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PSG player Aminata Diallo was was arrested yesterday morning on suspicion of being involved in a nasty attack of one of her team-mates, Kheira Hamraoui. Diallo, 26, has has been at the club for five years, while fellow France international Hamraoui, 31, joined from Barcelona in July.

The story goes that Daillo was/is cheesed off that the 31 year old Hamraoui is playing instead of her. Iron bars being used and stitches being required says the Daily Mail. L’Equipe reported that Kheira Hamraoui had been dragged out of her car and assaulted by two masked men on the 4th November. I know, innocent until proven guilty but what an awful experience for Hamraoui to go through regardless of whether her teammate was behind it. It was bad enough for Mesut Ozil and Sead Kolasinac to go through what they did a couple of years ago so goodness only knows how it must have been for this lady who is alleged to have been in the car with Daillo at the time, although interestingly, she wasn’t harmed.

From the bad to the amusing as Antonio Conte is reported to have imposed a ban of all table sauces on the players because a lot of them  are overweight. It’s not much different to when Arsene Wenger swept in and banned all sorts of edible/drinkable products. Toots are just 25 years too late.

Speaking to Sky Sports News at the premiere of “Arsene Wenger: Invincible” on Tuesday night, Arteta said:

If it was not for him I would not be in the position I am today and I wouldn’t have enjoyed the career I had.

Asked whether Wenger is the reason he became a manager, Arteta added:

100 per cent. I was still young and I had my ideas, but he was a different level of inspiration on how I looked at the game. He was very good at being able to transmit what a football club meant into the players and he put different question marks on me. That is why I started to study and take coaching much more seriously.

Thats probably why Mikel Arteta bangs on about it being a privilege to manage Arsenal’s football team, because it is. That’s why he goes on about how important the fans are too, because they are. We are. It’s interesting though that Mikel Arteta suggests Arsene Wenger played such a huge part in his decision to become a coach/manager because for much of his playing career in England was under David Moyes. The same guy who is now doing really well at West Ham. Mikel Arteta might have learned a lot during his time alongside Pep Guardiola, but it was Arsenal’s most successful manager who kicked his second career off.

Talking of dear old Arsene, there’s a lot being written about him and by him at the moment and we all know why I’m sure.

Will I watch his story being told? You bet I will. Yes he stayed too long at Arsenal and he did a lot of things badly during his final few years but he also brought great players to the club, rejuvenated older players, gave fans great football to watch week in, week out for ten years and won many trophies. On top of all of that, he took Arsenal through an entire season without losing a game and that unbeaten run only came to end when it did because Mike Riley allowed it to.

Honestly, I don’t think any Premier League club/team will ever match Arsenal’s 2003/04 season. Look at some of the managers who’ve come and gone since and the money they’ve had to spend, yet still they’ve not been able to match what Arsene Wenger achieved that season. Not even Pep Guardiola with his bottomless pit of money.

Speaking at a Q&A at the premiere of the documentary charting his career with us, Arsene Wenger said he will always have the club in his heart.

Yes, of course [I am still in love with Arsenal], I tackle, I shoot, I defend, I attack [during every game] of course. My life is red and white and that will remain, especially as I don’t manage anymore so I have no other commitment.

Thank goodness he never played for Arsenal though as from what I’ve read, he wasn’t brilliant but as far as being a manager goes, he’s probably the best Arsenal have ever had and but for Fergie, he’d be the best the Premier League has seen too. People will look towards Guardiola and Mourinho and disagree with my opinion I’m sure but Arsene Wenger didn’t only change The Arsenal, he changed football too. For the better.

Lastly, the Arsenal women won the Champions League fixture 5-1 last night away from home against HB Koge. Five goals, five different scorers and a missed penalty by Arsenal’s number 14, Nikita Parris! The win keeps Arsenal second in their group with a home fixture against Barcelona yet to come.

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