Morning all.

Arsenal women’s winning streak came to end in Spain yesterday. It was great to see the game covered by the club’s official website for free but disappointing one of the mainstream channels weren’t covering it.

The game itself was all about how good Barcelona are as they ran out 4-1 winners but I’m sure the Arsenal women will bounce back by winning the remainder of the group fixtures. Well, perhaps not the second Barcelona tie but the rest. Although I doubt Hoffenheim will be easy.

The women face Everton on Sunday at Meadow Park in the WSL

Women’s sport is on the rise. It’s always been around but when it came to cricket, football and rugby, the interest was perhaps lacking. Since the mainstream television channels finally got on board, viewing has become much easier and interest has risen greatly. I’ve not met anyone who didn’t enjoy The Hundred in the summer.

According to Sky Sports, 24% more men now watch women’s sport than 18 months ago. That’s the pandemic for you I guess but even so, I think it’s brilliant.

Jonathan Licht, managing director of Sky Sports, said:

This report shows that women’s sport is again prospering and is overcoming the challenges posed by the pandemic. It’s fantastic to see from this data that its recovery has been bolstered by an increased appetite from the public. The success of the Hundred and the incredible viewing figures for the Women’s Super League at the start of the new broadcast deal highlight the momentum behind women’s sport. We’re excited to support and contribute to its long-term success.

There will always be viewers who expect women’s sport to be the same as the men’s but it never will be and why compare anyway? It’s a bit like being told you have to go on a dairy free or gluten free diet, if you expect soya yogurts to be the same as a Total Greek, other brands are available, you’ll be seriously disappointed. Same with a gluten free loaf which is never as good as the real thing from your local bakery but if you see the products for what they are without comparing, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised at good the alternatives can be.

The only comparison there should be in women’s sport is like for like. Chelsea women v Arsenal or Man City etc, England’s women cricket team v India’s or New Zealand’s for example and if viewers do only that, they will see how good women’s sport has become.

Mind you, in her prime, I reckon Serena Williams would have given Andy Murray a run for his money. Lol

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