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Arsène Wenger Arsenal’s legacy is well known worldwide. His work at the club, from 1996 onwards, changed Arsenal forever and shook the foundations of English football. Despite the fact his departure from the club was divisive, it is undeniable the Frenchman was responsible for broadening the vision of English football. As a result, Arsène Wenger: Invincible promises to pay tribute to his work at Arsenal and to forever immortalise Le Professeur in the history of football.

The documentary, directed by Gabriel Clarke and Christian Jeanpierre and produced by Noah Media Group and Onsight, reconstructs the Frenchman’s run at Arsenal, including the 2003/04 season. The story, told by Wenger himself, details the manager’s experience of living in North London for over two decades, and his obsession with football, which ultimately motivated him to attempt an unbeatable run in the Premier League.

In what is described as a never-before-told story, Wenger discusses many topics, including his own controversial 2018 departure from Arsenal. This marked the end of an era for the club and forced the board to find a successor capable of leading Arsenal back to glory. For now, the results aren’t the ones that fans hoped for, as, according to Premier League outright football betting odds  according to Premier League outright football betting odds, they are fifth-favourites to win the Premier League, priced at odds of 80/1.

Described as a genius, visionary and obsessive, Wenger is the Gunners’ most successful manager ever, winning 16 trophies, including three Premier League titles. Now, with special access to unpublished archival footage, the documentary promises to shed some light on the enigma that is Wenger. In addition, the film also relies on testimonies from other legendary figures in the Premier League history, such as Thierry Henry and Sir Alex Ferguson.

Arsène Wenger: Invincible will be made available on Amazon Prime Video in 2022. Additionally, Amazon Prime Video announced earlier this year that Arsenal would be the focus of the new season of All or Nothing. The series offers the chance for fans to get an exclusive behind the scenes take on football clubs, by following a different team each year during the entirety of the season.

Although Arsenal is only just beginning to find its way after a number of disappointing seasons, the series will certainly have a lot to cover. It will be particularly interesting to see how the club works from the inside while getting a sense of the mood at London Colney during such challenging times.

In past seasons of the show, the documentary series featured teams such as Manchester City during the 2017/18 campaign when Pep Guardiola won his first Premier League and Spurs, in their 2019/2020 run when Mourinho took over and tried to reach European competitions. In this sense, regardless of how this season turns out, it will be exciting to see how Mikel Arteta steers the squad, in what could be a turning point for Arsenal.

In addition, it will be interesting to follow the evolution of some of our up-and-coming stars. In fact, it is expected that the likes of Bukayo Saka, Smith Rowe, Martin Ødegaard and Aaron Ramsdale will be heavily featured as the main stars of the series.

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