Morning all.

”We have a completely different squad with the number of changes that you just mentioned. You can tell that is unheard of. Now we have the tools that we believe are going to give us the best opportunity to compete in the way we want to compete and build what we want to build in this project and now we have to make it work. We have to glide it together, we need to create relationships, chemistry, understanding. We have to adapt and we have to do that really quickly.” – Mikel Arteta on

So, there we have it, right from the horses mouth. The tools are in place and with a fully fit squad, Arsenal are in the best shape possible to kick on. I don’t believe in the ‘the season starts now’ stuff because it doesn’t. The season began when we travelled to Brentford. As has been said before, by Mikel Arteta too, having so many players missing for the opening three games is no excuse for limp performances Arsenal produced. Every single player in the squad should have a “never say die” attitude regardless of what level of footballing skills they have. Clearly, they haven’t.

Performance or result?

“I just want to focus on that because the performance will lead to the result. Everyone is going to talk about winning but you have to earn the right to do that and unfortunately in the last few games we have done basic things that haven’t allowed us to compete in the games like we want. If we do those right we will be much closer to winning football matches and that will bring momentum and everything will change.” – Mikel Arteta.

Absolutely agree. Remember that 22 match unbeaten run Arsenal went on under Unai Emery? The points were great but the football, well, it wasn’t the best was it? I don’t know about you guys but I never felt confident before a game back then any more than I do now. Then the wheels fell off and there was to be no recovery.

Recovery is still what’s needed now. Not a sticky plaster, or an odd good performance but a full blown recovery. We need the new and younger guys to push the old guys all the way. Then further or out. We need partnerships, units and a settled team. Injuries allowing. We need convincing performances and by that I mean something to convince us all that Arsenal are ready and willing to kick on under Mikel Arteta. To believe Mikel Arteta is the right manager to kick Arsenal on.

I’m sure we all want to see him actually do what he thinks he can with this group of players. His players. His team. His ideas. His game management.

Can the young players we’ve bought can help right now?

Yes, I think we have tried to explain the project and the decisions I have made over the last few months in the transfer window, the amount of changes in two years is almost 30 players. Edu explained it like I tried to explain it. We have all participated, trying to create and build this project, led by the owners, and it is a project we believe in, that we have to assemble because it is the only option that we believe was best for the future of the club. We all take responsibility because we have all been involved in the decision and we have to make it work. The complexity in football is that you want to build a medium to long-term project with immediate results and we have to embrace that, because there is no other way in football and you are going to have to get results and we are ready to do that.” Mikel Arteta.

I can’t believe the club have made thirty odd changes since Mikel Arteta walked into the club. Has another club ever gone through something similar in such a short space of time I winder? I doubt it and ideally Arsenal wouldn’t have needed to either but because of the way the squad has been managed over the last ten years or so, it was needed. Personally, I think more change is needed yet but it’s likely they’ll happen naturally as contracts expire.

Until then though, Arsenal is about who we have and Mikel Arteta getting the best he can out of all of them. Yes, all of them.

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