Morning all.

It would appear Steve Bould has been given the sack after a disappointing season for the under 23’s. There’s been no official announcement from the club as yet but if it’s true, perhaps Freddie will come back. Or perhaps Merts will will be keen on bringing an up and coming German coach into the club. It’s imperative the club have a strong under 23 setup with the right coach because these young players are Arsenal’s future.

Finally, this awful and quite weird season comes to an end today. By 6.15pm we’ll know whether or not Arsenal will be playing in Europe next season, albeit the poor mans version of the Europa Cup. I’m not fussed either way really but I’d love us to finish above Toots on the table. If Everton beat City or Toots beat Leicester City, it’ll be one of them who’ll be in Europa Conference League regardless of the result at The Emirates. And of course, I want Arsenal to win and end the season on a bit of a positive note.

It’s Arsenal’s turn to play in front of their own fans so I hope the players can give them something to cheer about and vice versa of course.

The fans haven’t been at the stadium for a long time, we haven’t managed to be together so hopefully it will be a positive atmosphere to support the team and the team trying to give them some joy and win the game. Anything that is in our hands to make them happy and to help us to be in a better place today, it’s all positive.

Arsenal haven’t lost a match on the final day of the season for years. Not since 2004/05 to be precise. Should we win today, Brighton and Hove Albion with be one of very few clubs we’ve beaten both home and away during this campaign. Chelsea, West Brom, Newcastle Utd and Sheffield Utd are the others. Only on seven occasions have we won at home which really is poor. Seven home wins simply isn’t good enough. We’ve drawn four home fixtures which according to my maths means we’ve lost the remaining seven. Dropping twenty nine points at home is what’s cost us a top four place. Losing to City isn’t a crime for any club, even Liverpool bearing in mind they won the League last year but what’s hurt us is dropping points against the likes of Aston Villa, Everton, Leicester City, Crystal Palace, Wolves and Burnley. Yet we went to Old Trafford and Stamford Bridge and came away with maximum points. Yes, it’s been a weird season.

Arsenal defeated Brighton in the away fixture thanks to a Lacazette goal after he’d come on from the bench. The game was a tale of two halves really, the first pretty dire, the second, improved. Similar to our season as a whole. Before Christmas it looked like we were heading for a battle to beat relegation with Mikel Arteta’s job at great risk, after Christmas, the results improved. Performances though have been very up and down all season.

As said many times before, Arsenal still have a slim chance of being in Europe next season.

The Europa Conference League is a new competition so I don’t really know what will happen. First of all, let’s try to finish as high as possible and then after we will determine, once we are involved, what the best way is to do it. We have experienced in the last few years how tough being in the Europa League is with the amount of games you play and the short turnaround that you have all the time in the Premier League. I think there is a lot of history there with teams that have been involved in the Europa League, and the negative consequences that has in the Premier League positions. But we’ve tried to give it the best possible go, we came a little bit short, but this club has to be in Europe.

It seems he has mixed feelings about the new Europa Conference League too. I just want Arsenal to beat Brighton and finish above the Toots.

Finally, good luck to David Luiz who leaves the club after today’s final game, Dani Ceballos, Martin Odegaard and Matt Ryan too.

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