Morning all.

The only thing sweeter than watching Utd’s de Gea missing a penalty in a Europa Cup Final would be Kane missing one. I still smile when I think of Scholes missing his in our FA Cup Final win back in 2005. Arsene Wenger was the master of FA Cup trophies, Unai Emery is certainly the master of the Europa Cup.

The frustrating thing is though, that could so easily have been Arsenal last night putting Utd to the sword. If only we’d have had someone to score just one goal at The Emirates.

I’m chuffed for Unai Emery though and his Villarreal team especially after I heard the commentator say that was the first time the club had won such a trophy. He came close to doing the same at Arsenal but big players let him down. By the time Arsenal had got to Baku, trouble in the camp had already set in.

Back then, the board buried their head in the sand, pretty much leaving Emery to take the flack. This time though, with a few different faces on the board, the trouble makers have and are being removed which is how it should be. Player power is dangerous and as we’ve witnessed first hand, destructive. Very few managers survive once he’s lost the dressing room and eventually, Unai Emery was sacked. Back in Spain though, where language isn’t a problem, he’s doing alright. Better than alright now his club have secured a place in the Champions League next season.

The wait for a Champions League for Arsenal though goes on but with no European distractions for Mikel Arteta and his players next season, I kind of get the feeling it’ll be now or never situation for Mikel Arteta. I doubt any Arsenal fan expects the club to win the League any time soon, but I think it’s fair to assume fans will at least want to see us compete for it. Liverpool, City, Utd, Chelsea, Leicester and even the Toots will invest this summer but according to Mikel Arteta, so will Arsenal. The only difference between them and us is they’ll all have midweek fixtures to contend with.

Yorkshire Live report this morning that Sheffield Wednesday fitness guru is set to leave the League One club for Arsenal. He’s set to be the clubs new academy head of sports science and medicine. Apparently, he used to be employed by Man Utd.

In other football news, taken from Sky Sports paper talk roundup, Conte has quit Inter Milan and Lukaku could follow him, Zidane has quit Real Madrid and Leicester City are in talks to sign Arsenal target Ryan Bertrand. Lastly, The Mail report that UEFA is believed to be considering getting rid of the away goals rule for European competitions with it increasingly felt it is outdated. Oh well, we don’t have to worry about that one.

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