Morning all.

Each and every day there are people suffer heart attacks, strokes or something else life threatening, and as I know from personal experience, age means very little. Many will die because of it, others might be more fortunate. We might think we’re as fit as a fiddle, but we’ve no idea what’s really going on inside our own body on a daily basis.

What goes on around the world doesn’t effect us because we don’t know the person or people who suffer but when a 29 year old professional footballer drops to the ground in a way Christian Eriksen did yesterday during Denmark’s match against Finland, anyone watching would have felt sick to the stomach. I certainly did. Because he’s a professional athlete, I kind of felt I knew him but of course I don’t, I only know of him because of his years at Tottenham. A Tottenham/Arsenal rivalry which meant zero yesterday. Thankfully, the news regarding Christian’s health improved throughout the evening and it looks like he’s going to make a full recovery. I wish him well.

The swift reactions of Denmark captain Simon Kjaer, who I read this morning cleared Eriksen’s airway, the officials and medics, ultimately saved his life. Surprisingly, the game restarted later in the evening, unsurprisingly, Denmark lost. I doubt they care, not really, not when their mate was lying in a hospital bed.

As we all know, life goes on and football goes on.

The first game yesterday saw Wales draw with Switzerland before the final fixture of the day ended with Belgium thrashing Russia 3-0. Thomas Vermaelan is still going strong.

It’s England’s turn today as they face Croatia in the opening fixture of the day. Austria then play North Macedonia before the footballing day ends with Holland taking on Ukraine.

Enjoy the football guys, fingers crossed England get off to a great start.