Morning all.

Toots sacked another manager yesterday which was funny until Sky Sports announced that Antonio Conte is likely to accept the position. Having already won the Premier League with Chelsea, he knows all about the English game. Mind you, so did Jose Mourinho and we know how that worked out. Exactly the same as it did at Man Utd, with the sack. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Rafa Benitez must be wondering when their time will be up.

Meanwhile, up in Newcastle, rumour has it that the new owners are trying to bring Unai Emery back to England. I hope he says yes because I honestly don’t think he was given enough support during his time at Arsenal. I don’t mean by the fans but the board because I believe it was they who decided who the club would sign and not the Spaniard which isn’t right in my opinion. A manager should decide the players he wants because it’s him who has to work with them, not some bloke in a collar and tie sat in a nice warm office. Thankfully, Raul Sanllehi is long gone.

Since the summer of big spending and the improved performances on the pitch, the criticism of the Kroenke family and Edu has quietened down a bit. After all, if your idea is to support the manager, then surely the same has to be applied to the owners and the board because they’re the ones who’ve stood by Mikel Arteta over the last two years. They’re the ones who’ve either freed up the finances to sign the players we now have and Edu has played a big part in getting those players inside the Arsenal door.

What about the players too? Be honest, no supporter of the club wants a player to fail but criticism of their performance doesn’t mean anything other than an opinion being expressed. If a player has a rubbish game or ten, of course fans are going to have a moan, just as if you or I think a different player to the one Mikel Arteta changed during a match should have come on or gone off, it’s just observation/opinion. That’s why there are so many sports blogs/forums out there in the big wide world. There’s something about Granit Xhaka which I really like but that doesn’t mean I hope he returns to the team when he’s fit. There’s something about Pepe which irks me yet when he plays, of course I want him to do well. If, or rather, when he doesn’t he’s going to criticised, so will Mikel Arteta probably for picking him in the first place but that’s just the way it goes in life. Praise and criticism whenever either is deserved.

Yes, the recent criticism of Martin Odegaard has brought this post about because so far this season, I think he’s blown very hot and cold but that doesn’t mean I think he’s been a waste of money, should be sold or Edu/Arteta should be beaten with a feather duster until they realise their mistake. I’m sure everyone wants to see him perform well and to see the side of his game we saw last season. It’ll come I’m sure but when the player ahead of him in the pecking order right now is in such great form as Emile Smith Rowe is, it can’t be easy. Still, to have a player of his quality on the bench is a good thing because on his day, he can be brilliant.

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