give players more of a chance to play in major tournaments and also earn billions for national associations and developing football nations.

Here’s my twopence worth. Whatever the outcome which I hope isn’t a World Cup every two or three years, why doesn’t football follow the example set in the cricket where the Women’s World Cup is played at the same time as the mens? Play the Women’s fixtures first, the men’s second and that way, fans would get to the game earlier so they could watch both. I know the same countries won’t qualify in both competitions but it should be easy to pair countries together when the fixtures for the groups are sorted out. Seeding allowing of course. The same could apply to the Euros.

Much talk goes on about saving the planet so why can’t football set a good example? Instead of aeroplanes flying around the world every two years as Arsene suggests, leave things as they are and play the Women’s and Men’s competitions at the same time and in the same location then where possible, they can fill one plane instead of needing two. And once every four years for both the Euros and World Cup. Also, FIFA/UEFA need to do something about all these stupid international breaks which do the League competitions and players no good whatsoever. There must be a way they can all be played during one fixed month each year.

I’ve rambled on long enough. See you in the comments.