Morning all.

Seriously, was there really a doubt ESR would extend his career at Arsenal? Aston Villa might have tried their luck but their offer for our new number 10, but their offer was insulting. Sancho has just been signed by Utd for around £80m. Just saying.

This kid, and he is still a kid in footballing terms has everything in his game to be a world class player in time and along with Folarin Balogun, Kieran Tierney, Arthur Okonkwo and Bukayo Saka, he’s Arsenal’s for a long time. And yes, I believe him when he said that signing a new contract was an easy thing to do and that’s what he’s been waiting and wanting to do.

Pre Christmas 2020, he, and others no doubt, was probably wondering why he couldn’t get into an Arsenal team which was seriously underperforming. As were many of us no doubt. Under performing players were, well, under performing. So his introduction on Boxing Day for whatever reason and a turnaround in results, can’t be ignored. The stats read Arsenal had a 58 per cent win rate in fixtures he started compared to 41 per cent in games he didn’t.

Listening to him, he’s humble, he knows he needs to improve, he knows he’s expected to score more goals but I’m 100% sure he’ll do both. I love players like him, I really do. Arsenal through and through. As was Dennis Bergkamp after he’d made the move to north London and if ESR can have a similar impact on the teams performance as the great Dutchman did, we’re in for many footballing moments to enjoy.

I know I’ve said this before but it’s crucial for Arsenal to keep hold of the cream from the academy and add more youth, energy along with a bit of experience too. I still believe there’s a place for Nelson, Willock and AMN in the squad. I think AMN could cement his place at right back if he got his act together, Willock has proved he can score goals whilst on loan and Nelson is or at least could be if given the chance, a threat to Pepe’s place in the side. Willian, AMN, Willock or Nelson from the bench? An easy decision in my opinion but it’s always easy from the sofa. Just want to see Nelson given an opportunity that’s all.

With ESR done and dusted, next up we need to hear Kido Taylor-Hart has followed suit. Rumour has it he has. He’s another youngster with a lot of energy and pace. He’ll be 19 years old in September, old enough to be given a first team squad number and hopefully, minutes from the bench at least. Certainly in the domestic cups. This is where not being in the Europa Cup is a hindrance because I’m sure, if he stays, he’d have been one of a few Mikel Arteta would have called on for the group fixtures.

Who knows though, ESR was called up suddenly, so this season it might be somebody else’s turn.

Arsenal have been busy this summer and not just the men’s side of the club. Yesterday Simone Boye Sorensen joined us from FC Bayern Munich, the third women’s signing during this transfer window. Nikkita Paris, currently on international duty with GB moved from Lyon to Arsenal earlier this month along with Mana Iwabuchi who made the switch to north London from Aston Villa.

Exciting and more successful times ahead for all Arsenal teams I hope.

See you in the comments.