Morning all.

If the Emi Buendia deal came down to money then Villa are welcome to him. If the player really wanted a move to Arsenal, he could have said no to the move to Birmingham. Sometimes, things just don’t work out. Assuming Arsenal really were in for the Norwich City player of course, after all, just because it’s written down, it doesn’t mean it’s true.

However, if Arsenal did want Buendia, I’m sure he’s not the only player out there in the big wide world who can play in a similar fashion. Maybe someone as good, or better still, better. Maybe Arsenal are in for Jack Grealish. Nice thought eh.

I’m sure that half the time the media like to add Arsenal’s name to every player who appears to be on the move just so they can spin negativity about how the failed to get their man or as in this case ‘Arsenal outbid by Aston Villa’. It’s tedious and boring really.

What’s more important is who Arsenal do sign and those players need to join Arsenal because it’s Arsenal and not for how big their salary will be. Arsenal need players who want to play football each and every week and are prepared to fight for the right to play. As a club we don’t want or need passengers, Mikel Arteta and Edu have already got rid of a few and we don’t need any more. Nor do we need anymore footballing OAP’s looking for a nice and cosy resting place before they retire.

The whole idea of a transfer window is to improve the first team first and foremost which funny enough means signing players who’re better than we already have or different. For example, I see little point in signing a right back who’s no better than Bellerin or Cedric, or a left back who’s no better than Kolasinac or Cedric. Who Arsenal buy has to be an improvement on who they sell in my opinion otherwise it’s a pointless exercise isn’t it?

Matteo Guendouzi, Lucas Torreira, Sead Kolasinac – on paper, all three return to the club this summer because their contracts dictate it. In a Covid hit transfer window, I reckon Arsenal would be lucky to get £35-40 million for the lot of them but, if selling all three means the club raise enough funds to pay for one top notch player, it’d make sense because three wages would turn into one and we’d have a player who Arteta wants to bring into his footballing system.

Joe Willock, AMN, Reiss Nelson and Eddie Nketiah – two have been on loan, the other two cast into the shadows. I think the likelihood of more than one of them being at the club when the transfer window closes are slim. Maybe all four will be sold in order to raise funds to reinvest. I’ve really no idea but after Willock’s fine loan spell at Newcastle, I’d have thought he’d been afforded at least one more season at Arsenal.

I’d like to see AMN and Nelson stay too but sadly, there’s no room for sentiment in the game. Next season there’ll hopefully be more academy players joining the first team squad, one or two might even be better than those Arteta chooses to sell. Assuming they’ll be given playing time of course.

Anyway, Arsenal may or may not have missed out on Buendia, perhaps Arteta will tell us one day about how he nearly signed him, what’s important for the club if they did, is to move on to plan b, quickly.

Hope all that makes sense, it did in my head….