Morning all.

Alexandre. Lacazette isn’t going to sign a new contract with Arsenal. So say Football London. Not being funny but I think most people realised that a long time ago but there’s a good chance he can’t anyway because he’s not been offered one. Newcastle are going to try and tempt him up north if the Daily Star are to believed. If they’re prepared to stump up a few million for our Frenchman, then good news all round I reckon. Perhaps they’ll try signing Aubameyang too. Ready made players might improve the results for Newcastle and who better than those who know the Premier League inside and out?

In my opinion, Arsenal still have a number of players who don’t fit into the football plans of Mikel Arteta. Plus, come the end of the season, some of them will be walking away for nothing unless their contract situation changes. Lacazette, Elneny, Kolasinac and Chambers.

When Roman bought Chelsea, they stole Ashley from us, City did the same, signing Adebayor, Clichy and Nasri. They even took Toure and Sagna at some stage. As long as Arsenal check the quality of the notes handed over, why not let Newcastle buy players the club doesn’t want to keep, or can’t keep? Either that or offer them Lacazette and Aubameyang in return for Saint-Maximin. Lol

Where Arsenal have mucked up in the past is not always who they’ve sold but the amount they sold them for. Or, the two really bad swap deals, Cole/Gallas, Mikki/Sanchez. The worst deal was Cole, closely followed by Fabregas going to Barcelona for £30 odd million when on an open market I think he’d have gone for a lot more. If true, why turn down a £60m offer for Sanchez only to then swap him with a player struggling in the Premier League just a few months later? Didn’t a big offer come in for Ramsey too which was turned down during the Ivan Gazidis and Arsene Wenger days? If Ramsey didn’t want to go back then, that was the time to renew his contract, not just let it drift on to become someone else’s problem.

Hopefully, under Edu and Mikel Arteta, those days are over. Or at least once next summer has passed by, players leaving for free will be something we see much less of. Cedric and Aubameyang are the most likely candidates and perhaps the odd younger player too but I think most of our key players are tied down until 2024 at least. Mind you, 2024 isn’t that far away.

It seems the days of signing other club’s old has been’s could be over too as the club are more focussed on younger players who’ll grow together as a team and get stronger as they go. Or at least that’s the hope.

if Lacazette goes in January, which is far from guaranteed, Arsenal will need to sign a striker because with Aubameyang away at the ACON, the options for Mikel Arteta will be limited. Pepe will be away too so he’s out of the equation so either Balogun, Martinelli or Nketiah will be left to fill the void. Or Biereth. Logic alone suggests that Lacazette is likely to stay beyond January and walk away for nothing. It’d be better for Arsenal that’s for sure and certainly financially better for the player too.

As said yesterday, the midfield situation in January will be tricky as well. 6-8 weeks without Partey, Pepe, Aubameyang and Elneny is going to hit hard. I know Pepe and Elneny haven’t played much recently but in a flash, they could be needed. When they’re not around early in the New Year, who comes in? Who gives Saka, ESR or Ødegaard a break when they need it?

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